Weekend Show – Commodity Spikes, Currency Volatility and Precious Metals – Recapping The Week And Looking Ahead

March 12, 2022
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On this Weekend’s Show we focus on the spike in commodities prices. We gather a couple differing opinions on what’s driving these prices higher, where prices could revert to after the Russia/Ukraine war and the market impacts of upcoming Fed rate hikes.


While so much is still unknown about the near term future the best we can do is try to make sense of the market trends and where investors are positioning themselves.


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I will be away starting mid next week but dropping in periodically while Shad takes the reins for just over a week.



  • Segment 1 – Robert Sinn, AKA Goldfinger on kicks off the show by commenting on the spike in oil prices to start the week. He sent out a note to subscribers at the perfect time on the morning oil spiked to $130/barrel saying it was a blow-off top. We also discuss if any other commodities are at blow-off tops as well as the set up in gold and silver. Click here to follow along with Goldfinger’s trades and market thoughts.
  • Segment 2 and 3 – Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at the CPM Group joins us for a discussion on the overall environment for commodities. This ties into a discussion on inflation and price moves throughout this year. Drivers behind the gold price are broken down as well as the hedging environment for major miners. Click here to learn more about the CPM Group.
  • Segment 4 – Marc chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global Forex wraps up the show with an extended discussion on what the currency markets are telling us about investor outlooks. We start with the USD increases balanced with the issues in Europe. The commodities currencies have been under-performing and the Yen is is a precarious position. We then move to Fed policy and gold’s trading this week with the $100 swing in 24 hours. Click here to visit Marc’s blog, Marc To Market.


Exclusive Company Interviews This Week



Robert Sinn
Jeff Christian
Marc Chandler
    Mar 12, 2022 12:41 AM

    Thanks to all the KER guest contributors for another great week of daily editorials, company interviews with management, and another solid weekend show with Robert, Jeff, and Marc.
    Also thanks to all the listeners of the podcast and radio show, and those members of the KER crew that post and participate here on the blog, sharing insights with our community. Ever Upward!

    Mar 12, 2022 12:41 AM

    Gold Volatility Now in Position for Gold Breakout

    Jordan Roy-Bryne – The Daily Gold – Mar 11, 2022

    “Periods of low volatility will eventually lead to periods of high or increasing volatility. In other words, periods of low volatility will precede major breakout moves.”

    “After an 18-month correction, Gold’s volatility, as measured by various indicators, has turned up from very low levels. Unlike the recent past, Gold’s volatility now puts it in position to move much higher over the coming months.”

      Mar 12, 2022 12:56 AM

      Goldman Ups Gold Price Targets By 18%, 12-month From $2,150 to $2,500/oz

      Ranjeetha Pakiam – Bloomberg – March 08, 2022

        Mar 12, 2022 12:18 AM

        Gold Corrects After Unsuccessfully Challenging Its Record High

        Gary Wagner – The Gold Forecast – March 11, 2022 #TechnicalAnalysis #Chart

        “On Tuesday, March 8, gold traded to an intraday high of $2078, roughly $10 below the all-time high of $2088, which was achieved in August 2020. The current decline in gold is the first real price decline since January when gold hit a low of approximately $1780. Until Tuesday of this week, what followed in February was a dynamic rally resulting in gold gaining approximately $300 when gold traded to $2078.”

    Mar 12, 2022 12:49 AM

    Stagflationary Fears Heat Up Heading into Fed Week

    David Erfle – Friday March 11th, 2022

    “Gold Futures ran towards its record peak resistance at $2089 on Tuesday, coming just $20 short of this major milestone. But the safe-haven metal became extreme overbought in the short-term while doing so, ushering in a healthy consolidation of its out-sized gains.”

    “The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is about to begin a long-overdue rate-hiking cycle in an effort to bring down inflation that rose to 7.9% YoY in February, up from 7.5% in January. Although Fed Chairman Jerome Powell testified before congress last week that ‘Hindsight says we should have moved earlier,’ the world’s largest central bank is ‘inclined to support a 25-basis-point rate hike’ at the Fed’s policy meeting next week.”

    “The Fed not moving earlier has quite obviously put the central bank well “behind the curve” due to the fact that the Fed spent all of 2021 trying to convince the markets that inflation was “transitory”, instead of taking measures to ensure that inflation did not stray too far from its 2% target.”

    “Moreover, bond markets are flashing a warning signal about the growth prospects for the global economy….The gap between long-term and short-term government borrowing rates in large developed economies has narrowed drastically since mid-October. Just as the world’s largest central bank prepares to tackle soaring inflation with higher interest rates, the yield curve is already dangerously close to inverting before the Fed is expected to begin its rate-hike cycle on March 16th. An “inversion” of the yield curve has preceded every U.S. recession for the past half century…”

      Mar 12, 2022 12:01 AM

      Inflation sets fresh 40-year high: February CPI rises 7.9% over last year
      By: Emily McCormick – Thu, March 10, 2022

      “The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 7.9% in February compared to last year, marking the fastest annual jump since 1982. This took out January’s previous 40-year high rate of 7.5%, and matched consensus economist expectations, according to Bloomberg data.”

      Mar 12, 2022 12:39 AM

      Now that the swift program is in place and Russia’s 600 billion assets have been frozen Russia will be stockpiling as much gold as they can get their hands on and they have now allowed their citizens to do the same by cancelling the VAT tax. It’s bad enough that Russia will be hoarding the precious metal but countries all over the World will be too, they don’t want their assets frozen if they don’t accept US Foreign Policy. The biggest stick is the financial one.

      On another note Russia’s has liabilities of $1.2 trillion dollars and they will start paying that back with rubles. Who do you think got the better deal, The Russians or The Americans? LOL! Well DUH! DT

    Mar 12, 2022 12:51 AM

    As Inflation Heats Up, 64% Of Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck
    By The Texas Chronicle – March 8, 2022

    “When wages rise at a slower pace than inflation, those paychecks won’t go as far at the grocery store and at the gas pump — two areas of the budget that are getting particularly squeezed.”

    “We are all seeing the cost of everything shooting up,” said Anuj Nayar, LendingClub’s financial health officer. However, paying more for gas and groceries is hitting households particularly hard,” he said. “You’ve got to eat, you’ve got to commute; these are not discretionary expenses.”

