John Rubino – As Sanctions Against Russia Further Spike Commodities And Inflation, Are They Helping Or Hurting?

Shad Marquitz
February 28, 2022

John Rubino, Founder and Editor of The Dollar Collapse website, joins us to discuss that sanctions against Russia may be doing more economic harm by further ratcheting up inflation in commodities, and creating even more supply chain issues.  Russia is a major player in oil, natural gas, soft food commodities, and base metals, and blocking their exports may only exasperate the slowing growth forecasts for the economy this year and hurt many nations with higher energy prices.


The other potential policy error that the US and other NATO countries may be making is pushing Russia out of the SWIFT banking system and causing them to more aggressively seek an alternative outside of this banking network or the formation of another network with China and other nations suffering from sanctions.   John believes this will make the safe haven appeal of gold outside of the traditional fiat system more compelling, along with the potential for cryptocurrencies to gain more appeal, and he also outlined the recent overreach from the Canadian government to protestors in the Freedom Convoy as a further incident highlighting for many people the importance to get some money out of fiat and into alternative currency options.   We wrap asking that why gold hasn’t done better than just the mild increase it’s seen this year, considering the 40 year record highs in inflation, the war premium, planned central bank tightening, and the weakening US equity markets?


Click here to visit John’s site, The Dollar Collapse.

    Feb 28, 2022 28:11 PM

    Isn’t it ridiculous Kinross(KGC) sold off almost 10% today. Is that because it has a mine in Russia? Unbloodybelievable!

      Feb 28, 2022 28:49 PM

      Terry – If Kinross gets a little more beat up, I may have to get back into it again. I still wouldn’t rule out Barrick having a go at it to pick up all the assets under the Kinross banner (including the assets just scooped up from Great Bear).

        Feb 28, 2022 28:56 PM

        Yes that must have annoyed Bristow seeing GBR go to Kinross while he was looking elsewhere for copper.
        Maybe he will go after KGC or maybe quit Barrick and sign on with Kinross!

    Feb 28, 2022 28:14 PM

    There are many comments on various investing sites, and on social media that seem to have extreme recency bias as to what have been the drivers in Gold prices, chalking it all up to simply geopolitical tensions in Ukraine.

    It should be pointed out that Gold was already moving higher since the end of last year (and one could point out has been moving higher since it double-bottomed in March of 2021 at $1673) on the news of inflation continuing to move higher and higher each month, further pressuring the FED to expedite it’s tapering of accommodative bond buying and start hiking rates. Gold has actually been steadily moving up for this entire bull market, starting at the last rate hikes kicking off in December of 2015 when gold put in it’s Major Bottom at $1045.

    The recent geopolitical theater has added on $50 bucks since gold had already climbed to $1850, and yes it did cause Gold to spike up briefly to $1976.50 at one point, but things have cooled down some now with the yellow metal closing the month of February over $1900. (at $1900.70). [we’ve heard for months that people have been wanting to see a monthly close at $1900 or greater, and we just saw it today].

    In addition, the precious metals have continued to diverge in a stronger manner from the weakening general equities markets, which is something we’ve been wanting to see and is a constructive pattern to see this year. For the last few years there have been many pundits that wanted to see gold, silver, and the PM miners start outperforming the general equities markets and we’ve seen that all year.

    One last point that has been made for years on here is that the pattern of “higher lows” has remained intact and that has underpinned the bullish uptrend the entire time. We have yet to go down and make a meaningful lower low (even during the pandemic crash in March of 2020).

