Craig Hemke – Looking At The Macro To Judge Where PMs Are Going

September 28, 2023

Craig Hemke, Editor of TF Metals Report joins us to discuss the macro factors that he think will matter for markets and metals moving into next year. A lot of focus is still on Fed policy but we also drive down to the economic data that is driving the overall policy and how individuals are handling the higher costs of living. There is also the potential of a government shutdown at the end of this week which could postpone the release of key economic data. Where does that leave the Fed and investors?




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    Sep 28, 2023 28:26 PM

    Freaky Friday again

    Sep 28, 2023 28:57 PM

    Been a KEReport listener for well over a decade; Sure seems Kory never passes up an opportunity to take a dump on Gold…….

    Sep 29, 2023 29:26 AM

    Cory has to take a dump on gold to balance out all the permabull goldbugs who have been making $5000 dollar calls for the past decade and $300 dollar silver, while the dollar should collapse and mainstream markets enter depression. Cory isn’t a call maker, he just follows the charts and price action and reacts to what is there. How many times over the years has Craig Hemke called for breakouts to new highs? How about John Rubino and his dollar collapse? Or Jordan Roy Byrne missing every call he’s made over the last 15 years. Cory keeps it real.