      Mar 12, 2022 12:53 AM

      Threat of Recession Rapidly Rising, 2022 End Game Looking Like 2008 Warns Bloomberg Intel
      Stansberry Research – Mar 7, 2022

      “Wheat’s price is almost a guarantee for a global recession,” says Mike McGlone, Commodities Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence. “Russia will be very dependent on fossil fuels,” and the rest of the world will not be in the near future, he tells our Daniela Cambone. “The United States is the world’s largest exporter of liquified natural gas, and that’s going to accelerate,” he asserts. McGlone and Cambone discuss rising metals in rhodium and palladium, and further discuss the implications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “It’s a matter of time before gold passes the $2,000 mark and never looks back,” says McGlone, “but gold does have major competition from digital assets, including Bitcoin.”

    Mar 12, 2022 12:02 AM

    Is The Stock Market Starting To Discount An Earnings Recession? Part Deux

    Jesse Felder – The Felder Report – March 9, 2022

    “About five months ago, after the stock market started to correct last fall, I suggested in a blog post the weakness might be due to the fact that it was increasingly looking like there might be an earnings recession on the horizon. Stocks rallied from that point but breadth continued to deteriorate, insider selling surged and the monetary tailwind began to abate.”

    “At the same time, interest rates, oil prices and the dollar have all continued their individual uptrends, putting even greater pressure on both end demand for products and services and the profit margins corporations can earn on them. As such, the probability of an earnings recession, possibly a very significant one, has only grown over the past few months. Small businesses are already signaling as much…”

    Mar 12, 2022 12:04 AM

    Alasdair Macleod – It’s All Playing Out In Front of Our Eyes | Imminent Reset of Financial System

    I Love Prosperity w/ Jake Ducey – March 9, 2022

      Mar 12, 2022 12:13 AM

      Willem Middelkoop – “These Are Scary Times,” How Ukraine Will Fast Track the Great Reset

      Stansberry Research – Mar 11, 2022

      “We have a war between the East and the West with sanctions to punish Russia,” says Willem Middelkoop, CDF founder and best-selling author. “The U.S. invested a lot of money to have this [Ukrainian] revolution in 2014, and Europe has the pain of this crisis,” he tells our Daniela Cambone. Currently, “there is a lot at stake for the U.S.,” in this conflict says Middelkoop. “Once Saudi Arabia, Russia and China agree on a new oil trading system, then things get very interesting very rapidly,” he says. Cambone discusses Biden’s most recent executive order on cryptocurrencies, where Middelkoop says that, “this executive order was the first confirmation that [the U.S.] will roll out the digital dollar in the next few years,” continuing on to say it will have huge repercussions. “Authorities will love it because they will have control over their people and can follow each and every payment,” he concludes.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:05 AM

    The New Commodity World Order

    by @Goldfinger (Robert Sinn) on 8 Mar 2022

    Mar 12, 2022 12:06 AM

    U.S. Weighs Sanctions on Russian Nuclear Power Supplier Rosatom

    Ari Natter, Nick Wadhams, and Saleha Mohsin – Bloomberg – March 9, 2022

    “No final decision has been made and the White House is consulting with the nuclear power industry about the potential impact of imposing sanctions on Russia’s state-owned atomic energy company, which is a major supplier of fuel and technology to power plants around the world, the report added.”

    “Rosatom is a delicate target because the company and its subsidiaries account for about 35% of global uranium enrichment and has agreements to ship the nuclear fuel to countries across Europe.”

      Mar 12, 2022 12:07 AM

      Uranium Market Minute – Episode 91: Kazakhstan Update & Disruption Potential

      Justin Huhn – Uranium Insider – March 11, 2022

        Mar 13, 2022 13:28 AM

        Haven’t seen any real discussion regarding uranium stocks still being below their fall highs despite the spot prices being at higher levels than the fall..

          Mar 13, 2022 13:37 AM

          Well, you just brought it up, so thanks for keeping it real. 🙂

          Really… the Uranium price just shot up to over $59 in about 2-3 days once the sanctions on Russian uranium assets from Rosatom were discussed. As a result, the miners responded but haven’t caught up with the increase in the metals price. We see that quite often when any metals move. Did the Silver stocks keep up with the run to $30 in 2020 or in Feb 2021? Nope. Did Gold stocks keep up with the move to $2000 either time? Nope. Did Copper stocks keep up with the move last where the good doctor made an all-time high over $5 mid-week? Nope. Did the Palladium stocks keep pace with the all-time last week to over $3300? Nope. Did the Nickel stocks keep paces with the insane move to all time highs last week? Nope.

          So from that sense the miners need more time to digest these moves higher in their underlying metals, and the Uranium stocks are no different than any of the other sectors in that regard.

          This is also why a gradual climb higher in the metals prices is preferred to parabolic surges higher, as the miners don’t rerate fast enough to digest those moves up.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:49 AM

            I don’t disagree with that being the norm……guess that was my rhetorical question/point…..last time mining stocks overshadowed/overshot the move in the spot price so the question really becomes was last falls miners move a case of mania and this time the move is more normal or are the miners undervalued vs the price.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:26 AM

            Yeah, it was a bit both, but keep in mind how destroyed the Uranium mining sector was after such a long protracted bear market since the Fukushima event in 2011, to the double-bottoming of the U308 spot prices around $17-$18 in late 2016 and then again in 2017, and then gradual fits and starts higher after that for 2017 and 2018 and 2019. That bear market in the U-stocks was FAR WORSE than the 2011 -2015 corrective move in Gold or Silver, despite all the whining and gnashing of teeth from PM investors about what a terrible correction it was.

            Most individual Uranium stocks pulled back much further on percentage moves, and the underlying metal pulled back far more severely than Gold or Silver did. A sector that bombed out will eventually rerate much higher and faster than many expect, and we discussed on here probably over 100 times that this is exactly what would play out when the Uranium stocks finally decided to get on their bike and ride… and the time to get positioned was BEFORE that happened as it would be worth the wait… and it WAS. Most stocks rerated up 300% – 1000% in a reasonably short stretch of time, more than making up for any “opportunity cost” of being in position a bit early. However, traders that wait for confirmation of move were left chasing that move higher, or completely missing out on it watching from the sidelines.

            The Uranium miners were then crushed down even further in the March pandemic crash of 2020 (like all assets were), and that was the point they started rerating higher for the balance of 2020 into the summer of 2021.