      Feb 28, 2022 28:27 PM

      Bottom line – sure, gold and the PMs may selloff for a bit, after climbing higher the last few months, but there are few bearish factors for the PMs at present, and conversely a number of bullish factors all stacking up:

      1) Pattern of “higher lows” for years remains unbroken = bullish
      2) Gold just had a monthly close over $1900 = bullish
      3) Gold & Silver have been outperforming the US general equities markets = bullish
      4) Gold is above the 233 day EMA, 144 day EMA, and 55 day EMA, and they are sloping up = bullish
      5) Gold broke above the downward sloping trendline across the tops from August of 2020 this month = bullish
      6) Inflation has consistently climbed month after month for over a year, despite the calls all the way along for it to have topped out = bullish
      7) We are a few weeks away from the FED kicking off their rate hiking cycle – (this is up for debate but historically the rate hiking cycles are bullish for Gold)
      8) The 10 year cup & handle pattern in Gold looks like it just completed the handle and the upside measured move is far above the recent all-time high of $2089, and closer to $3000+ in the medium to longer term = uber bullish

      The point being that even if we see Ukraine resolve tomorrow, sure their may be a little selloff in the metals, but all those underlying factors have been underpinning the PMs for some time, and the geopolitical theater will be fleeting, but hasn’t had that much of an effect on PMs when properly put in context of the larger macroeconomic backdrop.

      Feb 28, 2022 28:25 PM

      You are darn right! All the above.

        Feb 28, 2022 28:10 PM

        Ha! Thanks Lakedweller2. It just seems everyone has sudden amnesia of the whole move up in gold for years and even over the last few months for financial and technical reasons, and now most are pointing to geopolitics as the only driver. Then conversely the masses believe that when the Ukraine situation resolves (which looks nowhere close at present) that suddenly gold is going to fall out of bed, which seems very unlikely given all the other macroeconomic drivers.

        Is inflation back down to 1%? Did the Fed decide not to hike rates? Are the general markets a bastion of strength right now? Has gold crashed in gold versus foreign currencies? Is the political situation for the US midterms going to be smooth sailing now? If the answers are no, then it seems very unlikely we have much downside left in the PMs, barring a corrective move down to possibly $1800 or $1780. If there is another correction then personally, I’m deploying my remaining dry powder into that move, and mentioned over the weekend that I’ve spent the last few weeks building my available funds from 2% to 5% and at this point that is as much as I wanted to trim into this recent strength in some of the producers and royalty companies. If we get an “Ides of March” corrective move, then I’ll be firing off that dry powder over the next month or so.

    Feb 28, 2022 28:42 PM

    This editorial ties in perfectly to some of the points made in the John Rubino editorial up above:


    Fiat Currency Zero Hour: Russia And China Might Collectively Challenge The Dollar’s Reserve Status

    Quoth The Raven – 02/28/2022

    “Blistering economic sanctions that threaten to ruin the ruble may leave Putin with little choice but to ally himself further with China and challenge the dollar head-on.”

    “Meanwhile, it appears to me that a separate war on the U.S. dollar could be “officially” waged at any moment, by Russia and China collectively, as the situation in Ukraine grows more dire, as Russia’s options wane and its ties with China grow closer.”

    Feb 28, 2022 28:47 PM

    The Limits To Growth – Why The West Will Struggle To Find Enough Metals To Supply Simultaneous Demand Drivers

    Ahead Of The Herd – February 25, 2022

    In 2021, commodities outperformed all other asset classes, and they are expected to do the same in 2022.

    “A commodities ‘super-cycle’ can happen in the late stages of an economic expansion, when growth is so strong, companies can’t produce enough commodities to keep up with demand. This is the situation the world economy finds itself in as it recovers from the pandemic, which slammed the brakes on global growth in the spring of 2020. By first halting and then restarting supply chains, supply and demand fundamentals for raw materials were thrown out of whack. Also, consumers’ spending habits shifted to purchasing more goods than services.”

    “According to Bloomberg investors are putting more money into commodity funds than at any time in the last decade, seeking protection against 40-year high inflation which in the US is running at 7.5%.”

    “Citigroup estimates retail and institutional money in the sector at close to $700 billion, the most since at least 2007, with broad-based commodity exchange-traded funds now holding more than $21 billion, also the most since 2007.”

