Craig Hemke – Gold Setting Up For A Record Monthly and Quarterly Close

March 30, 2023

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins us to dive into the upcoming monthly and quarterly close for gold that could be at an all time high. Outside of a significant correction tomorrow gold will close at the highest monthly and quarterly close ever.


We ask what this means for silver and the underlying gold and silver stocks which have broadly lagged the gold price. We also discuss the set up for copper where Goldman Sachs is predicting the world will run out of copper by as early as August (see the chart below).




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    Mar 30, 2023 30:30 PM
    NatGas Riding The Red
    Gold Bucking Blue

      Mar 31, 2023 31:16 AM

      Slingshot NatGas Turn.
      Likely Bottom.

        Mar 31, 2023 31:38 AM

        So far, just a 38.2% bounce.

          Mar 31, 2023 31:59 AM

          Possible short covering rally.
          Awaiting confirmation.

    Mar 30, 2023 30:16 PM

    As expected gold has broken out of its pennant but of course confirming/follow through action tomorrow is needed.

    Mar 30, 2023 30:26 PM

    The likes of CDE, IPT and KTN are foreshadowing silver’s breakout.

      Mar 30, 2023 30:42 PM


      Yes the silver stocks were really on a nice rip higher today…

        Mar 30, 2023 30:52 PM

        On big volume too. IPT was close to a million shares and KTN was about 3.8 million. Both numbers are multiples of their respective 3 month averages.

          Mar 30, 2023 30:03 PM

          Yep, IPT was up 20% on the day… not too shabby for a supposed “dreg” right?

            Mar 30, 2023 30:13 PM

            IB’s last price was .365 for +21.67 percent and volume shown is 926,000 while stockcharts shows 762,000.
            Either number makes it the greatest volume in 2 years.

            KTN finished up 20 percent but was up 25% intraday.

            Mar 31, 2023 31:20 AM

            There was some chatter on that our buddy Christopher Aaron put out a buy on IPT today and that big volume was spurred on, at least in part, by many of his subscribers getting into position (although I’ve not checked with him directly to confirm that was the case). Regardless, Impact Silver had a nice day.

            I was also pretty impressed by the near 19% move in GATO Gatos Silver.

            USAS Amercias Gold and Silver was up over 15% (almost 16%)

            GSVR Guanajuato Silver Company was up over 13%

            Some nice action in the Silver producers overall on the day…

    Mar 30, 2023 30:41 PM

    I’ve posted this quarterly silver:gold chart several times in recent months and the current candle has improved immensely lately as silver moved up 20% versus gold. Under the circumstances it could easily improve another 2 or 3 percent tomorrow, the final day of the quarter.

    Mar 30, 2023 30:53 PM

    I’ve been posting this quarterly silver chart since at least last summer and we are finally “there” with not a moment to spare…

    Mar 30, 2023 30:27 PM

    Today was a blast. After today IPT is my largest position.

    Mar 30, 2023 30:32 PM

    The last time I had 2 stocks up over 20% and al least 2 more up over 10% on the same day was the kick off of a silver rally to $27. Defiance, DEF and Impact up 20% and Big Ridge, BRAU and Kootenay up well over 10%.

    Silver 2 year weekly

    Mar 30, 2023 30:55 PM

    Wouldn’t it be great if we got a gold monthly close over $2,000 tomorrow. 🤞🤞🤞

    Mar 31, 2023 31:55 AM

    FREAKY FRIDAY………….. AGAIN……………………….

    Mar 31, 2023 31:01 AM

    SOLD 70% position in CDE @ $4.03

    Mar 31, 2023 31:44 AM

    The time of the American Warlord may be at hand.

    Mar 31, 2023 31:35 AM

    I decided to take a no expiry form of “option” in the uranium industry by starting a position in AAZ, Azincourt Energy… haha… at $.045 and hopefully more at $0.04 I can’t resist.

    Mar 31, 2023 31:01 AM

    I posted this a couple days ago but had the wrong link, I thought it was a good interview…
    Brenner, bond guy…

    Mar 31, 2023 31:10 AM

    TSX.V index seems to be avoiding the gap under 600 that Matthew said wouldn’t be hit, good call…