            After that move from March 2020 to let’s say July/August, that was a long-needed rerate on the back of many fundamental supply and demand factors coming together that we had outlined many times leading up to that. Then from August to November, it was the mining stocks blasting off even higher in anticipation and the realization of the effect the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust and to a lessor extent the Yellowcake fund, Uranium Royalty Corp, and half dozen of the uranium miners were having buying up the supply of U308 pounds directly off the spot market and mopping up any excess supply.

            The U stocks got a bit overheated and frothy during that period leading into the Sept/Oct/Nov period moving up substantially more than the price action on the spot market or more important term market. That is why Steve Penny and Justin Huhn nailed their calls in November to ease up on Uranium stocks as corrective move was well overdue after such a huge move. I’d submit that there were also legit moves in about a dozen of the better companies, but insane moves higher in about 2-3 dozen other earlier stage explorers that don’t have a wing or a prayer of being in production this cycle or even of having an economic deposit, so those are the turds floating up with the rising tide, like we see in any asset class when the sector really gets a bid. Those still deserve to be lower, but the dozen or so quality companies deserve their present valuations, and based on Uranium ripping up over $10 from under $50 to near $60, the quality companies could still see a bit more of a move higher to digest that move.

          Mar 13, 2022 13:21 PM

          Aussie Uminers down Monday AM. VMY especially out of favor -14%.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:27 PM

            Thanks for that heads up Terry. That doesn’t bode well for the US uranium miners then, and it may be a good day to buy the dip.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:48 AM
    Mar 12, 2022 12:21 AM

    Incredible that Mr. Chandler seriously talks about „oportunity costs“ of Gold. That makes me think about what role he is playing.

      Mar 12, 2022 12:25 PM

      That’s an interesting observation Michael, as I was thinking the same thing when Marc discussed Gold’s “opportunity cost” moving forward as a risk for it after outlining why he thought it likely just topped out based on his views of the technicals.

      Gold is insurance against fiscal malfeasance and global chaos, and we’re seeing plenty of both. Most experts recommend allocating 5-10% of one’s portfolio to Gold as an insurance and hedge against other asset classes depreciating and preserve purchasing power. It’s not meant to be a speculation for gains, and most people wouldn’t describe “opportunity cost” when discussing “insurance.” It pays off when the house burns down, and clearly over the last few years the fiscal, monetary, and geopolitical house has started burning. It should also be pointed out that Gold has been doing it’s job of preserving purchasing power continued keeping pace with inflation while the fiat currencies are being reduced in purchasing power. Gold was $35 about 50 years and now is around $2000 in US dollars, but it is quite significant that gold is also making all time highs in all currencies. So regardless of the illusion of a “strong dollar” in measuring one falling fiat against another, it is more important for people to wake up to the reality that measured against true money = Gold, all currencies are falling in value while Gold is preserving purchasing power.

      As for Marc’s comments about it simply being other people speculating that the Russians would be buying gold as the reason for the move higher, stating that is what people observed in cryptos, that was a head-scratcher as well, because the Russian central bank came out and flat-out stated that due to their removal from the SWIFT banking system that that they were buying gold. That isn’t a speculative hunch, the Russian central bank IS buying gold, and that was behind some of the strength in the yellow metal, and they are speculative weak hands… they are backstopping assets of the central bank with gold. As to why people didn’t see as much of that in the cryptos, well just take a step back and ask how many central banks globally (outside of El Salvador) are buying cryptos to backstop assets? None. When banks want a hedge they buy Gold… and that should tell everyone what they need to know about how PMs are viewed by those that print fiat funny money, and how they view cryptos.

      As for the technical setup in gold, we’ve had about a half dozen guests on the show just this last week or so that all indicated how solid of a move this was for gold technically Dave Erfle, Jordan Roy-Byrne, Sean Brodrick, Dave Kranzler, Christopher Aaron, Steve Penny, and Goldfinger (Robert), all made note of the significance of the strong monthly close in February closing over $1900, the key levels of $1920 and $1960-$1966 resistance zones being cleared on both daily and weekly closes. Almost everyone touched on the importance of the longer-term Cup & Handle pattern starting to resolve to the upside as a super-bullish longer term pattern projecting much higher gold prices from $2880-$4000 over the next 2-3 years.

      Now, those same guest mentioned above acknowledged the overbought conditions in the near-term, and that a corrective consolidation move for the PMs made sense in the short-term, but all of them noted that this pullback would be a buy the dip opportunity for those that were on the sidelines and that missed the recent move higher. It’s possible that Marc will be correct and that the next “big move” for gold will be much lower and that it “failed” because it couldn’t take out the 2020 all time high. I mean come on, gold took definitively took out $1900, $1920-$1921, and $1962-$1966 all on one move, which is incredibly bullish. However, most key resistance levels (like the all-time high for an asset class and $2089 in Gold) are not eclipsed on the first attempt from a technical perspective, so is that really that shocking? Look how many times Copper had to attempt to take out it’s A.T.H. before it finally eclipsed it this week at heading over $5, but even then it couldn’t hang onto it for the weekly close. There is little technical doubt that over the course of time in this PM bull market that is still well-supported, that Gold will take out the $2089 high, so that is still macro bullish, even if there is a short-term corrective leg.

      Personally I’m glad gold didn’t go parabolic and then launch straight through only to peak out barely above it, as that was part of the issue with the August 2020 launch up that took out the $1921 high by another 8-9% to 2089 once it was already way overbought. As Steve Penny mentioned in his technical breakdown on Friday, it would be a much stronger posture for gold or any asset approaching key resistance once it has consolidated some of the recent move and let some of the chart indicators cool off a bit, and then gradually build it’s way back higher again with more conviction and energy.

      It is nice to get a range of ideas and perspectives though, and not become just a bullish echo-chamber, and so from that standpoint it was nice to hear Marc lay out his more bearish technical thesis. His strength is really in reviewing the currencies, and we sure appreciate his perspectives on the markets and enjoy having him as a guest on the show.

      For anyone observing the last 18 months this site and most investing forums have been anything but bullish echo-chambers, and I’d submit many people and pundits were overly bearish on the PMs constantly calling for a “final washout” to lower levels. Think about how many people didn’t believe the March 2021 double-bottom at $1675 would hold, even though a few of us had mentioned at the time and repeated since then that the W shaped double-bottom pattern is one of the strongest out there and that it would likely hold. Then think of all the calls for people expecting a move back down to $1650, $1620, and even $1570 – remember all those the middle of last year?

