EMX Royalty – Comprehensive Production, Development, And Exploration Update Across The Portfolio Of Royalties, Option Properties, and Strategic Share Holdings

David Cole, President and CEO of EMX Royalty Corp (TSX.V: EMX) (NSYE: EMX), joins us for a comprehensive update on some of the key Company production, development, and exploration updates across their portfolio of royalties, option properties, and strategic share holdings.   We start off by outlining their unique triple-pronged approach to growing value by generating royalties through early stage prospect generation, by making strategic acquisitions of undervalued royalties, and by holding substantial strategic equity positions in other mining companies.   


David reviews that EMX Royalty holds a portfolio of  262 land holdings, 171 royalties, and 40 cash-flowing royalties; of which 5 are on actively producing mines.    We review the 5 key producing royalties projects, the more than a dozen development projects that are further derisking their properties on the pathway towards production, and the 40 projects that are cashflowing and bringing in substantial revenues into the Company through defined pre-production payments, lease option payments, and staged gate payments.  We highlight that EMX just received US $3 Million milestone payment for the Parks -Salyer Royalty Property in Arizona, from Arizona Sonoran (TSX:ASCU | OTCQX:ASCUF), as a example of these types of value drivers. 


We also highlighted some recent transactions starting with EMX establishing the Idaho-focused explorer, Scout Discoveries Corp, while retaining a 19.9% interest, 3.25% NSR royalty on each of the 14 precious & base metal projects, as well as AAR and milestone payments.   We also used the recent transactions of the agreement to sell Råna battery metal project in Norway to Kingsrose Mining, and  EMX selling three projects in Sweden to Copperhead Mineral AB, as examples of the pedigree of their team to find value on the front end that is attractive to partner companies, that then creates cash-flowing lease and gated payments and future royalties for EMX.  


We wrapped up highlighting the value creation, even at the early stage of projects, through true exploration noting the announcement on Feb 16th of drill hole # DD22-YA187 with an intercept of 17.8 meters averaging 4.01 g/t gold, at the 100% owned Yarrol Project in Queensland, Australia.   The exploration team has since gone on to drill and assay some of the manganese-cobalt mineralization and mineral sands that show grades of up to 1% cobalt along with other battery metals like manganese, nickel, and copper.  This is the prospect generation side of the business, where the company will now look for another partner company to take on this project, and is indicative of the business model they’ve been building for 20 years.


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  •  In full disclosure, Shad is an existing shareholder of EMX Royalty Corp.