Robert Sinn – The Continued Move Higher In Precious Metals, And Trading Tax Loss Selling Silly Season

Shad Marquitz
December 1, 2022

Robert Sinn, aka Goldfinger, editor of Energy & Gold,  joins us to review the recent bounce even higher in the precious metals sector and his trading strategies around tax loss selling silly season.  We start off reviewing recent moves in gold and silver off key technical support levels and through key technical resistance levels, and the generally better set up for the PM sector. 


We then shift over to trading strategies he is deploying for tax loss selling, and we discuss 2 companies that have his attention as good candidates; Aurion Resources (TSX.V: AU) (OTC: AIRFF) and Amex Exploration (TSX.V: AMX) (OTC: AMXEF).*   We wrap up with the importance of finding good companies that are cashed up to do meaningful work next year, and the pitfalls of chasing popular cult stocks when looking at year over year performance.


* In full disclosure, both Aurion Resources and Amex Exploration are sponsors of Robert’s platform and he has positions in them.  Additionally, Aurion Resources is a sponsor of the KE Report, and Shad has a position in Amex Exploration.




    Dec 01, 2022 01:30 PM

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    Dec 01, 2022 01:01 PM

    Really great thoughts from Goldfinger regarding the recent moves in the PMs, and how he is approaching trading the seasonally favorable buying in tax loss selling and moving into the Q1 Run.

    I do still wonder if this continued rally in the PMs means we’ve already seen most of the tax loss selling earlier in the year during July and September, and if we won’t see such an ugly selldown here in December as many were expecting?

    Despite all the range of opinions and prognostications about how bad the tax loss selling season was going to be this year, isn’t this 2 1/2 month rally in the PMs flying in the face of that thesis?

    There are a lot of companies up 30% 50% 70% or even some up 100% off their recent lows from September. That isn’t the kind of action that inspires capitulation tax loss selling… is it?

    Not to mention… the obvious point, that most investors didn’t really have that many gains in most sectors (barring energy stocks or utilities) this year where they’d need to offset those profits with tax losses in the first place.

      Dec 02, 2022 02:56 AM

      Hi Ex, I see bargoons galore, this winter I have spotted a few real gems selling at prices Honest Ed would get excited about. Mostly I’m into small cap producers that have potential and are beaten up and exploration companies with good drill results and cash in the “BANK”. I have one Company that would drive the squirrels nuts because it has a deposit of 5 million proven ounces waiting for an approval from The French Government, this is my Darkhorse. DT

        Dec 02, 2022 02:41 AM

        Maybe CEO.CA should have a “Darkhorse” competition and one gold maple or gold eagle goes to the winner, with only one entry per investor, on a first serve basis. This would drive traffic to their site, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. LOL! DT

          Dec 03, 2022 03:24 PM

          That’s a good idea DT – on the “Darkhorse Contest”. In a way, that is what the current stock picking contest ends up being, as it is the dark horses that come from way behind and then win the race that usually end up being the best stocks picks for the calendar year…. not the popular cult stocks of last year (which as Goldfinger noted, usually greatly underperform the rest of the herd of horses on the following year). It just shows once again, that due to recency bias, most people extrapolate last year’s performance onto the coming year, and it is usually quite the opposite.

          Right now, the contest has been conducted for the last few years by my buddy @Evenprime, but he’s been MIA since the summer, and it hasn’t been the actual team behind sponsoring the event directly. Maybe that will change in 2023 though as there are new chiefs in the longhouse now at, and maybe they’ll want to start their own contest. I actually won a silver mapleleaf coin in 2020 for that year’s contest, and Goldfinger won a leather jacket the year before. If there was more capital behind the contest, and official sponsors, maybe a gold mapleleaf or gold American eagle could be the grand prize. We’ll see what all the folks at come up with moving forward…