      Then when gold got stuck around the $1800 magnet which seemed like forever, the balance of thought of which way things would finally break was very skewed to the downside and bearish stance. It clearly could have broken either direction, with both bull traps and bear traps for half a year on either side, but it was amazing how negative most analysis and comments were during that time period of neutral sideway channeling. As a contrarian, I thought all of that was stealth bullish, as sentiment had gotten so bad by the end of last year, it was almost worse than in late $2015 when gold finally bottomed in December at $1045, and that was after a 4 year bear market from Sept 2011 to Dec 2015. The contrast to that prior period was also interesting as we had just witnessed an amazing run in Gold from the fall of 2018 to the summer of 2020, and in a year and half people had already fallen apart emotionally and mentally, and thrown in the towel and moved to an even more bearish sentiment than after the last actual bear market.

      Bottom line: The pattern of “higher lows” has been solidly in place since December 2015’s major bottom at $1045. That pattern of higher lows has not been violated, even during the pandemic flash crash, and Gold has continued for year to put in more higher lows. Again, Steve Penny has a great chart on Friday’s editorial outlining a trendline of higher lows that has formed just since 2018 and it has held strong the entire time, which is uber bullish action. It’s very hard to construe from that action that then next “big move” is lower until some of those higher lows like $1675, $1721, or $1753 get taken out. If anything, Jordan is going to be correct that there is a mini-cup and handle pattern forming from Aug 2020 to the recent spike here in March, and the coming corrective move will simply be forming that mini-handle, before blasting higher in the medium-term (and much higher in the longer-term in the context of the decade long larger cup & handle). As a result, any corrective pullback seen may be one of the better opportunities to make any further purchases in the PMs or related PM mining stocks before that larger bullish pattern takes hold.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:03 AM

    Jeff Christian: “I know if the US and Nato wanted to, we could probably end it in 48 hours” (~2:50 mark).

    No doubt he’d make the likes of General Turgidson proud to hear such bravado:

      Mar 12, 2022 12:47 PM

      Agreed MoldyOle. Some people just a have a strong instinct to go to war to solve issues, and it’s been a losing strategy for the US for over 50 years in dozens of proxy wars all over the planet, and they were not former superpowers with nuclear capabilities.

      I don’t believe for a minute that the convictions of most citizens on the planet Earth want to see another armed conflict with 2 nuclear superpowers or see the US enter another war that is none of our business. Also, Russia has major military capabilities if they really wanted to go all-out in a full on attack, so it’s very unlikely “it would be over in 48 hours” as Jeff suggested, and it would could mean the war sites turning to be set on North America, so why even poke the bear and escalate conflict even further?

        Mar 12, 2022 12:45 PM

        With clowns like Biden, Gen. Milley, and Gen. Austen in charge, I think a U.S. war with Russia would be over in 2 hours with Putin the victor. Gary Savage says gold might drop to 1920 before it goes to 5K or 10K or higher. Listen to if you want to know what’s happening in Ukraine.

          Mar 12, 2022 12:55 PM

          A retest of that $1920 support (prior resistance) seems like a reasonable level to pull back to.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:20 AM

    I forgot to mention that mr R got bearish and puts shorts on the general stock market in late January. Yes a major oversight on my part. Up until that time he has been a super bull on that market…especially the Fangz….anyway things are going to get real in that market soon. After the largest/fastest move up in history…the downside is tremendousssss.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:41 AM

    First impression of reading just the headlines of postings. The powers that be are looking for a theme to keep funds in the General Markets …as usual. Recession rather than bull market in commodities. Sideways of everything rather than bull in one.
    Now to listen and read and see what they actually have to say…

    Mar 12, 2022 12:49 AM

    I appreciate Marc’s expertise on currencies but his views of Ukraine capitulating to the Russians in the next few days or even weeks is way off. He ought to study a bit more Russian/Ukrainian history. Neither give up easily…………I believe this struggle could go on far longer than most do. JMO

      Mar 12, 2022 12:07 AM

      The mainstream media is showing pictures of desperation and any destruction they can conjure up in The Ukraine-Russia war. Russia does not want to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure and create a terrorist backlash.

      The Russians will win hands down, and if The Western governments try to understand Russia’s reasons for going to war a lasting peace can be achieved. The outcome is up to the West to stop the Red Scare and work towards a treaty that gives both sides respect, and an honorable agreement. One that both sides must abide by. DT

        Mar 12, 2022 12:21 AM

        Dick so the main street media conjuring up destruction and human suffering in Ukaraine?? Russia doesn’t want to destroy Ukaraine infrastructure?? Really??
        Ya, fake news all being filmed and reported on at a hollywood movie set. Quite the hoax, especially the part of kids / toddlers being led thru shelling and ruble.

          Mar 12, 2022 12:38 PM

          jonsyl, the mainstream media has conveniently forgotten who the aggressors are, who do you think was shelling Donbass, and where did the money come from to support that military aggression.

          Who do you think fought North Korea and still has 26,000 troops in the DMZ (demilitarized Zone) since 1953. What about Vietnam, Libya, Serbia, Panama, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. The US has been the aggressor since the end of The Second World War. The US sought to surround Russia with nuclear weapons even though they signed a peace treaty with Moscow 30 years ago negotiated by James Baker that NATO wouldn’t station nuclear weapons in Eastern Europe. The West under The NATO umbrella have nuclear missiles stationed in Poland and Romania, this violated previous treaties.

          There are no winners in War, but if a country doesn’t have secure borders which is something The US faced in 1962 with nuclear missiles in Cuba, and had them removed don’t you think The Russians deserve to be treated the same way.

          Jonsyl, the hoax is that you only see one side, and that is what they are counting on. The Red Scare is how the media describes Russia, they have conditioned the sheep to think that Bolshevism will spread through Europe and come to The United States. This has been going on for over 100 hundred years since 1917. This talk about making America and The World safe for Democracy is dangerous and hypocritical nonsense. DT

            Mar 12, 2022 12:48 PM

            +1 DT. The US has been the aggressor on the world stage and fought dozens of proxy wars it had absolutely no business getting involved with. If the neocons in the US government hadn’t perpetually pressed to get nukes into Ukraine and have them join NATO repeatedly for many years now (which was changing the agreement stuck decades ago) , then it wouldn’t have provoked Putin to act. The US sure didn’t like missiles on their doorstep in Cuba in the 1960’s as you noted, and this was no different for Russia in this instance.

