Craig Hemke – What Kind Of Macro Setup Would Cause Investors To Buy More Bonds, Gold, and Silver?

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins us to discuss what kind of macroeconomic setup we may need to see for more investors increase buying in bonds, gold, and silver.  We review the recent and historic trends in interest rates, the attractive current yield for average investors or hedge funds, the continued inverted yield curve, the prospects of a coming recession, the challenges the Fed may face in months to come, and some fundamental and technical factors that may become a more bullish environment for gold and silver. 




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    Mar 03, 2023 03:31 AM

    FREAKY FRIDAY…………………… AGAIN……………………….
    Should be interesting again…….. with the Fake Fed and Fake Govt
    Happy Trading and consolidating…..
    Have a wonder Week End….

    Mar 03, 2023 03:46 AM

    War with China and Russia is going to change everything…..

    Mar 03, 2023 03:46 AM

    TSX.v, nothing to see here fellas, look away look away…

      Mar 03, 2023 03:57 AM

      KTN, yup, better sell and take profits! Silver going down forever. There is a large buyer at 9.5 and 9 cents, so, sell sell sell until you can’t sell anymore! I am finished buying so it’s not me that’s bidding…

      Mar 03, 2023 03:04 AM

      SGN, Scorpio, my sub 5 cent wonder, I have a full position now, meant as a time capsule.

    Mar 03, 2023 03:02 AM

    I highlighted GDX’s strength on Wednesday and now it has broken higher without first pulling back meaningfully.
    78 minute:

      Mar 03, 2023 03:36 AM

      Today certainly feels like Silver/Gold and related stocks now have a higher low

      Mar 03, 2023 03:51 AM

      By the way Matthew, I have begun experimenting with the 144 SMA (Fibonacci) on my Daily Charts when focusing on charts for PM Explorers. I’m finding the results to be quite interesting. I mention this, as I think you sometimes use the 144 SMA. If so, I would be interested in your current thinking on the 144 versus the 50/200

        Mar 03, 2023 03:13 AM

        I look at a large number of moving averages because you never know what you might be missing. The same one don’t always “resonate” across all assets. I consider the 144 a variant of the more widely used 150. The same goes for the 233 and the 200. I always look at the 20, 50, 200 daily/weekly and even monthly MAs because they are so popular even among pros but they aren’t always the best tools. For example, silver’s 233 week MA has been much more useful than its 200 for many years. Take a look; first the 233:

          Mar 03, 2023 03:25 AM

          Now notice that the 200 failed to provide the recent low but also failed as a good resistance between 2016 and 2018. There were multiple weekly closes above it and in 2017 there was even 3 straight weekly closes above it. Since we’re talking about weekly closes it’s far from ideal to get even one above that MA if it’s destined to fail.

            Mar 03, 2023 03:34 AM

            Excellent and illustrative comparison on Silver. Thanks for taking the time to show the differences using the 200/233 WMA (I now have added 233 to my basic SMA analyses)

          Mar 03, 2023 03:33 AM

          Splitting hairs can offer tidbits of info. The XAU turned up at a speed line and a fork support but the 144 was right there to mark the area of the low. The “splitting hairs” part is the 144 crossing above the 150 about a month ago. It has to be considered a bullish cross since a shorter term MA crossed above a longer term one.

    Mar 03, 2023 03:14 AM

    GDX is up about 7 percent since certain bears around here became confident enough to post a flurry of comments last weekend. Gotta love the repeated timeliness of those guys…

      Mar 03, 2023 03:45 AM

      For those who didn’t notice, on Monday IPT moved up as much as 17% off of Friday’s low even though silver was down about 1%. One could say that was bellwether action since it smoked the gold/silver mining ETFs that day and foreshadowed a great week for the bullish case. IPT’s volume has been good but the bid/ask action has been better. The bids have been bigger than anything seen in months while yesterday’s sellers were weak as Friday’s low was retested on about one-third of Friday’s volume.

        Mar 03, 2023 03:07 PM


          Mar 03, 2023 03:21 PM


    Mar 03, 2023 03:23 AM

    Added BKRRF @ $.2562

    Mar 03, 2023 03:00 AM

    Yesterday’s walk back was only 105% of opening gains. Today’s is only -40% of opening gains. Still early though. Only a coincidence. Markets still free and fair. (Less than 2 mins later: -50%)

    Mar 03, 2023 03:39 AM

    dumped boil…/ng hit round numbers 3.0 and OBV overbought plus lower time fractals w rsi divergences…glta

      Mar 03, 2023 03:13 PM

      great scalp

    Mar 03, 2023 03:43 AM

    With regards to the analysis of the precious metals sector, Craig Hemke is an inhabitant of Rationale Island in the Cacophonous Sea

      Mar 03, 2023 03:52 PM

      Well-stated BrianE.