Robert Sinn – Talking Macro Movers, US Equities, Gold, Copper, Silver, And PM Stocks With Goldfinger

Robert Sinn, (aka Goldfinger on and CeoTechnican on X) and publisher of Goldfinger Capital on YouTube and Substack, joins me to share his key fundamental takeaways from the macroeconomic data in the economy, the US equity markets, and also both the technical and supply/demand outlook on gold, copper, silver, the precious metals stocks.  


We start off getting into Robert’s take on the FOMC meeting, Jerome Powell’s press conference, the large beat on the jobs report number, and how all this is tying into the Fed rate cut expectations in the months to come. Robert also highlights the continued strength in the mega-cap tech stocks like Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft, and the overall strength in the US stock market indexes.


Next we get the key nuggets from some of the recent talks he gave at the Metals Investor Forum with regards to his focus on gold and copper fundamentals.  One factor for both the yellow metal and the red metal has been the challenges in the Chinese economy, the fed rate cut expectations, the health of the US economy and strength of the US dollar.  We also get Robert’s thoughts on the more speculative part of the precious metals complex with silver, and the PM equities, suffering from poor investor sentiment. We wrap up looking ahead to the earnings reports from the largest and most followed PM producers like Newmont and Barrick to see if they can start performing better and generate more shareholder value.





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    Feb 02, 2024 02:14 PM

    With the century of American prosperity about to collapse and nobody around to tell the masses what the end of a business cycle looks like because no one is alive to pass the emotion of what it is like to live through a Great Depression. Americans are soon to find themselves living in an altered world which will call for new habits of thought and new values.

    The poisons are all there over production of capital and huge amounts of debt at every level of society and every level of Government. The depressed condition of European trade. The rise of a new superpower that has an ambitious plan to supplant the US. A leadership in Washington that can no longer govern. A country that has extended itself militarily much like all great empires and can no longer afford to look after its own citizens.

    A major depression will result and not a recession because the “D” word is no longer spoken. DT

    Feb 02, 2024 02:52 PM

    I’m reposting this talk Robert gave at the MIF a few weeks back on gold & copper, since we referenced this in our interview together up above:


    “The Only Two Metals You Need”

    Robert Sinn (Goldfinger) presents at Metals Investor Forum | January 2024

      Feb 02, 2024 02:58 PM

      Goldfinger Capital’s Robert Sinn – Why Copper and Gold Are 2024’s ‘Perfect Combo’

      Kitco Mining – Jan 31, 2024

      Copper and gold are perfectly paired while silver’s thesis is muddied, said Robert Sinn, founder of Goldfinger Capital.

      In mid-January, Sinn spoke to Kitco Mining at the Metals Investor Forum Vancouver.

      Sinn said metals should get a lift in 2024.

      “China is going to do a lot of stimulus to help their economy along, which is really struggling right now, and I think the [Federal Reserve] is about to pivot,” said Sinn.

      Sinn said that copper is needed for economic progress and gold is a timeless store of value with no counterparty risk.

      “I think gold and copper are the perfect combos. Those are my two best ideas for the year. It’s kind of a sweet spot…since copper often comes with gold,” said Sinn. “You are able to play both sides.”

      He noted many major gold miners are acquiring copper projects. He said that Freeport McMoran, one of the world’s top copper producers, is the “simplest way” to play both…

    Feb 02, 2024 02:06 PM

    World’s Biggest Jeweller Pandora Stops Using Mined Silver And Gold

    Reuters – January 29, 2024

    “Pandora, the world’s largest jeweller by amount of products sold, has stopped using mined silver and gold and now only manufactures with recycled precious metals, which require less energy to produce.”

    “The Danish company, known for its $65 to $95 charm bracelets, buys around 340 tonnes of silver and one tonne of gold every year.”

    Feb 03, 2024 03:40 AM

    I am not worthy…..Great guest and super organized mind…I value that in a world of chaos….!!