            The media has demonized Putin in this case, and he is obviously no saint and is a cold-blooded killer, but this whole situation was escalated and forced by the action of the US and other NATO nations in a very orchestrated fashion. Classic Problem… Reaction… Solution. Somehow the lame stream media negates to see how the Western nations instigated this situation, and instead likes having their boogeyman to point fingers out, instead of looking in the mirror. War is big business… always has been… and many political and ex-political cronies are heavily invested in the Military Industrial Complex and the many businesses that profit from continued conflict.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:43 AM

            DT. Where do you draw the line regarding aggressor??? Saying the Ukraine is the aggressor by shelling Donbass now seems a stretch when it was apart of the Ukraine since 1954 til 2014 and was taken back by Russia through force. If you want to say the west has poked the bear by continuously back tracking on deals that’s a different argument

            Mar 13, 2022 13:48 AM

            Putin may be our last hope to save Western Civilization from the Davos cult who want a Great Reset and to cull 90% of us. That’s why Soros, Schwab, Hillary, and Biden hate Putin. And of course Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney want to cover up all the corruption their families have been part of in Ukraine. Listen to the Duran on YouTube for the truth about Ukraine. Gonzalo Lira is also good on YouTube and is on the ground in Ukraine. Everything our media shows is propaganda.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:57 AM

            Bonzo, also check out that Willem Middlekoop interview on Stansberry Research posted up above on this blog reagarding the financial positioning on The Great Reset. It was a very good synopsis and breakdown of the larger game being played to end the PetroDollar system and dominance of the US Dollar, the implementation of nationalized digital currencies, as well as a new East versus West realignment.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:14 PM

            Ex, nobody with an iota of common sense is blind to the self serving greed of the west elites benefiting from ravages of war inspired by masses rebelling autocratic rule. But to promote a false narrative that the Putins of the world, past and present, are therefore remotely justified to destroy a country of 45 million thru obscene cruelty in order to continue their autocratic rule because of the western elites threats on their ability to maintain their control and self glorification is what’s disingenuous. They may be two heads of the same evil snake however as I stated, what matters is the apparent choice that these souls must make, namely western elitism and corruption among other repeated downsides, vs the other snake head, Putin and his Russian state autocracy. The Ukrainians aren’t concerned being overtaken by western elitists, as they attempt to leave by the millions. As was the case of the Poles, Estonians, Hungarians etc etc at first opportunity in 1990 and is now the case with Ukrainians and will be for other slavs under his enslavement including the Russians.

          Mar 13, 2022 13:59 AM

          Hi Wolfster, In 2014 The US spent $5 billion overthrowing the legally elected government of Ukraine. The Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine that is virtually all Russian voted 96% to rejoin Russia and fighting took place.

          By 2016 Ukraine, France, Germany, The UK and Russia agreed in The Minsk II agreement that the government of Ukraine would deal directly with Donbass to settle disputes. To date, Ukraine has refused to talk to Donbass.

          Last fall the Ukrainian government was pushed by The US and Nato to mass their troops on the border of Donbass in preparation for an invasion to restore the region to Ukraine. Then the shelling from The Ukrainian side began. Now Wolfster, who do you think is behind the conflict? DT

            Mar 13, 2022 13:13 AM

            As I said in my comment DT if you want to go back to the coup and make that the starting point that’s all fine……and its great of Russia to be the great saviour of all who want democracy like their help in Syria too….would Putin respect any Russian states that had referendums to leave Russia??? …..and was the referendum even legal by Ukraine legislature???…. I don’t know their legislative rules well enough to know but I know that here in Canada we’ve dealt with this crap from Quebec for years.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:19 AM

            Wolfster, you are missing the biggest point, Russia does not want nuclear missiles sitting 15 minutes away from Moscow. Nato and The US repeatedly broke their promises in Poland and Romania. Putin doesn’t trust The sock poppets in The Ukraine who were installed and are controlled by Nato and The US. The US and Nato haven’t abided by previous treaties. DT

            Mar 13, 2022 13:28 PM

            No DT…… I’ve realized that part of the issue…I did say in my original comment that the west has continually back tracked on all the deals and it dates back to the reunification of Germany…..and I’d really love to be a fly on the wall for all the dealings and shenanigans between Merkel and Putin from the past

            Mar 13, 2022 13:29 PM

            Total agreement with how western elites are the one’s who benefit from the autocrats like Putin whose enslavement of peoples and their fight to be free lead to wars.
            It is totally stupid and bizarre however to rationalize Putin and his Russian state rule as some kind of victim of western greed in the posts.
            Those subjected to Putin’s rule (with his claims of protecting their and Russia’s interests) are fleeing whenever and whereever possible in the millions. They are literally emptying Ukraine, and will do so in Belarus, Moldavia and Russia itself given any opportunity to escape the brutality of his rule which some here attempt to justify as resulting from western actions rather than Putin’s rule.
            The apparent choice for these souls must be for western elitism and corruption among other downsides, vs Russian state autocracy.

            And a definite no EX and bonzo with your earlier post ‘that Putin may be our last hope to save Western Civilization from the Davos cult who want a Great Reset and to cull 90% of us.’

            Mar 13, 2022 13:26 PM

            Jonsyl – Don’t put words in my mouth, or tie me into things I didn’t say. I never said Putin was our hope to save the Western world, Bonzo did, so adding me too that last sentence is disingenuous on your part. I agreed with Bonzo about the end the game being The Great Reset, and that many of these orchestrated tensions from all sides in this political theater of propaganda from both sides messages are hasting that WEF goal. I don’t think Putin is any kind of savior and never said so, but in fact mentioned he’s a cold blooded killer but he has also has been demonized as the sole instigator – which he was not. It’s the typical “We’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys” BS.

            What I did say above regarding the role of the US and NATO was: “If the neocons in the US government hadn’t perpetually pressed to get nukes into Ukraine and have them join NATO repeatedly for many years now (which was changing the agreement stuck decades ago) , then it wouldn’t have provoked Putin to act. The US sure didn’t like missiles on their doorstep in Cuba in the 1960’s as you noted, and this was no different for Russia in this instance.”

            What I mentioned after that was “Somehow the lame stream media negates to see how the Western nations instigated this situation, and instead likes having their boogeyman to point fingers out, instead of looking in the mirror. War is big business… always has been… and many political and ex-political cronies are heavily invested in the Military Industrial Complex and the many businesses that profit from continued conflict.”

