Craig Hemke – Keep A Long-term Macro Focus In Precious Metals To Keep From Getting Chopped Up In The Short-term Pricing Whipsaw

Shad Marquitz
February 23, 2023

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins us to review the continued corrective action in the precious metals sector, and some technical and fundamental factors that point to selling pressure starting to get exhausted near a logical area of support. 


Craig advises to focus on the longer-term macroeconomic trends and to use history as one’s guide, rather than getting all caught up in the “tyranny of the urgent” as it relates to incoming economic data blips and daily price swings.   By being patient and letting the economic cycle play out and the sentiment pendulum to swing from one extreme to the other, this will help investors stay grounded and avoid getting wrong footed in the choppy markets and short-term whipsaw effect of pricing swings.  




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    Feb 24, 2023 24:33 AM

    It looks to me that short term daily on gold and silver should come either today or early next week with a strong reversal.

    $1780/$1800 is what I’m looking at for a floor and support area. I believe March and April will give us two monthly long term white candles on the hui/xau and send miners higher. The w formation and chart I sent last year still remains valid and this is another shake up as sentiment is once again trending low and bears are out and about. The overall tone yesterday for example in regards to selling out of Impact etc is telling. This is no knock on anyone but that is code for take the other side of the play.

    May should provide the major resistance for hui/xau which will be a big red flag and bearish tone. It will be a sell in may for sure but only for the short term. I still believe 100% that the breakout comes this year in July give or take June or august but I’m certain it happens.

    In regards to oil once again for the pass few days and months it’s been talk of bullish movement going up. I remain contrarian and my long term outlook is also intact with a price movement down to $45/$55 area taking wti down for possibly another 4/5 red monthly candles Into summer.


      Feb 24, 2023 24:11 AM

      Welcome back Glen…………
      Missed hearing from you….

      Long term, will shake out a lot of sheeple….

        Feb 24, 2023 24:08 AM

        Thanks Jerry good to hear from you as well. I read all your post 😉

        Thanks Larry good thoughts on your post as well.

          Feb 24, 2023 24:44 AM

          Thanks Glen…….
          Come over to the ORPHAN SECTION some time….
          You would enjoy it , I think.. 🙂
          Better hurry…….. Owl(big Al)… is in the assisted living quarters now…..
          which means… all down hill from here…..
          Have a great weekend……… Best

      Feb 24, 2023 24:08 AM

      agree…also, the dollar looks to want at least ST top around 106 the .382 plus 200ema../GC .bounce imminent…also, moron politicians keep destroying peace and maximizing lose of confidence of any sorts…

      Feb 24, 2023 24:15 AM

      day /GC approaches ABC down at 1800.3 and 200ema at1793….1794 is a 50% fibs retracement of the entire move up from 10/22…glta…minor note..only in leg C down on day chart…That usually is not enough selling bouts in an intermediate degree correction…so a bounce and then the final intermediate low in april or so…

      Feb 24, 2023 24:08 AM

      Selling yesterday and buying back today would have been a good deal, plus there are other stocks I like like SCZ and KTN more. BTW, I didn’t sell and I have more IPT than I thought.

      IPT with a nice red candle well off of the bolly band… IMHO a move back by end of next week but if indeed it is a bellwether then sell in May may become get the hell out in April.

        Feb 24, 2023 24:21 PM


        It’s good to hear from you and I bet you a friendly bet the more impact you have the better you will be in the long run. Now I can’t guarantee it won’t break $.25 because if it does it surely will go down to $.15, but these markets, have a strange way of leaving many behind. I can tell you one thing impact silver is going to fly faster than most believe except for Matthew lol and that’s not it lol mocking him. That’s an lol meaning look at the previous history of impact silver makes you wait forever, but when it explodes it really explodes. From what I hear from what I read, and from what Matthew tells me there is nothing alarming. The company is sound and well finance when it moves with the market I would expect it and Kooteney silver to go much higher faster then one could say we are in a bull.


          Feb 24, 2023 24:05 PM

          I realized quickly that I was letting my emotions cloud my judgement on what should be a good swing trade at least. It is better to not trade in that condition, it is the weekend now so, everyone, enjoy!;-D

      Feb 24, 2023 24:26 PM

      Hi there Glenfidish… nice to see you posting again, and thanks for sharing your technical outlook on a couple stocks and and the oil sector. Cheers!

    Feb 24, 2023 24:47 AM

    Pathetic is the only word I would use to describe the stock volumes today in the resource market. It truly is a day that if you peered at the shining board looking for volumes there would be no digits flashing across the screen not even an “X” or an “O”. Nothing is going on! I guess I better get out my funeral suit! DT

    Feb 24, 2023 24:52 AM

    Blatant in your face corruption. Clearly orchestrated through computer management. Might as well go to digital money since algo controlled markets work so well for a small group of insiders and politicians.

    Feb 24, 2023 24:56 AM

    New position AG (1st Majestic) @ $6.05

    Feb 24, 2023 24:10 AM

    FREAKY FRIDAY………….. Again…………
    Waiting for the next moron report….. from the fake assembly of Powell Powers….
    Waiting for the next moron report…….from Biden and the Warmonger idiots…

    Feb 24, 2023 24:00 AM

    Silver chart is double ugly for sure!

    Feb 24, 2023 24:53 AM
    Feb 24, 2023 24:56 AM

    New high for SOXX:SILJ but with negative divergences. At least short term it makes no sense to bet on SOXX instead of SILJ.

    Feb 24, 2023 24:11 PM

    SLV is back to the top end of its multi month summer base over 18% off its low:

    There is still no good reason to consider this pullback anything other than corrective. It does not look like the start of a big new downtrend like the one that began last spring.

    Feb 24, 2023 24:19 PM

    This week resulted in increased holdings in Emo, Magna, Firefox, Fathom Nickel, Osisko Metals and reductions in F3 Uranium, Dynasty Gold, Ridgeline and Copper Lake. Traded off pretty much the last of my gains for other gains and back again …. Which slowed overall daily losses. Still mid-range bound and looking over the cliff at the masses of bodies.

    Feb 24, 2023 24:52 PM

    There is absolutely nothing constructive with todays market action.
    Those with a large cash position, or better completely out with the January high would find this constructive. For them it’s an ongoing fire sale, yet to be concluded.

      Feb 24, 2023 24:28 PM

      *There was absolutely nothing constructive that you know of.

    Feb 24, 2023 24:01 PM

    The other day Ex mentioned Argonaut Gold, it is one of the few stocks with volume and that was a big plus for me, so I bought a starter position today. Thanks Ex! DT

      Feb 24, 2023 24:25 PM

      Sure thing DT. Yeah, I noticed Argonaut was bucking the overall trend, with AR up today 7.8% on a generally tough day in the markets.

      Personally, I feel pretty good about them bring in Richard Young to helm the ship now (previously the boss of Teranga Gold before it was acquired by Endeavour Mining). I always like the companies assets and they were churning right along for years until they ran into that cost overrun debacle for Magino, but that has been more than priced in at this point, and they’ve really been taken back behind the woodshed and beaten to a silly valuation, so it seemed like time to start scaling back in recently.

      We’ll see how it goes, but if Magino does come on-line this year and eventually double the company’s production profile by late next year, and lower their all-in-sustaining-costs, then that is definitely not currently being reflected in their valuation at all, and represents a compelling rerating story. Ever Upward!