Jesse Felder – What All Investors Are Debating; Is A Recession and Market Pullback Coming This Year?

April 19, 2023

The biggest debate for investors over the past few weeks, and even months, is will there be a larger recession and market pullback later this year? 

Jesse Felder, Founder and Editor of The Felder Report joins us to address this debate and share his thoughts on where the economy and markets are going. We ask his time frame and the key data is will be watching over the next two quarters. We also have Jesse share the sectors he thinks are in for the next major bull run. Hint, it’s commodity focused.




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    Apr 19, 2023 19:50 PM

    The Wrath and Ramifications of Rising Rates

    By Russell Gray – (Featured in Brien Lundin’s Golden Opportunities)

    “Bank failures…persistent inflation…bankruptcies…layoffs…a run on Blackstone’s real estate fund…a global rebellion against the U.S. dollar. If you’re not paying attention to these headlines, you probably should be. They’re the symptoms of a simmering problem many on Main Street are NOT prepared for.”

    “Some think this rash of troubling headlines is the direct result of recent policy decisions…and there’s some truth to that. Others think it can be traced all the way back to the 1913 “reset” and the creation of the Fed, income tax and IRS. Almost certainly.”

    “Then there’s the 1971 ‘reset’ when Nixon broke the global gold standard and unleashed the tsunami of debt the world is drowning in today. No doubt.”

    “In more recent history is the 2008 Great Financial Crisis (GFC). I’ve come to believe the GFC was both a symptom of prior problems and a catalyst for the next shocking reset…which may be uncomfortably closer than many think…”

    Apr 19, 2023 19:31 PM

    Does Jesse still see excremental growth??? 🙂

      Apr 20, 2023 20:38 AM

      Haha! Good one Ebolan. That’s a classic from the vault.

    Apr 20, 2023 20:07 AM

    The point we are at looks similar to June ’20 to me, a similar ‘W’ shape has and the right arm of the ‘W’ has just broken the 2+ year downtrend much like the gold chart Jesse speaks of. I hope this pushes the bolly band up and gets severely overbought in a few weeks or months. What a choppy chart! Good stuff guys.

      Apr 20, 2023 20:42 AM

      Yes, agreed Dan… it does have the setup where it already appears to have beoken out, so after this consolidation, we are in store for record all-time highs as this year unfolds.