            The point being, both sides are to blame, both sides increased tensions, and many politicians in the US (both Democrat and Republican – part of the same two-headed snake), were complicit in going to war with Russia, because they’ve wanted another war for a long time…. War is and always has been big business, and this is the kind of chaos that leads to elitist goals of further depopulation, more fear = more government control, more “open borders” like George Soros and his depraved ilk crave. Events are orchestrated and coerced and are playing out to larger plan and not nearly as random as many have been hoodwinked into believing. People that think all these things like spontaneous uprisings, mass migrations of people, pandemics, or wars are all just random events and a batch of bad luck for humanity are very much still asleep.

            The Great Reset is a the larger game being played here by the global elitist cabals, and so little steps along the way like kicking Russia off the SWIFT banking network and all the sanctions – which have not helped and only hurt both the East and West spiking prices in all commodities further hurting all global citizen, are steps in this direction. It is not an “accident” that the government rhetoric in Canada and the US about anyone with a dissenting opinion being labeled as “domestic terrorists” as that allows them use different emergency powers and to overlay punitive laws on their own citizens. (like calling the Canadian truckers terrorists and freezing/seizing their bank accounts). The US has moved decided that direction as well, using the Jan 6th event to promote this idea of “domestic terrorists” and using the state of the union address to chase that strawman narrative, all to gradually roll back more and more freedom, and increase government control…. much like what politicians have been doing for the last 2 years during the pandemic – using fear to get a “Problem – Reaction – Solution” to give them more power. If you can’t see that then you are truly lost.

            The path the Davos and Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove cult, and all these political Rockefeller/Soros/Rothschild political global elitist clubs want is: 1) Depopulation 2) Digital ID’s for all global citizens – that track their identity, movement, money and where it is being spent – medical status – social credit score 3) A global digital currency (after they let the digital Yuan digital Dollar and digital Euro duke it out for a bit longer until people cry fowl and demand “someone should do something”) 4) Using Climate Change as the means to control energy consumption and monitor everyone’s personal choices through the lens of their “Carbon Footprint” and limit more freedoms using this boogeyman.

            If you don’t like this new “Solution” to all the Problems they are creating and your neighbors are having a big fit and Reaction over, then they’ll have government camps for you. It isn’t just camps for the unvaccinated, like what we already saw happening in Australia and parts of Europe, soon it will be camps for the “domestic terrorists” which will be anyone dissenting of the government and with a bad social credit score. The US has spent decades building out the infrastructure of FEMA camps (Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency), and some of my acquaintances helped build some of them and asked if they were for emergencies, then why were their bars on the outside of the windows? Most sheeple are way too far asleep to connect the dots, and by the time they do, they’ll have already rolled over and let all their freedoms and individual liberties (that many others fought and died to protect) erode; never to return.

            The sad part is, just like in the books 1984 or Fahrenheit 451, over the last 2 years, we’ve seen neighbor enforcing these insane restrictions on neighbors, family members turning on other family members for not complying, and friends turning on friends for not doing exactly as the power brokers demand. The pandemic has been a trial balloon for more social group think, and the average people failed the test, and the politicians/media/lobbyists/global elite scored a big win.

            This is just the beginning of what they have planned to manage humanity, and anyone with a clue has known this was coming for a very long time, and new to be wary of the news as it has been reported as playing into this narrative whether it be the “Arab Spring, George Floyd summer of love mostly peaceful protests that burned down 60 US cities, Defunding the police, Climate Change scaremongering that the world will end in 10 more years with Gretta and crew, the endless stream of fear-porn and disinformation from the Pandemic, and now this War in Ukraine.”

            So the geopolitical tensions in Ukraine (one of the most corrupt puppet states ever created with the involvement of so many global elite billionaires and NWO and Great Reset types) are not accidental or sudden. This is a scripted Problem – Reaction – Solution event, and it will be used to punish everyday citizens as it already has – not just in Ukraine or Russia, but in all countries. The sanctions have raised prices on all commodities for the whole planet and are hurting far more than helping. When high energy costs and high food costs and high manufacturing costs cause Planet Earth’s citizens to struggle to pay for everything, and there is more of an outcry for “someone should do something,” you can bet they’ll be there to introduce a more “equitable” Solution for the plebs they control.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:22 PM

            Between famine and the gulag Stalin killed 3-6 million Ukrainians. Then the nazis exterminated millions more. That’s history.

            The present day Ukrainians are not going to take this invasion lying down–they know exactly where that road leads.

            It is rather astonishing, but sadly not surprising, to see here the lengthy recapitulations of how we have arrived at this moment without a single solitary mention that the RIGHT is responsible. A global cabal of collectivists at work which you guys can identify and endlessly decry without once properly identifying their ideology.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:28 PM

            The “right” or “left” are just 2 aspects of the same 2-headed snake… they are all part of the same crony clubs and cabals, working for the same global elitists, and only provide the illusion that they are odds with one another. What tribe or team they play for is irrelevant in the larger game being played. Opposites never fight, only Opposames.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:43 PM

            The inability to solve human problems without violence indicates weakness in and of itself. Believing that one is entitled to use violence when not threatened with actual violence in real terms, is the same as “anticipatory self-defense” which is not a legal concept under self defense.
            Preemptive attacks are normally not acceptable behavior in mature societies. Failing to call out preemptive behavior, particularly against civilians, is enabling behavior leading to repetition (similar to Wall Street Behavior).
            A society must curtail behavior/control generated from leaders that obviously have disorders or mental disabilities which prevent them from acting in the best interests of all human life. Self interests do not justify false rhetoric in attempt to promote criminal actions in any form.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:12 PM

            Nato’s encroachment into the Ukraine is Putin’s excuse for invasion NOT his reason which is at base, nostalgia for a greater Russia which historically predates the Soviet iteration he grew up under.

            The whole ‘nukes on Russia’s border’ thing is a canard. Given their multiple holocausts i wouldn’t blame the Ukraines a bit if they had nukes. If they had them this rape wouldn’t be happening.

            The U.K. and France have nukes 15 minutes from Moscow. China has nukes on it’s border with Russia. Where’s the hysteria?

            If Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan can be nuclear and stare each other down forever so could Russia and the Ukraine.

            There is no two sided right wing/left wing coin mutually responsible for the present historical moment. The right, all by its lonesome, unfettered by any meaningful opposition, has created our present.

            When the iron curtain dissolved the world was treated to the spectacle of global capitalism making common cause with authoritarians everywhere. How’s that working out for democracy?

            The Russians, were supposed to become like us. Instead, it turns out we’re becoming them.

