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Robert Sinn – Precious Metals Are Continuing To Climb The Wall Of Worry

Robert Sinn, aka Goldfinger, reviews the technical and fundamental factors that have continued to drive the precious metals sector higher climbing the wall of worry.

Thu 12 Jan, 2023

Robert Sinn – The Continued Move Higher In Precious Metals, And Trading Tax Loss Selling Silly Season

Robert Sinn, (aka Goldfinger), reviews the continued bounce in PMs, and his trading strategies around tax loss selling silly season.

Thu 1 Dec, 2022

Robert Sinn – Macro Market Drivers And Technical Outlook On The Precious Metals

Robert Sinn, aka Goldfinger, reviews the macroeconomic market drivers and provides his technical outlook on the precious metals sector. 

Mon 7 Nov, 2022

Robert Sinn – Goldfinger – Beaver Creek Conference Recap, Technical And Macro Analysis For Precious Metals

Robert Sinn, aka Goldfinger, recaps the Beaver Creek mining conference, and shares his technical and macro outlook on the precious metals sector.

Wed 21 Sep, 2022

Robert Sinn, AKA Goldfinger – As The Market Focuses On Rate Hikes How Much Lower Could Gold and Silver Go?

Robert Sinn, AKA Goldfinger joins us to share his outlook for gold, silver, base metals and US markets. As investors have clearly switched focus away…

Wed 27 Apr, 2022

Weekend Show – Commodity Spikes, Currency Volatility and Precious Metals – Recapping The Week And Looking Ahead

  On this Weekend’s Show we focus on the spike in commodities prices. We gather a couple differing opinions on what’s driving these prices higher,…

Sat 12 Mar, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – Attractive Post-Tax Loss Selling Resource Stocks and Macro Market, USD, and Gold Comments

On this Weekend’s Show we start with Robert Sinn, AKA Goldfinder, sharing individual resource stocks he thinks have sold off too much into the end of the year. We then get Rick Bensignor’s thoughts on US markets, USD, gold, and Bitcoin.

Sat 18 Dec, 2021

Markets and Metals – It’s all about sector performance so we break down what’s running and what’s not

I thought post Labor Day the action would pick up! We did see some weakness in the broad averages but overall it was another slow…

Sat 11 Sep, 2021