Ed Moya Slower Growth Forecasts As Build Back Better Shifts To Build Back Later

Shad Marquitz
December 20, 2021

Ed Moya, Senior Market analyst at OANDA, joins us for a focus on the rough start to this shortened holiday trading week, as the news that Senator Joe Manchin would not support President Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion Build Back Better social policy bill.  Many analysts are now projecting slower growth forecasts for next year as it appears the Biden administration may need to retool and we discuss which sectors of the economy this may impact.  


Ed mentions that there will still be some investment in growth and that sectors like utilities, healthcare, real estate, and consumer staples should still keep growing, and that this recent pullback in some tech and growth stocks may be attractive to generalist investors looking to buy the dip.  We wrap up by getting Ed’s outlook on the Oil and energy sector and the current supply and demand forces at work.

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    Dec 20, 2021 20:25 PM

    Are Oil Markets Already Oversupplied?

    By Tom Kool – Dec 17, 2021
    “Oversupply has been one of the main talking points in oil markets in recent months, and now it seems that it will soon be upon us. The softening of Asian oil demand, triggered by China’s zero-COVID measures and Beijing’s continued clampdown on independent refiners in Shandong, has curbed the enthusiasm of market bulls while Brent is now flirting with contango, a sign of looming oversupply. This being said, there remain some upside factors, primarily the low level of inventories globally – which are now roughly at March 2020 levels.”

    Dec 21, 2021 21:02 AM

    Added more Santacruz Silver.

      Dec 21, 2021 21:52 AM

      I’d just added some more Santacruz Silver recently myself. It’s hard to put a value on the 5 mines, 3 mills, 2 exploration projects and 2 power plants they’re in the process of picking up from Glencore, but that definitely should move them into the mid-tier silver producer status. I don’t think the market really has woken up to how transitional that will be for the company yet, so adding into this weakness is a gift IMO.

        Dec 21, 2021 21:21 AM

        Price is really beat down and when things go green before daily smack downs, somebody thinks it is worth buying. We will see. Dolly Varden is one that has got a little smack talk also, but I don’t think anyone knows yet what they are looking at with the Rupert property they acquired. But, it gets random moves when no one looking.

        I went back and noticed I have had 6 buys on Santacruz since early November. Not a lot of shs but price steadily dropped, so I think my average is around .22 to .23, so a break even before a favorable market starts.

        Dec 21, 2021 21:41 AM

        Volcanic perked up today. It has been unreasonably beat on for a few weeks. We will see if it lasts.