            Mar 13, 2022 13:03 PM

            Good luck Ex, you’re dealing some fascistic little people who actually believe that Hitler was not a leftist (and a textbook one at that). Such beings can’t be reasoned with.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:52 AM

    Russia using Bio-Weapons is a CIA Operation Mockingbird media push. If such are deployed, blame the most evil organized entity in existence today: the U.S. Government and its intelligence establishment.

      Mar 12, 2022 12:29 AM

      Blame individuals who conduct criminal acts. Don’t let them hide behind government or corporate veils. We already emboldened “individuals” to commit crimes as they are protected by the “corporate person” provided by the Supreme Court 5-4 vote in Citizens United.

        Mar 13, 2022 13:12 AM

        Those “individuals” are in leadership posts throughout the U.S. Government, particularly the Department of State and the intelligence services (CIA et al). Their policies are followed by the rest, whether willingly or not. Evil. Not for the good of good Americans.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:55 AM
    Mar 12, 2022 12:11 AM

    Just as a suggestion to JC above: please contact John Williams of Shadow Stats for an update. I think at a minimum he should consider presenting theories with a dual consideration of very possibly false government data to support a separate agenda versus the long term more reflective data of Shadow Stats. It was particularly concerning when discussing CPI. A faulty major Premise will lead to faulty conclusions. Thanks.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:47 AM

    So far the PMs are looking good; even on the monthly charts. Gold should move up again next week to challenge some of the higher prices but then some food for thought—–the gold commercial shorts are some of the highest I’ve seen in a long time and the silver commercial shorts this past week have skyrocketed. Just a word of caution.

      Mar 12, 2022 12:42 PM

      That’s an encouraging thought Doc, and yes, the the monthly chart for February was solid and so far the one in March, but there is still half a month left to see how things shake out, and that will inform the quarterly chart. By all indications, as long as things don’t just completely fall out of bed, this should be the strongest quarterly chart on record for gold, so that is an encouraging development on a longer term technical basis for the PM sector.

        Mar 13, 2022 13:50 PM

        Doc – On a shorter-term basis, David Brady has noted a similar point you did about the steep rise of both the gold commercial shorts and silver commercial shorts, and issued a word of caution as well. David mentioned this may mean the high we saw last week could mark a top, or that if gold shot up to make a negatively divergent higher high in the near future (next 2 weeks or so) that that could mark a short-term top for a while before a several month corrective move.

        I was looking at how the August 2020 peak at $2089, and the recent peak at $2079 could be making another smaller “Cup & Handle” pattern as Jordan pointed out in this week’s interview, and that if that was the top or if we get a slightly higher high in the near future, that the corrective move from all these commercial shorts could be the thing that takes several months to form that mini-handle.

        Is that the way you are looking at the setup? That the corrective move could last months instead of weeks?

        It seems like odd timing for this to play out with the Fed supposedly beginning their rate hiking cycle next week, but maybe there is an initial bump in the PMs off that news and then a gradual correction, or maybe it has been a “buy and front-run the rumor” situation the last few months, and it could be a “sell the news” type of setup. I’d be curious to get your thoughts on this idea too. Cheers!

    Mar 12, 2022 12:27 AM

    When this guy starts talking about anything biological, he loses his mind. He becomes one of the most stupid and low talking-heads anywhere. Think back on all the shilling he did for covid vaccines. What has happened? Either he’s talking his book or he is just unbelievably ignorant on all things biological. When it comes to these labs in Ukraine, alternative media knew they existed weeks ago. Russia is just responding to the warmonger extraordinaire Victoria Nuland’s reveal in the face MSM fact checkers. I think it was to save face for all the evil that the US deep state is involved with. Anyway, Chandler is either a deceiver or overstepping his area of expertise. I’m developing pure disdain for him. Hats off to Mr Marquitz who diplomatically pushes back on Chandler the creep.

    Mar 12, 2022 12:57 AM

    I am in Marc’s camp on stagflation, as it is the only way out again, one more time, for the West to get the debt to GDP numbers in line. We all have to come to grips with the fact that globalization, technology and cheap money, with the back drop of corrupt governments going into EXTREME debt on the backs of tax payers, has put us in this unsustainable math of deflation. The Great Reset is about engineering inflation, by concerted effort first by bringing in the guilt of climate action, to drive energy prices higher, then the unrealistically insane shut down of the global economy under a plandemic to wreck supply chains, to artificially create shortages….voila…inflation. Just as the effects start wearing off, the west has pushed for the escalation of the Ukrainian civil war that actually started in 2014, and in the process have managed to resurrect the cold war that was already on the back burner…The Russians have responded in the way they anticipated……
    ..there is very little talk about peacemaking, just more threats from the west………further heating up the inflation story, and create a lasting de-fragmentation of the global economic order. The 1, 2. 3 punch is by no means a accident like we are led to believe………….The fed will pretend that they are fighting inflation, but have welcomed it all along, simply because they couldn’t do it without a catalyst………

    ..Steve Penny has pointed out the CRB/Dow ratio was at a 40 year low in March of 2020…………the pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction……….as a necessity not by accident………..The Joint EURO bond, which was not pallitable a while back, is all of a sudden back on the table, and can now can be justified, to further the Federalization of the Un-elected autocratic Republic of Europe……..Klaus Shwabs dreams are coming to Fruition, with Germany shaking off it’s WW2 guilt, and diving into defense budget of 100 million a year………..again…………….no, this not a conspiracy, it is just a business plan to get the global economy on a sustainable path, according to Justin Trudeau……….a graduate from the Junior leaders program of WEF…………

    …In summary, all commodities, in my humble opinion, have been engineered to go higher, as they lead us to believe it’s all by accident….the suffisticated economists refer to it as a secular bull market in commodities

    As it has proved over and over in history……….the shepherds will milk the heard, with engineered interest, taxes and when that is exhausted, then it’s war and inflation………..this is a very, very old story !

      Mar 12, 2022 12:35 PM

      Great comments LarryC. Yes, all of the elements of Stagflation have been building for a while now, with rising inflation, slowing growth expectations, issues in the labor market, high energy prices, and when first proposing the “staflation case” to people the middle to end of last year, most routinely dismissed it, or worse scoffed at the idea. Ironically but not surprisingly it doesn’t sound so crazy now to most people though.

      We’ve been fortunate at the KE Report to have a number of guests on the show like Dave Erfle, Brien Lundin, John Rubino, Craig Hemke, Dan Oliver, Peter Boockvar, Axel Merk, and Jesse Felder that have all been pointing out the obvious path towards a 1970’s like stagflation since the middle of last year, only with the caveat that the US was not nearly so burdened by debt as last time, so central banks will have their hands tied on how aggressively they can respond.

