Weekend Show – Rick Bensignor and Dan Steffens – Trading Strategies From One Of The Best In The Business And An Energy Market Recap Including Undervalued Stocks

November 11, 2023


Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show. On this Weekend Show we start off with a market veteran sharing his unique outlook for a wide range of markets. To wrap up the show we focus on the oil and natural gas markets, including 3 big name stocks that are undervalued based on current production and growth outlooks.


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Rick Bensignor, President of Bensignor Investment Strategies joins us to share his current investment strategies for US markets, bonds, gold, gold stocks, Bitcoin and oil. 
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Dan Steffens, President of the Energy Prospectus Group wraps up the show by focusing on the oil and natural gas sectors. We start by discussing the key drivers the lead to the sharp pullback in oil. We also discuss his outlook for natural gas. We then move into 3 stocks Dan thinks are very undervalued based on current production and growth plans. The stocks outlined are Baytex Energy, Permian Resources and Ovintiv.



Rick Bensignor
Dan Steffens
    Nov 11, 2023 11:55 AM
    NatGas Week : Bottoming
    Potential Turn Levels

      Nov 11, 2023 11:36 PM

      Added BOIL Buy Alert

    Nov 11, 2023 11:43 AM

    Sounds like Rick thinks gold miners still won’t recover new highs even if gold gets pop to 2100-2400.
    I think you got to reduce shares on any moves higher in miners in short term and hold core holdings. Things are up in air for soft landing, hard landing and if inflation remains constant which could cause fed to raise rates, maybe debt that keeps going higher and causing issues for selling our debt to other countries, all of this doesn’t help miners in short term because rate hikes, major recession will only cause miners to sell off further while gold could edge higher as risk asset. Have to wait till picture is clear that fed will lower rates after dust clears, right now lot risk out there for next six months, might be good for day traders but for buy and hold gold miners is just asking for trouble. I been averaging out of miners and holding my good quality miners as core holdings and avoiding explorers short term will eventually use some profits on my oils stocks to buy explorers once we get to that recession and see how it all shakes out. Not being greedy here chasing what looks to be very good prices on explorers because if and when we get past this risky short term and looking out to 2025 – 2030 and gold bull really takes off there will be plenty time to make lot money in explorers etc.

      Nov 11, 2023 11:09 AM

      Most if not all markets appear to be in longer term trading ranges.
      If so, the buy & hold paradigm should hit the back burner.
      Trading is more of a grind, but less risky for most.

    Nov 11, 2023 11:03 AM

    Hello , Cory / Shad . Do You happen to know why AL has not posted a weekend show today , is he ill. Thanks.

      Nov 11, 2023 11:04 AM

      ditto thanks………………..

        Nov 11, 2023 11:15 AM

        Hi guys, it’s posted now. It was scheduled for the afternoon so I bumped it up 😉

          Nov 11, 2023 11:25 PM

          Thank you Cory….. appreciate the follow up

    Nov 11, 2023 11:11 AM

    Until election is done……………. nothing new in mining stocks……… biden team is making sure of that….
    otherwise silver would have been over or upto $49…. bouncing it’s head against the ceiling at $49….
    I said over three years ago…. until silver breaks and stays above $32 ,,,, nothing big is going to happen….
    You guys can look at all the minin charts you want…… moving average etc…
    but, the long term CUP is still in play. at $49……. JMO……………
    And this is a LONG GAME……… this is no knock on stock players…. but, you can see how some of the big names have jump out of the game over the last couple of years…..I would mention names…
    but,…should already know, if you have been keeping track.

    Oh, just a Rant……. so do not pay attention… thanks 🙂

      Nov 11, 2023 11:24 PM

      Ted Butler has a good article about silver price suppression on

        Nov 11, 2023 11:31 PM

        thanks lake……….. appreciate the thought………
        but, you know gata has been saying the same story for over 20 yrs……
        I use to get gata news daily………. until this year…, is there anything new?
        Are they still selling wine…?
        Only trying to be helpful…. and not trying to be a smart*** and I do appreciate
        any and all comments on this PM sector…..
        I thought , I should open up gata. org….just in case I missed something…
        and to at least pay some respect to Lake, who had enough kindness to mention
        anything of useful info…. thanks again LAKE…
        SO here is the latest……………. I think.
        Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

        Silver market manipulation foe Ted Butler writes today that he has given up hope that U.S. market regulators will ever act against the investment banks that long have been suppressing silver prices. Any such action, Butler writes, might destabilize financial system, since the market-rigging banks are so big.

        But, Butler adds, he remains confident that the ordinary forces of supply and demand will liberate the silver market anyway “fairly soon,” since shortages of the metal are already apparent.

          Nov 11, 2023 11:43 PM

          Nothing particularly new except that Ted Butler has been fighting the CFTC and Federal Government for years about price suppresion … and he has given up.
          In this weeks Crescat Capital YouTube presentation, Quentin Hennigh did a short “schooling” on the prevalence of various metals, showing that Gold and Silver are among the rarest. Since silver is used up through its applications, he pointed out that the 85-1 price difference (they are both rare but not 85-1 to each other) between gold and silver was nonsensical on many levels.
          Putting QH’s and Ted Butler’s comments together, one can only conclude that supply and demand are going to come into play no matter the intervention in price allowed by Regulators.

