Craig Hemke – Macrocast 2023 – One Step Beyond

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins us to reflect on the continued bounce in the precious metals to start the year, and shares some key themes from his Macrocast 2023: One Step Beyond forecast (linked below this interview).   


We start off discussing the pop in gold and silver and the PM mining stocks the first 2 days of 2023, which was a continuation of the trend we’ve seen the last few months. Next we shifted into reviewing how markets like the US dollar and bonds / interest rates played out in 2022, and how they could be setting up for 2023.  Some of the trends discussed hinge upon expectations around inflation, data stacking up for a growing recession,  labor trends, and the potential for a quicker than expected shift by the Fed to rate cuts the middle to end of next year. 


Craig emphasized it is a year that could be much like 2019, where it will be wise to be patient, block out a lot of the main stream financial media noise, and focus on what actually plays out as things evolve into the middle of the year to come.




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    Jan 05, 2023 05:58 PM

    THE NEW……………….. FREAKY FRIDAY………………. NEW YEAR…….. Same stuff…….

    Jan 05, 2023 05:13 PM

    I bought more SILJ and IPT today. I wasn’t planning on more IPT but the drop to its KAMA at .33 was appealing (I was filled at .335, .34 and. 345 for an average price of .3403).

    Jan 06, 2023 06:53 AM

    Mixed bag opening with BBB the worst. What do they know. Possible green day but have to wait until close. All red days for the year, so far.

      Jan 06, 2023 06:33 AM

      BBB is a super strong buy here. That being said, it appears to want to tag the rising 50 day MA before it can move higher, so maybe it hits .23 in the near term. BBB.V technical action has been absolutely stellar, and I do not expect any deviation from that for the remainder of the bull, which I do not believe will last beyond early 2025.

      There are no guarantees of course. Do your own diligence. But if you believe in the bull, any tag or close below the 50 dma should be reversed extremely quickly IMO. Buying low within the context of an extremely strong uptrend is a speculator’s dream.

      Look at the daily chart of BBB with 500 day bollinger bands (500,2) and you will see why BBB has run into some resistance. I am expecting it to launch itself off of the rising 50 dma.

        Jan 06, 2023 06:47 AM

        Magna Mining has taken over as best performer in my portfolio, but due to having a good day yesterday, it has taken over as the worst of day today. BBB is barely positive after this weeks action, so I am concentrating on ones that are doing better like Magna, i-80, Fission 3.0, and Surge Battery. When they walk those profits back or I take them, then I will look at the flavor of the week. Seems to be the only thing that works. A lot of charts look good in the explorers until they don’t. Will see … but thanks. (Might add, there are several in my portfolio that have had golden crosses, but that is only a sell trigger.) Just me.

        Jan 06, 2023 06:54 AM

        I agree. BBB went up 180% since July and is acting just fine. I bought a tiny bit today at .245 but agree that it could easily go lower.
        I bought quite a bit more SILJ today as it filled its opening gap (best price today: 10.97 Average: 11.03 Currently: 11.40).

          Jan 06, 2023 06:07 AM

          Silj looks good as it has been on an upward trajectory since late September. Today got a pop also. Good choices.

    Jan 06, 2023 06:53 AM

    “The Fed is never right about anything”, hahaha, no kidding! They are so wrong that they have to be doing it all on purpose.

    Just a reminder that these crooks are all educated by prestigious institutions that are generally revered by the great unwashed. I say that all their motivations are towards the survival of their own selves and the banks they revere.

      Jan 06, 2023 06:09 AM

      My thinking is that if the Fed is always wrong, their agenda is different than we think.

        Jan 06, 2023 06:25 AM

        Being fans of Volker I think their primary goal is to keep the price of gold down as much as they can, nothing else matters. BTW, they are failing on that too!

        It is as if they own each and every dollar in circulation and they want them back after giving them away for a decade.

          Jan 06, 2023 06:42 AM

          Yes. Larry Summer wrote a paper back in the late 80s or 90s saying the Fed had to discount gold in public in order to protect the “unbacked” fiat currency. The Bernank carried through with that by taking every public opportunity to call gold an archaic relic. That has been carried over the last 30+ years and probably delayed the process in the US of the failure of the Dollar, but not so much in the rest of the World. Holding the status of Reserve Currency has aided in the deception, but they abused the privilege so much that the whole phony system that resulted in the massive transfer of wealth and unpayable debt is coming to an end.
          Looking in retrospect at the whole process including Larry Summers White Paper, it appears the only conclusion we can make about the Privately owned Fed, that their goal has and always been the stealing of the US Treasury for Corporate and Banking interests and they never intended to make a safer economy for the US. (It could be after Volker pulled the economy out in the past, that they made sure the debt was so overwhelming “a Volker type” couldn’t do it again without destroying everything. And the destruction of everything is the goal as the Banks come out on top.)

    Jan 06, 2023 06:58 AM

    Defiance, DEF, showing that the land claim against the company is probably bogus and the stock price belongs where it was many months ago, IMHO.

      Jan 06, 2023 06:04 PM

      Agreed Dan.

    Jan 06, 2023 06:27 AM

    Does anyone do technical analysis on the Gold Silver ratio? I can’t imagine it will return to 95, but it does appear to be going up.

    Jan 06, 2023 06:29 AM

    CDNX, looks friggin’ bullish to me!

      Jan 06, 2023 06:14 AM

      CDNX one month chart, I hope this week ends at the Jan 3rd high or higher by EOD. Higher lows and maybe higher highs shortly.

        Jan 06, 2023 06:39 PM

        The CDNX did close above it’s Tuesday close and it’s 50 DMA… nice!;-D

    Jan 06, 2023 06:34 AM

    Both EXK and AG are acting sick relative to the rest of the sector.

    AG should be hitting $11, not struggling to break above $9 as it is currently.

    It is so frustrating to see these silver miners underperform the metal so dramatically at precisely the time you would think they should be taking off on a relative basis.

    Maybe Mexico is planning to nationalize its mines soon, or both EXK and AG are getting ready to dilute or make an acquisition. There is very little other explanation. There are probably loads of people who are selling these two right now for their pathetic risk adjusted performance and getting into something that is actually outperforming.

    AG has a 3 week window to start moving IMO, otherwise it is never breaking above $10 in the near term. A break past $10 would then only come in May or maybe even late 2023/early 2024. So god damned frustrating.

    Everything else across the metals sector is breaking above their 50 week MAs as we speak or has already done so weeks ago (e.g. Hecla).

    Jan 06, 2023 06:31 AM

    Looks like everything wants to go up. BABA back above 50 week MA

      Jan 06, 2023 06:47 AM

      Probably just The Fed Governors buying. 😎

    Jan 06, 2023 06:57 AM

    DOC in November mentioned January will be the tell-tale whether these moves are legit or not. It appears that they are.

      Jan 06, 2023 06:06 PM

      CaliJoe – Stay tuned for the weekend show, where we are featuring Doc and he’ll be expanding on this outlook for the medium term and longer term in more detail.

    Jan 06, 2023 06:33 PM

    Someone mentioned AG and EXK. They are on my radar but will add only on corrective days. I have starter position in both of them. Gold miners doing a bit better than silver stocks. I think AG will reclaim it’s lost glory at $22 lol