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Dave Erfle – Key Questions And Concepts For Junior Mining Stock Due Diligence

Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews key questions he asks PM company management teams, and key concepts to understand for due diligence.  

Tue 6 Jun, 2023

I-80 Gold – Roadmap To The Future – 4 Projects – Production, Development, and Exploration Update

Ewan Downie, CEO of I-80 Gold Corp (TSX: IAU – NYSE: IAUX), provides a comprehensive roadmap to the future production, development, and exploration strategies their 4 Projects.

Fri 2 Jun, 2023

Brien Lundin – Macroeconomic Factors Moving The Markets As We Navigate The Pullback In Precious Metals

Brien Lundin discusses how he is navigating the current PM correction, and what macroeconomic factors that could change the trend.

Thu 18 May, 2023

I-80 Gold Corp – Exploration And Development Strategy For 2023 At Ruby Hill, Granite Creek, And Cove, And Takeover of Paycore Minerals

Ewan Downie, CEO of I-80 Gold Corp (TSX: IAU – NYSE: IAUX), a comprehensive exploration update at Ruby Hill, Granite Creek, and Cove, the Paycore Minerals (TSX.V: CORE) takeover, and a review of the development work and residual production from 2022, and overall work plan for 2023

Thu 23 Mar, 2023

Dave Erfle – Technical and Macro Outlook On Precious Metals and More Mining Merger Mondays

Dave Erfle, shares some key technical levels to watch in gold, silver, GDX, and GDXJ and we review more PM merger and acquisition transactions from this week.

Tue 28 Feb, 2023

Erik Wetterling – Talking Junior Mining Stock Investing With The Hedgeless Horseman

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, outlines what junior mining stocks feels have compelling risk / reward set ups.

Fri 6 Jan, 2023

Erik Wetterling – Volatility Is The Only Currency To Use For Investing In Junior Mining Stocks

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, reviews why some junior mining stocks haven’t moved despite the rally in gold, silver, and the PM producers.

Fri 2 Dec, 2022

I-80 Gold Corp – Bonanza-grade Drill Intercepts Returned From CRD Mineralization At The Hilltop Zone

Ewan Downie, CEO of I-80 Gold Corp (TSX: IAU – NYSE: IAUX), reviews the recent bonanza-grade polymetallic drill intercepts returned at the Hilltop Zone

Mon 21 Nov, 2022

I-80 Gold – 14.5 Million Ounces Of Gold Resources, 4 Projects, Over $1 Billion Of Infrastructure, And Multi-fold Production Growth Over The Next Few Years

Ewan Downie, CEO of I-80 Gold Corp (TSX: IAU – NYSE: IAUX), reviews the Company’s 4 primary Projects, the significant production infrastructure in place, and the exploration success the company is having at both Granite Creek and Ruby Hill.

Mon 7 Nov, 2022

I-80 Gold Corp – Exponential Production And Development Growth Paired With Exploration Growth

Ewan Downie, CEO of I-80 Gold Corp (TSX: IAU – OTCQX: IAUCF), reviews the exponential production growth and exploration upside at their 4 Nevada gold projects.

Wed 8 Jun, 2022