Craig Hemke – Are You In Precious Metals For The Long Game, Or Just A Brief Fiat Flip?

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins us for more of a big picture look at various motivations to be invested in the precious metals sector, and how stacking physical metals is a different game and time horizon that investing in the gold and silver mining stocks.  We start off reviewing some of the macroeconomic data points like the FOMC meeting minutes and expectations around future Fed policy, the debt ceiling debate, and the recent rise in interest rates and the US Dollar.  


The discussion then shifts to more of the longer-term focus for stacking physical precious metals as an insurance policy against fiscal malfeasance and geopolitical uncertainty, and how that differs from many investors in junior PM mining stocks desire for short-term fiat gains.  They are different games, with different goals and different focuses and concerns.




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    May 25, 2023 25:55 PM

    Uptrend support for silver next week is in the 21.80 to 21.20 range and rising about 15 cents per week.

    May 25, 2023 25:02 PM

    Here comes……………….FREAKY FRIDAY…………………. AGAIN……..

    May 25, 2023 25:14 PM

    Was a buyer today. Probably should have waited as going into seasonal lows most likely. But…. It was there. I had the dry powder and it’s more powder outta ‘da bank. June is going to be a tough, tough month on the USD…. sure like seeing it in my hand.

      May 26, 2023 26:07 AM

      I added a bit to my positions in Karora Resources, Triple Flag, and URNJ today, as I opted for buying quality over optionality.

      Tomorrow, I’m considering adding some more to my positions in Coeur, GoGold, Silver Tiger, Gold Royalty, Skeena, Minera Alamos, enCore , and Ur-Energy.

      I’m waiting to see if we get further sector weakness for potentially adding to my positions in Avino, Gatos, Elemental, and maybe Wallbridge or Probe. I’ve also considered taking out a position Magna Mining now that it finally pulled back to a better entry point… still mulling that over…

      There are a bunch of other positions I’d like to top up at current prices, but some I already did a few months back in the Feb/early March corrective move, and then a few more earlier this month, and there is only so much dry powder left to fire off. Choices… choices…. lot’s of compelling offers out there to buy….

        May 26, 2023 26:07 AM

        That was supposed to post yesterday, but I never hit submit.

          May 26, 2023 26:08 PM

          Thanks EX. I had forgotten I had let Silver Tiger out of the barn and picked a few back up. Since splitting my account between brokerage firms, I no longer try to make a 10,000 sh first buy unless really cheap. I thought it better to get a foot in the door than wait for things to take off as I probably wouldn’t chase them. Then when the move comes I can play musical chairs with the winners.

            May 26, 2023 26:35 PM

            Hi Lakedweller2. Yeah, that makes sense, and I often do the same thing and just put an initial tranche in place to get a toe-hold position going in a company, as it forces me to track it more intently. Then when I see either the technical setup or fundamental newsflow become more compelling, then I average into a larger position and better cost basis.

    May 25, 2023 25:17 PM

    What the mining sector needs is an end to the phony paper price setting system of the controlling banks, and allow legitimate price setting methods such as supply and demand including costs of goods sold.
    It is not appropriate to take a sector of the economy and designate it as the play ground of the elite and send the message to brokerage firms and investors that they are forbidden to treat it as a viable investment or business enterprise. Rather it is a method of theft, graft and corruption for the elite and free from regulation.
    I say no to this myth and that it is absolutely a criminal activity and any belief that there should be a protected area for thieves has run to the end of its rope. The wrath of the legal system should be unleashed on the scum who think they are protected.

      May 25, 2023 25:31 PM

      The end of the rope for Victoria Nuland would break under the weight of her bluster and B/S about US involvement in a future Ukraine offensive.

        May 25, 2023 25:59 PM

        Obvious war crimes can not be spun for special interests.

    May 25, 2023 25:04 PM

    And down the drain they go AGAIN.
    And the “summer doldrums” have only just begun.
    Imagine how low these stocks will be when we get into the fall and PMs prices are at 52 week lows.
    SELL NOW!!!!
    DO IT!!!!
    You will need the cash to pay for the ever increasing cost of food and fuel.
    You are going to need it!!

      May 26, 2023 26:32 PM

      Are you talking the US markets? I have had to tape sheets of paper to the bottom of my charts to track them down. Buy. There are some really cheap stocks out there.

    May 25, 2023 25:58 PM

    ‘Dr. Copper’ Signals Recession; Metal At Best Value Since July – QI Insights

    Barani Krishnan – May 25, 2023

    “Copper, the metal economists typically look at for the health of the economy, is flashing recessionary signals through its price, which has fallen more than 10% over the past two months,” QI Insights says.

    “While it is often viewed as a proxy for growth in its largest consuming nation China, the metal — alternatively known as ‘Dr. Copper’ for its use as a diagnostic tool for the global economy — has greater relevance,” adds QI .

    Since the end of March, New York-traded copper futures have lost about 13% of their value, falling from a high above $4.17 to around $3.58 on Wednesday.

    “If you’re bearish China, you’re probably going to ignore this signal,” QI said in a note. “But just be aware Dr. Copper is already pricing in a fair amount of bad economic news. Put another way, you need to see the economic data materially worsen from here, i.e. a recession is imminent.”–qi-insights-3091221