    Feb 28, 2022 28:55 PM

    Steve Penny – War with Russia: The US Dollar Collapse Has Begun – Gold & Silver

    I Love Prosperity w/ Jake Ducey

    “In this video, I talk to my friend Steve Penny about why he believes the proposed War with Russia could influence the US Dollar and a potential currency collapse. Steve explains the petro-dollar system and why Russia threatens the hegemony of the US Dollar system, how an escape from the petro-dollar system could trigger hyperinflation or a massive currency collapse of the US Dollar. He talks about gold and silver, why countries like Russia are buying so much Gold and Silver, and what you can do the “leave the financial system” and prepare yourself for turbulent times. Steve leaves on a positive note talking about the opportunities like this that exist within a wealth transfer event, like a US Dollar collapse.”

    Feb 28, 2022 28:04 PM

    I went back into RSX today. The assets in that package are so good, so cheap and the Ruble has crashed. Couldn’t help myself, gotta have a piece of that.
    As far as the unanswered questions go, I think most of them will be answered positively.

      Feb 28, 2022 28:10 PM

      Interesting choice Terry. Yeah, John Rubino had mentioned that while Russian assets have been slammed lately, that that they could be a compelling contrarian play, for after the current situation with Ukraine is resolved, as they will likely come springing back up again. It’s worth a consideration at this point.

        Feb 28, 2022 28:17 PM

        I was watching LUKOY this morning fall from 50 to 18.55 today. I decided to buy some but it was up to 19.20 before I could get it. Then it jumped up to 28 before closing at 24. What a wild ride! I wonder what Doc and Matthew think of the charts of LUKOY, OGLPY, and RSX ?

          Mar 01, 2022 01:22 AM

          I love them and am “nibbling.

    Feb 28, 2022 28:04 PM

    The comment about Countries that are sanctioned are speeding up the demise of the dollar as a reserve currency is spot on. I came across an article this morning explaining how China is developing the CIPS system. Cross Border Inter Bank Payment Systems.
    Another one I didn’t realize how important Russia is as a supplier of fertilizer (potash) to the world. Russia is the second largest supplier.
    Another potential impact is that Russia and Ukraine are major suppliers of Wheat.
    Three or four months ago I posted that the FED was jawboning concerning raising interest rates, and that I felt the possibility of war would trump the FEDs hand.
    CFS posted a you tube video on the Political thread with Proven and Probable interviewing Bob Moriarty. When it comes to World Politics, few have the wisdom such as Bob, IMHO.

      Feb 28, 2022 28:16 PM

      Good comments John K regarding the importance Russia plays in Fertilizer (Potash), and yes, as far as soft commodities and grains (like Wheat) both the Ukraine and Russia are key suppliers to both Europe and Asia, and that potential interruption to food supply hasn’t received as much attention as the obvious Oil/Nat Gas narrative.

      All these sanctions may change the business and export channels of Russia, and be a backhanded slap to Europe, putting it more in alignment with the fellow BRICs, like Brazil, Iran, China, as well as other South Asian countries like Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia for trade. Also when commodities prices rise that Russia is a key producer of it simply strengthens their position and gives them greater profits on Oil/Nat Gas/Palladium/Nickel/Gold/Soft Commodities, while simultaneously hurting Western nations through even higher inflation. What a mess…

    Feb 28, 2022 28:51 PM

    We have real problems with Russia doing a preemptive unprovoked strike against a sovereign people. Their leader is some form of narcissistic sociopathic psychopath and no amount of negotiations will deter his destruction and genocide. Expect nothing but lies.
    Just my opinion but I would be more concerned about direct cyber attacks against the Western World, grid attacks and other issues trying to escalate the free world into a nuclear incident, that we can all sit around later and say we didn’t see that coming. Now you can as you are dealing with a mentally ill leadership of dysfunctional political authoritarian structure. Time to buck up to the criminally ill.