      Feb 03, 2024 03:14 PM

      One exception is his attitude toward silver. He’s a leftist like Brent Cook and John Kaiser and it shows. All three are triggered by silver for some reason beyond rational analysis. Gold bulls simply need to know that silver always smokes gold during a gold bull market. Yes, the USDX is typically falling when silver runs but it is interesting that silver was under 22 when the dollar hit its all-time low in 2008. When silver blasted to 50 in 2011 the USDX did not make a new low.
      Adjusted for inflation (actual inflation not the symptom of it called rising prices) gold is still a long ways from taking out its 2011 high and even further, MUCH further, from taking out its 1980 high. In other words, the real all-time by far remains the 1980 high.

        Feb 03, 2024 03:50 PM

        You’re right although I haven’t followed Cook much.

        Feb 04, 2024 04:28 AM

        Ok…I did re listen……Thanks as usual Matthew…I cannot disagree…..I think precious metals are mostly finished w a normal intermediate correction eg consolidation ….Time wise if a normal intermediate then no later than mid March…..then miners probably easily double on average….All speculation….i follow my day and week technicals…glta

          Feb 04, 2024 04:40 PM

          We had a shot at setting up a 1979-80 style bull market statistically during the week that began trading on Tuesday January 16th. The miners did what they absolutely needed to do that Tuesday and the days after but failed to seal the deal that Friday so the struggle has continued since. Now, thanks to the Friday that just passed, things are again not great. Had Friday gone better for the miners the potential was there for a very worthwhile high confidence move but now we have uncertainty yet again. I want to see the small to mid cap miners have a strong day tomorrow with follow through on Tuesday otherwise the odds of another lost month will rise. There is currently no short term path to set up a “great” bull market but we could have a “good” move while we wait for that inevitable potential. The set up for a great move could happen as soon as Mid April or even early March but that would require the miners to drop down to prices last seen in November, which of course is possible.

            Feb 04, 2024 04:55 PM

            Well you said it…so, imho there is a chance that the recent sunday night gold run up and reversal a few months ago was actually the 9 year cycle top…and we have a truncated eg left translated 9 yr. top in place….that says deflation somehow first …….rather than inflation for months then deflation for years?……then eventually a 9 year cycle low and hyperinflation…This is not easy imho

            Feb 04, 2024 04:35 PM

            That’s interesting and I’m no cycles expert but I think gold’s late ’22 low was as significant as its lows of late 2015 and 2008. My long term green light for gold a few months ago has not been threatened and the intermediate term improved significantly with last week’s momentum action even though silver and the miners didn’t benefit. Maybe gold’s strong showing will drag silver up and onto the same bullish footing this week which is not far away price-wise.
            Those who think that the jobs numbers are evidence of a strong economy should ask themselves why just a handful of heavily weighted stocks are holding up the indices. In real good times the smaller caps outperform but that’s far from what we’re seeing.
            The next intermediate decline for the stock market is probably not far off and it will be very likely to bring the long term rollover that’s been in the works since momentum peaked many months ago (the S&P still hasn’t taken out an important momentum peak from over 18 months ago). If I’m right that stocks are unlikely to crash then the rollover would quickly give the entire gold space the capital flows that it needs for a big bull market.
            I don’t want to see this quarter end with the gold-silver ratio at the current level (90) but we’ve got 2 months to go.

            Feb 05, 2024 05:39 AM

            I am just putting it out their Mathew……If that becomes the case….Gold will languish for a few more years and probably penetrate that 10/22 swing low…..but it does seem low probability this year(eg deflation) due to election year cycle?….also, if the psychos pull out the war card for political cover that will cancel the left translated 9 year cycle top…maybe that is exactly the charts point of view currently…glta

            I agree, it IS all very interesting…..

    Feb 03, 2024 03:40 AM

    👍👍👍 love gold finger interviews.

    Feb 05, 2024 05:53 PM

    Gold continues hold above 2k like sh*t to a blanket and sector equities at or below Oct lows. Quite the underperformance as has been the case for quite some time.
    The inverse correlation of gold with the $ and 10yr treasuries tells the story as to gold price and in turn any pop up potential in the equities.
    All the pundits loaded up for multi bagger hopes for accumulated gold shares over past months are deep in the hole. So much for all the savvy prognostigators.
    No rush to add to the minor stake in stuff bought at October lows, which are now down on balance in past week or so. No rush to add but there should be some kind of bounce with the oversold equities once the dollar curls down. Continue to hold lots of cash or cash equivalents, money markets paying over 5% worth the wait.