Jordan Roy-Byrne – Could Inflation Reverse Back Higher And Give The Commodities More Upside Traction?

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, joins us to review market moves as the Fed nears the end of their rate hikes, and if commodities might keep getting upward traction if inflation pops back higher over the next few months.  We review the technical pricing action in the CRB commodities index which has been gaining some ground to the upside, and if this paired with inflation could be a second-order effect on gold, silver, and the PM mining stocks. We also review potential economic outcomes should we see an increase in the 10-year bond yield, and a steepening of the yield curve.


Next we pivot over to what would happen if gold breaks out to new highs in an inflationary backdrop before the recession and deflationary pressures really set in.  It may mean another correction from higher levels, before reversing back up again and then that move starting to attract more generalist capital.    Diving down into the precious metals stocks, we unpack what could happen to producers margins if inflation takes back off while gold and silver are rising in tandem, and we also look at what it will take to improve sector sentiment and get financings going again for the junior resource stocks.




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    Jul 26, 2023 26:06 PM

    The Fed shouldn’t have raised rates again, says DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Gundlach

    (07/26/2023) – Closing Bell

      Jul 26, 2023 26:21 PM

      If you are trying to deal with “actual” inflation that most of us deal with, probably a raise in interest rates was appropriate. If you are going to continue to put out false data and want to hyper inflate away the fiat currency and run up the general stock market, lower rates. If you want miners to go up, you put Congress and Wall Street in jail.

        Jul 26, 2023 26:42 PM

        Yeah, I’m sure the central banksters will get around to that next…(lowering rates again to deal with whatever economic weakness these intense rate hikes inflict as rates stay higher for longer).

        It seems lost on so many that their central bank policies and money printing were the major impetus in creating all the inflation in the first place, so it remains a tragic comedy that so many believe they are doing well in “fighting inflation”…

        Inflation was going to come down from year over year metrics regardless of what they did anyway, due to the base effect. By raising rates they are just going to pressure business and government debt to the point of causing an economic contraction, not to mention take the shine off real eatate (commercial real estate is already suffering, we are starting to see residential home prices stall and turn over for the first time in a dozen years).

        Yet so many are cheering on these Fed goons like they are doing some heroic task…. the reality is far from that… but for most in the financial media ignorance is bliss…

      Jul 26, 2023 26:38 PM

      Hi Ex, The Federal Reserve’s game is to appear that they aren’t wantonly and deliberately trying to bring about a terrific smash in the markets but instead fighting inflation. How do you think the Great Reset will happen if you don’t crash the markets so you can introduce Central Bank Digital Currency. Granted it is only a matter of time before it happens, but raising rates and withdrawing liquidity will ensure a certain outcome. Don’t be fooled by what they say look at what they do. DT

        Jul 26, 2023 26:48 PM

        Bingo DT! Well-stated.

      Jul 27, 2023 27:43 AM

      “Things are going to Break”, Kevin O’Leary claims there will be more bank failures. Ken and Barbie are in for a red car crash, not pink. DT

    Jul 26, 2023 26:48 PM

    (BRC) (BKRRF) Blackrock Silver Gets Two Swings for the Fences

    Bob Moriarty – 321Gold – Jul 26, 2023

    “BRC spent years and millions drilling Silver Cloud and only found sniffs. They literally were on the last hole of the 2022 drill program when they hit the 70 g/t 1.5 meter intercept. That proves the potential. Now all they have to do is extend the strike length and punch some more $4800 USD intercepts.”

    “The potential is there and this is the put up or shut up drill program. One or two similar assay results and the stock price will explode. I think they have it and I have bought more shares in the open market. I love cheap stocks that everyone ignores.”

      Jul 27, 2023 27:22 PM

      So that explains why Blackrock has been inching up lately.

    Jul 27, 2023 27:48 AM

    CNBS just put up “Dow looking for its longest daily winning streak since 1897”.
    Then they show a chart of Apple with a 45 degree line up from left to right.
    Why don’t they buy some handcuffs and just walk to the nearest law enforcement agency and turn themselves in screaming “I am guilty”.

      Jul 27, 2023 27:14 AM

      Meta: metaverse has $38 billion in losses so far and Meta has a 45 degree chart since last Nov just like all the other 6 that always go up. Nine months of the same algos being run and nothing has been done about the debt problem or transfer of wealth. It is a con game and Washington Leadership won’t even talk about it, much less do anything. I hope being elected or appointed to a key position puts them on a “no fly” list.