      Feb 28, 2022 28:11 PM

      Why should War Crimes be treated in retrospect. If you don’t stop them, there is no retrospect.
      Economics 101
      Right To Life 101

      Feb 28, 2022 28:47 PM

      That’s harsh Lakedweller.

        Feb 28, 2022 28:02 PM

        Possibly. I probably misused genocide. Substitute “slaughter of human life without justification”. Much better and not so harsh.

    Feb 28, 2022 28:36 PM

    Something interesting that should be given a lot of thought is that the “electronic forms of money in Russia” are the first to be not available. What does that say about Gold and Silver as money Mr Central Banker Person.

    Feb 28, 2022 28:28 PM
    Mar 01, 2022 01:00 AM

    Cory’s question “Why isn’t Gold at $2,000.00? ” I will come back with another question for an answer.
    “Why were there no arrests for aiding and abetting the terrorists for the 9/11 event?” Yesterday’s methods of achieving a logical conclusion as to the why of things can be a intellectual nightmare. Today’s markets require you to take everything that you have come to be known as logical and totally disregard and start thinking outside of the box. Chaos Theory and the associated order within the chaos is a good start.

    Mar 01, 2022 01:17 AM

    Justin Trudeau also froze bank accounts of those who contributed to the trucker protest in Canada. This morning there is a trucker/people convoy over thirty miles long currently departing Cuba, Missouri, headed for Washington DC. This convoy started in California and is gaining more support every day. How will our leaders in the U.S. treat our truckers and the people who donate once they arrive in D.C?

      Mar 01, 2022 01:10 AM

      And he immediately ended it when the big banks complained. One reason being people withdrawing cash from their accounts similar to the situation in Russia with regards to peoples mistrust of the financial institutions

        Mar 01, 2022 01:36 AM

        The laws concerning Protesting are well established and require notice to the community in which they intend to protest, the extent of the protest (that it will be orderly and non-violent), and that it will not impede the rights of others. That is just in general. The overall requirements are to protect safety of all and not allow random violence of a few.
        I would assume the truckers have not informed Washington DC of the scope of their protests and how they intend to protect the safety of all without the damage of property.
        Therefore it is their responsibility not to violate any traffic laws, weapons laws or other laws that are designed to protect “all citizens” as Special Interests do not get priority over the protection of “all” citizens. If they obey the law, they will be fine. If their intent is obstruct governmental activity, then they will be arrested. It is all very simple.

          Mar 01, 2022 01:49 AM

          Senate candidate and former Navy Seal Erik Greiten gave a speech at the Missouri truck stop last night. Washington knows there coming and have 800 National Guard Troops dispatched to help maintain order.

            Mar 01, 2022 01:12 AM

            The National Guard does not have arrest powers like Police. So hopefully the National Guard won’t have much of a job to do…

    Mar 01, 2022 01:39 AM

    All paper counterfeit “Green”. My account down 3% at open, again.

      Mar 01, 2022 01:13 AM

      Yesterday and today I tried to add to Rugby to the extent I offered more than the Ask.
      Today I gave up on Rugy and tried to add Kootenay and am now offering over the Ask. Also nothing happens.
      I find that strange.
      Kootenay trading…Rugby still not.

    Mar 01, 2022 01:27 AM

    RSX Russia….Next target of massive ABC down 5.73 1.618 expansion…really?…the entire value of russia market priced as if valueless…we are in day 7 of the TD9 count…could the down action go to a sequential 13 count?…yes…..looks to be trying to hold the 1.272 level right now…
    weekly shows this action

    Mar 01, 2022 01:04 AM

    Sold all my ELORO ( ELRRF) $3.35

    Mar 01, 2022 01:23 AM

    RUSL/RSX day chart…some fibs expansions met plus an RSI divergence is forming…not calling a bottom…but one is attempting…not today but over a few weeks….could be one hell of a party…..the OUL or if you use 9ema, is miles above and the pricing damage is huge…but could Russia be seen as a buy and flush out a base soon?…seems reasonable…they are prevailing …Ukraine is certainly a valuable acquisition….america is proving to not be a superior approach to managing its civil life…is it?…is russia still the evil empire?…i would question that in many respects…