      As a result of all this debt that has been heaped up on more debt for the US and Fed balance sheet, it will mean that logically and mathematically there is only so high the Fed can let rates grow before the debt payments become unpayable, and it is then game, set, match. This is why their rate hiking cycle that is set to kick off next week, is doomed to fail at ever “normalizing” interest rates a percent or 2 above the inflation levels (currently at near 8%). That means real rates remain negative for the foreseeable future, and eventually when the general markets throw a bigger tantrum, that the Fed will eventually reverse course and start cutting rates again, and that is the point where even the dimmest of bulbs will have the light go on that the Fed is nothing more than the Wizard of Oz (a wrinkled old man pulling levers and switches behind a black curtain… but no real magic there).

    Mar 13, 2022 13:59 AM

    Might just be me, but the pattern of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ukraine and now Iraq, along with Jan 6th appears to be a plan coming together.

    Mar 13, 2022 13:08 PM

    About three weeks ago, Comex open interest for gold hit a relatively high level which emboldened the usual bears and scared some bulls. Adding to the swing in sentiment was gold’s big reversal on Feb. 24 (better seen on the GLD chart) as well as it becoming daily overbought. Luckily, my skepticism about that setup was correct and gold did not fall as many had expected…
    Feb 27, 2022 (Sunday)
    Regarding concerns about open interest, a few things seem to be getting overlooked. Yes, it hit almost exactly the same number on Tuesday as it did at the November high at 611,000-612,000 contracts but the $100 drop in the gold price came afterward and accomplished a full 50% retrace of the rise since the end of January. So OI (open interest) has likely already come down significantly but we will get a better idea of current positioning next Friday (which will show the situation as of Tuesday, March 1st). However, it is more important to understand that the next major move in gold will come with OI breaking out to new highs and ultimately completely ruining our current sense of what is high and what is low. That’s exactly what happened leading up to the OI peak in January 2020 right before the scamdemic was unleashed. Not only did OI peak at just a hair under 800,000 contracts (30% higher than the current 611,000), it had exceeded the current level 6 months earlier and was steadily rising for those 6 months until it peaked near 800,000. One look at the volume on the following weekly chart shows that participation dropped after March 2020 and still hasn’t recovered. It was getting there in August 2020 when it slightly topped 650,000 contracts but that’s still a long ways from 800,000. Gold gained about $250 (17%) in the second half of 2019 AFTER topping the current reading of 611,000 contracts.

    Today, Open Interest is about 640,000 contracts and the risk of a short term pullback has grown. However, gold is still not weekly overbought and shows evidence of a lot of strength so another week or two of gains is very possible.

    Mar 13, 2022 13:33 PM

    A global outcry for someone to do something to fix political quagmire: sets the stage for the anti-christ.

    Mar 14, 2022 14:59 AM

    I thought this was the MINING SECTION……………. NOT THE POLITICAL SECTION (Orphan Section)…. 🙂

    Mar 14, 2022 14:40 AM

    Same ol …same ol

    Mar 14, 2022 14:43 AM

    posted getting out of all things gold Mar 8 and now Monday opening searching for reentry of the third position taken off the table.
    tomorrow docs infamous ides of march, positive super bowl indicator for 2022 still in play. we’ll soon know

    Mar 14, 2022 14:41 AM

    Still dealing with short-term buyers so many are taking money off the table. Looks line probably $1960 at least; maybe $1920. Gary’s words, not mine but he makes a good argument and likely will be close.
    Here he is:

      Mar 14, 2022 14:52 AM

      yes silver, everything now is short term geopolitical. Longer term gold has respect. Short term any nato direct involvement will result in a major pop, any kumbaya moment will cause a comparable collapse.
      Irrespective of this, the holding pattern of conventional markets since initial Jan plunge there is little stock given to armageddon in spite of media.

    Mar 14, 2022 14:50 AM

    Looks more like just another run-of-the-mill orchestrated paper walk down they do constantly. I would like to see where the money comes from for the paper walk downs. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is our own money coming from future tax dollars from The Fed used against us.

      Mar 14, 2022 14:55 AM

      where is all the past talk of the cabal / deep state suppressing the gold market. They must suddenly be on our side LOL

        Mar 14, 2022 14:00 AM

        No one is in jail ….so no one on our side. That is my legal theory. 🙂

          Mar 14, 2022 14:28 AM

          Ditto Lake……………. NO ONE………. PERIOD…….. Sheeple are screwed, until they REVOLT…..

            Mar 14, 2022 14:34 AM

            The sheeple will never revolt. The prices of PMs will always be controlled by the evil cabal.

            Mar 14, 2022 14:32 AM

            Norrareal, you’ll be saying the same nonsense when gold is $3,000 and beyond.
            To everyone else, the overall picture is spectacularly bullish and TINY pullbacks like this one change absolutely nothing. Gold’s UPPER weekly Bollinger Band finished last week at 1951 for crying out loud! Under no circumstance should anyone be surprised when ANY asset goes back within its Bollinger Bands especially after being so far outside of them for most of the last 4 weeks!
            Likewise, no one should be surprised that gold’s (and silver’s) quarterly upper Bollinger Band stopped the rise last week due to the stretched technicals of the weekly and daily charts’ price action. [Gold’s quarterly upper Bollinger band was 2059 when gold hit almost 2079.] This quarter or next, gold will break above its quarterly upper Bollinger band and then probably close many quarters above it (it did so for 7 straight in ’19 and ’20).

            Mar 14, 2022 14:37 AM

            You might be right on not revolting………. all they have to do,,,, is send the sheeple some stimulus money, … and give um some free Pfizer pills………

    Mar 14, 2022 14:49 AM

    David Morgan has some good thoughts on silver FWIW. I have a great deal of respect for him:

      Mar 14, 2022 14:55 AM

      Another thought I meant to mention: I’ve been wondering how all those buyers of those big, hulking pickups are liking their gas mileage. Likely we’ll see them easing out on those green lights instead of stomping like we’ve seen for the last few years. One day there’s going to be a lot of Pickups for sale, along with a 40′-50′ RVs. JMO

    Mar 14, 2022 14:45 AM

    SILJ finished higher for 6 weeks in a row as it went up 41%. Even in the huge move of 2016 it only managed 5 straight weeks higher.