Jordan Roy-Byrne – The Steepening Of The Yield Curve Is One Of The Key Market Signals To Watch

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, joins us to outline why the steeping of the bond yield curve is one of the key market signals to watch for how it relates to the economic cycle, the US general equities, and precious metals markets.  


He outlines how often the markets will top out after the Fed makes their last rate hike, and why any remaining bull market action won’t last long, with the inevitable move towards a recession later this year or the beginning of next year.  This weak economic data would cause the Fed to then pivot and start cutting rates again.  We discuss if a recession is still coming based on economic data, but more importantly, how long on average it is before the Fed switches from tightening to easing.   We wrap up with Jordan providing some key technical support levels he is watching in gold, silver, GDX, and GDXJ. 




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    Jun 28, 2023 28:26 PM

    Everytime these analyst or newsletter writers keep talking gold and miners will breakout and their wrong it’s always another 2-3 years down road, buy the dip, hold long term for 5X and 10X in miners no wonder nobody want to hold gold stocks. If we do have soft recession gold stocks will have to wait even longer because inflation might be sticky and fed won’t have no reason to ease rates.
    Jordan been talking stock market crash for well over year now wtf.

      Jun 29, 2023 29:11 AM


      Trying to predict the direction of the markets is one of the most hazardous occupations on the planet. Trouble is brewing, not the same sort of trouble that visited the country in 2008 but much more trouble much the less. Look out your window and the skies may appear bright but when a storm comes it can show up in an instant. Just take your prediction up above and visit it in 6 months I would be really surprised if you are even close to being correct. We can never predict what has been going on behind the scenes for the last 15 years because information on what the banks and the hedge funds have been doing is kept under wraps but when the economy cracks open it is all there for everyone to see. DT

        Jun 29, 2023 29:20 AM

        Take Ex, I always thought that he was one of the boys but in reality, he is a “BOT” designed by Google, it will all become evident in the technological present and/or future we are living through, but nobody knows where or when. LOL! DT 👌🤣

          Jun 29, 2023 29:29 AM


          Jun 29, 2023 29:55 PM

          Hi DT. My robot sensors just picked up this transmission…

          Thanks a lot for blowing the cover on my silicon-based sentience… I just wanted to be one of the boys…

          Now, get out there and buy some Artificial Intelligence stocks!!

    Jun 29, 2023 29:22 AM

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