    Mar 01, 2022 01:52 AM

    RSX…MO/Week/Day/240 min…are now at 14 RSI oversold…RSI divergences are beginning to emerge on smaller time frames…..institutions and peeps will begin to buy…my target for a mechanical purchase will be 7.63 of RSX for the RUSL..this is called blood in the street…reason it through…..russia has a more sound gold backed currency than most all other nations…..this crash will all pass…….glta

    Mar 01, 2022 01:04 AM

    Gold up to $1937 this morning, following through on the monthly close above $1900 yesterday.

    Silver finally pierced up through the $25 barrier up to $25.41

    Palladium up to $2543, Platinum up to $1052

    Copper up over 3%, Zinc up 3.85%, Aluminum up 5.3%, Nickel up 7.5%,

    Oil at $104.60

    For those that were expecting a pullback in the metals the last few months, or a reduction in inflation, then keep waiting on it to be “transitory”. For now, inflation in commodity prices is just escalating higher.

      Mar 01, 2022 01:29 AM

      Great news. I am no longer down over -3%…only -2.11% with 2 of 3 oil stocks negative. I should have bought weapons of mass destruction.

        Mar 01, 2022 01:33 AM

        You are marching to the beat of your own drum again amigo.

        The GDX and GDXJ are both up over 4% today, same with SIL and SILJ. Actually SILJ is up over 5.5%

        Most of the mining stocks I’m looking at are in the green today.

          Mar 01, 2022 01:43 AM

          I know. I have a whole portfolio of stocks that have no response to the paper price in the least. They stick to the alternating day pattern except for Emerita which is going into its 5th month of being shorted. I still have a profit, but increasing paper losses. With Emerita named as the Top performer of Venture Exchange last year, I believe they are a target for managed money who would like to own it rather than current share holders. This too shall pass as long as Crazy Russian Boy doesn’t decide to destroy all of humanity for his ego.

    Mar 01, 2022 01:13 AM

    VZLA- Why has trading halted?

      Mar 01, 2022 01:27 AM

      Eric Coffin posted why – There is an update needed to their Maiden Resource numbers:

      @HRA-Coffin – There will be a release later that will be correcting the MRE numbers. I called them earlier because the numbers were not adding up for me. Someone on their team had noticed the same thing last night. Not sure the precise error but I think its in the base metal part of the calc, ironically, as the base metals don’t make up much of the total. Based on my estimate the overall AgEq will come down 10-15%, though I think the grade will come up. I think the totals in yesterday’s release for the individual metals are probably mainly right. Its the calculation in the program that converted them to silver equivalent ounces that seems to be the culprit. Suck, but not the first time I have ever seen something like this slip past and get into a news release. $VZLA

        Mar 01, 2022 01:30 AM

        In a way it sucks that Vizsla is halted today, as most miners are moving higher on the day, with lots of green on the screen.

        You wouldn’t know it by the lack of comments around here on the miners heading higher though. Geez!

        We finally had a monthly close above $1900 yesterday, and got follow through today with Gold now up above $1942, and the GDX and GDXJ are up over 4% and it nobody seems to care.

          Mar 01, 2022 01:48 AM

          I will put up my progress and make everyone feel like bragging about theirs: 30% up and 70% down.
          Beat that (make me feel bad).

          Mar 01, 2022 01:00 AM

          Still need to do the day job for now Ex…..and I’m in the same boat as lake(lame pun time)….not as green as the commodities themselves are. ☹️

            Mar 01, 2022 01:29 AM

            I have a feeling if people are in the dumps today, that they simply are over-exposed to junior explorers, and don’t hold enough weighting in the producers. It should be pointed out that every time, we see the money flows go into the larger producers and royalty companies first, so to not have a good weighting at them before the next upleg makes little sense, and would exclude one from the easiest gains at the turns.

