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Aurion Resources – Exploration Update From B2Gold JV Properties and 100% Owned Properties, And Kinross Options Launi East Property

Matti Talikka, CEO of Aurion Resources (TSX.V:AU) (OTCQX:AIRRF), with a comprehensive exploration update from the Aurion-B2Gold Corp joint venture, as well as the company’s 100% owned exploration properties

Fri 25 Aug, 2023
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Dave Erfle – Capitalizing On Precious Metals Weakness As Generalists Continue Piling Into The Magnificent Seven Tech Stocks

Dave Erfle reviews the weekly, monthly, and quarterly closes in gold, silver, GDX and GDXJ, and looks forward at potential geopolitical and macroeconomic forces that may move the markets. 

Fri 30 Jun, 2023
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Contango Ore – 2023 Outlook On The Development Mahn Choh Property and Exploration Lucky Shot

Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO of Contango Ore (NYSE:CTGO) joins us to discuss the 2023 strategy at the development stage Mahn Choh Project and…

Tue 14 Feb, 2023
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Contango Ore – A Path To Production With Kinross As A Partner At Manh Choh and Exploration Ongoing At Lucky Shot, Both In Alaska

While I was at the Beaver Creek conference a few weeks ago I meet with over 30 companies. Contango Ore (NYSE-A:CTGO) was a Company that…

Tue 4 Oct, 2022
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Aurion Resources – Recapping Drill Results From The Helmi Discovery Extending The Strike Length To 1.3km

Matti Talikka, CEO of Aurion Resources (TSX.V:AU – OTCQX:AIRRF) joins us for a recap of the December 9th news release reporting on drill results from the Helmi Discovery zone on the B2Gold Joint Venture Project.

Thu 16 Dec, 2021
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Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – US Market Insights, The Kinross-Great Bear Deal, and Other Resource Stocks To Watch

On this Weekend’s Show we feature Dana Lyons, Dave Erfle, and Sean Brodrick. Since most markets this week were fairly flat we focus on outlooks into next year and the key catalysts to watch.

Sat 11 Dec, 2021

A focus on the downtrend in gold and the downbeat reaction to strong earnings out of Kinross

Craig Hemke, Founder of TF metals Report joins me to share a chart outlining the downtrend in gold and one key resistance level. It’s all…

Thu 11 Feb, 2021

News out of Kinross supports the gold majors out performance in the sector

Craig Hemke joins me to share his thoughts on the range bound gold price but how the recent news out of Kinross supports the strong…

Fri 18 Sep, 2020