            Hecla is up over 12% today, Endeavour is up 10.5%, Fortuna is up 9%, Coeur is up 8%, Impact is up 7.7%, Equinox is up 7.5%, Superior is up over 7%, Alexco is up 7%, etc….. Many of the other producers are at least up 3-5% today.

            Again, GDX and GDXJ are up 4% today and SIL is up 4.3% and SILJ is up 5.6%, so we are also seeing the Silver stocks outperform the Gold stocks… which is very bullish for the sector.

            We’ve talked about this for years that we always see the money come into the producers and royalty companies first, because they immediately can monetize the higher metals prices, so why people wouldn’t want to be positioned in them when the worm turns is puzzling. We saw the same kinds of comments about Jrs not moving in 2016, 2019, and 2020, and at each of the smaller rallies along the journey. Eventually the juniors will catch up and outperform the larger companies, but that isn’t where the action starts.

            Mar 01, 2022 01:40 AM

            I think you are right about holding too many juniors. However, the fact that those are some good #s you are posting, it gives me hope that the food chain may come to life. I have stuff like Group Ten, Blackrock Silver, Summa, Kootenay, Libero, Silver Tiger and some good junior oil companies that I think have good potential. Emerita was under valued when the shorting started based on known resource, and continues to be undervalued. Also since the Admin Court sent a notice back months ago that they would be making the Anzacollar decision “soon”, failing to come forward has stirred up more short attacks. Nobody is really selling, so the lack of volume is still on the short side…particularly in the last few minutes of the day. So.. we wait for news except for the silver stocks. Plenty of good news…no matter.

            While typing, my account went from 30% of stocks up to 64% up. I am trying to think of
            something else to type. Emerita keeping the overall account negative, but swinging the alternating day balance all of a sudden may be a sign that Ground Hog Day and similar events may have legs.

            I noticed that my top performer of the day percentage wise is Rugby…the stock I tried to add to for 2 days and couldn’t. Thanks MMs.

            Mar 01, 2022 01:42 AM

            Exactly!;-) IPT, SCZ, SIL up nicely, DEF even and BRAU and BBB down. I am heavy in IPT, SCZ and DEF.

            ATH Athabasca Oil, has been on a tear lately, I should hang on instead of trading in and out of this one, haha.


            Mar 01, 2022 01:53 AM

            Agreed Lakedweller2 – eventually the capital flows will come further down the food chain into the developers and explorers, into the more speculative names. It just makes sense that generalist capital flows would start by going into the larger producers and royalty companies first, and that US investors would go into the dual-listed companies first (as many of the new retail throngs of investors on some of the newer trading platforms like Robinhood, WeBull, Stash, etc… can’t or don’t trade OTC stocks).

            Until the trend higher in PMs can prove to the masses that it is going to be more sustained in the larger names, then it will still take a bit longer before we see a rising tide lifting all boats. Eventually when things get going into high gear though, even the turkeys in the Junior mining sector will fly.

            Mar 01, 2022 01:57 AM

            Agreed Dan – SCZ up about 13% on the day, IPT up 7.7% – What’s not to like? 😉

            My biggest performer today is Steppe Gold up 21% on the day, on the news they got their chemical reagents and can start milling/producing again.

            Mar 01, 2022 01:00 PM

            I did get an add to Kootenay earlier today and it is showing +6.5% so i get one merit badge for doing that today.

            Also points for fertilizing half the yard.

            I should also add that Petrus Resources is my best dollar performer but only +5.39% at the moment.

            Mar 01, 2022 01:07 PM

            +6.5 – We’ll count it Lakedweller2. Congrats on the merit badge! 🙂

            You could have got even more points for buying fertilizer commodities before their recent rip higher, but sometimes getting points on the “honey do list” is more important than monetary gains. Happy wife… happy life…

            Mar 01, 2022 01:18 PM

            For what it’s worth, I am accumulating a bit of TN, Tartisan Nickel, lately because it is a tiny producer in the sector. It has a strange looking chart so I am not going to risk too much.


            Mar 01, 2022 01:42 PM

            Interesting choice for the Nickel space Dan. I’ve only got FPX Nickel and Group Ten Metals as my primary Nickel exposure, but they are still explorer/developers, so I do need a nickel producer in the mix, but just haven’t found one that wasn’t already ripped higher or part of a large metals conglomerate. I was considering Sherritt, but even it has already had a big move higher.

            Mar 01, 2022 01:56 PM

            I own a little bit of Group Ten also. I use Emerita as a day trader sometimes like today.

    Mar 01, 2022 01:45 AM

    HL is doing well. Up almost 13% today and 42% in one month.

      Mar 01, 2022 01:55 AM

      Thank goodness for the consistent warnings about the ides of March and the coming opening of the candy store! There’s a lot of sidelined buying power out there!
      HL weekly:

      Mar 01, 2022 01:55 AM

      +13 – Absolutely! Hecla has been ripping, but many of the Silver producers are up bigly today as well. I trimmed back a little of my HL into this move today along with a handful of others, just to raise a bit more funds, and I’m up to 6% dry powder now… just in case we see the selloff in March some have discussed.

      Overall though, very encouraging, and I’m glad to have bought over the last few months and been mostly fully deployed when most were expecting a plunge to lower levels, as the strength we’ve seen recently has the vast majority of those positions nicely in the money.

        Mar 01, 2022 01:04 PM

        No need for a “but” since the whole sector is done with the long correction and will only strengthen from here. I’ll repeat what I posted weeks ago when it mattered most: 4-3-2-1…

        (Admittedly, it’s not quite the same this time but it’s still appropriate.)

    Mar 01, 2022 01:50 AM

    My mix is roughly 50/50 unfortunately the jrs are sucking things down enough that there’s no skip in my step.

    Mar 01, 2022 01:57 AM

    SILJ has already taken out Thursday’s spike high and will soon challenge $14…

    Mar 01, 2022 01:28 PM

    The HUI is heading for its best daily close in 8.5 months.

      Mar 01, 2022 01:42 PM

      Hey Matt,
      Over the last 3-4 weeks, Ramby has piled into a tonne of the2x3 leveraged PM etfs and specific PM stocks and said 9 days ago that there COULD be some very serious reverse-symmetry to the upside…reverse-mirroring the downside crash from 2012-15…..huge potential here!!! He never uses definitive language in his predictions, which I like, but we might be close to take-off.

        Mar 01, 2022 01:54 PM

        Thanks a lot confused, I couldn’t agree more with his bullishness. The long correction delivered the maximum amount of stress to the bulls without hurting the quarterly chart that I’ve mentioned repeatedly over the last year. Had this quarter (Q1, 2022) turned ugly, it could have done serious harm to the big picture but it didn’t and won’t with only March to go.

      Mar 01, 2022 01:56 PM
    Mar 01, 2022 01:05 PM

    Almost same loss as yesterday. Same pattern. -2.46 % down today. Was down less than 1% 10 minutes prior to close. Emerita shorted into close ….again. Yesterday same thing but was down -2.1%. The drain of Emerita continues.

    Mar 01, 2022 01:16 PM

    While countless observers claimed gold had to do this or that, I said that gold was already “done” and all we needed is for silver to confirm gold’s action. Now it has, completely.
    Thursday’s action threw a short term and mostly psychological wrench into the action but we’re better off for it. (“We” being those who didn’t sell out and/or bet against the sector.)
    SLV/Silver now has back-to-back closes above its 200 day MA (and 3 of the last 5 days above it) and SLV just had its best close since August 4th.
    We now have a big bullish bottom in play that implies a move to above 27 for SLV and well above 29 for silver. Of course, that’s for starters.