            Nov 12, 2023 12:45 PM

            Lake….. thanks for the follow up
            I agree on the thought that way out of wack…..

            Nov 12, 2023 12:46 PM

            This is an afterthought: I started typing on my phone and it disappeared before I was finished, so here is another shot:
            We all were hoping that Gata activities and Ted Butler would somehow make Regulators do their jobs in Regulating the metals business. It seemed they could have an impact when they started as, for the most part, most investors thought there was a somewhat level playing field. We also believed that if the Regulators just got educated on what was going on, they could not ignore the criminality and and at least investigate what was being reported to them.
            When Andrew Maguire testified before the CFTC about silver market manipulation, it came out from another witness, that physical silver was being leveraged a 100X, much to everyone’s surprise. The CFTC ignored it and although they conducted a 3-5 year study, they proclaimed they found no manipulation. a few weeks after the “Citizens United JP Morgan person” pled guilty to “manipulating the silver Market'” Of course, that was a red flag to all the red flags that Ted Butler and Gata was raising about metals intervention. The proof grew over time with, in essence, the conclusion from corporate admissions was that the intervention by bullion banks was a Federal Government activity which “private interests” were also profiting from as well as coordinating.
            The people, left with no option, contacted their Legislators as the Federal Government only law enforcement body handling criminal matters was …. The Justice Department. But, if the Head of Justice was appointed and other key officials were appointed, the criminal avenue was/is blocked. Simultaneously, the Supreme Court issued Citizens United which created the “corporate person” that could be charged both civilly and criminal and thereby protect all human perpetrators committing crimes within the Corporate structure. Also at the same time, Congress and the Administration Deregulated removing all the Acts and Laws designed to cure the corruption of the Great Depression caused by the Banks, like Glass Steagall. This not only affected the price of metals, but opened the door for the Fed to transfer the Treasury to Corporate interests of all kinds, not just banks. These changes were extended to lobbyists which made buying politicians just another notch on the handle of their guns.
            This is all to say that Gata, Ted Butler and others got the ball rolling for people like those that read the Korelin Report and other letter writers to have a better understanding how the people are being scammed. But we know because precious metals have been one of the targets of the Fraud. Joe Sixpack has no interest in the price of metals or how the Fed works (or doesn;t) as he is too busy feeding his family.
            So yes … Gata and Ted Butler haven’t changed the World, but they opened the door for the rest of us to do it. Knowing what is going on is half the battle to fixing it.

            Nov 12, 2023 12:02 PM

            Thanks for the update.
            See below the Peter G interview that cfs posted…and I copied forward.. concerning mining shares….

            Nov 12, 2023 12:37 PM

            Post went missing…
            You can go to the Orphan Section and hear it.
            As I said CFS posted it

    Nov 11, 2023 11:24 AM

    There is money to be made whether the market is up or down, stay diversified, watch the news releases, follow the money. Phyz is safe and you will beat inflation however the excitement is in trading. I am doing just fine in the micro-cap market, but you must have your finger on the in and out button like an Italian! Not for Everyone! LOL! DT 😉

    Nov 11, 2023 11:49 PM

    Talking about manipulation is pointless, yes it goes on, will it ever stop ,……… NO! It’s like crapping on about organized crime, it is part of the human condition, if you want a robotic system, you better beware because you won’t fit in, none of you! DT 😊

      Nov 11, 2023 11:37 PM

      When I talk about something being pointless it doesn’t mean that everything is meaningless! The only way we can change things is to go back in time when our society was more concerned about morals. That will require a totally new way of thinking and acting from where we are now. For instance, can we go back in time when collecting welfare was thought to be shameful. I know longer think that is possible and meaningless becomes pointless. But crime and manipulation will always be part of the human condition. DT

    Nov 12, 2023 12:03 AM

    I’m convinced silver stocks have a lot further to fall before a bottom is reached.

      Nov 12, 2023 12:10 PM

      You’re right, PAAS doesn’t look good at all but that could change quickly as soon as it makes a new 52 week low like SILJ did on Friday.
      In making that new 52 week low, from Monday’s open to Friday’s low SILJ fell 10% and finished the last 3 sessions below its daily Bollinger Bands so a bounce here is likely. But I also have a short term buy for the gold/silver miners in general so this week will be telling. If it doesn’t go right then the door will swing wide open for the ugly drop that you see coming. From a momentum perspective especially gold is unlikely to lose its bullish footing BUT silver has not yet joined it so everything “risk-on” in the space remains at risk. Like the last 8 year cycle it might be January before the miners get moving. For now I have no good reason to suspect that it will be much later than that.

      Nov 12, 2023 12:40 PM

      Also supportive of your outlook is the gold-silver ratio. If it doesn’t get stuffed now/this week gold will probably move significantly higher vs silver which obviously does not bode well for the sector.

      Nov 12, 2023 12:12 PM

      gold shares will continue to underperform while the metal is likely to tag it’s former all time high into the new year.
      those loaded up with shares over past year or more are in for continued hurt in spite of gold’s relative positive performance .
      Lack of posters here is a recognition that the multi backers that were to happen are a pipe dream. Just another short lived pop up that won’t bail out those holding the bag.

        Nov 13, 2023 13:21 AM

        The lack of posters is nothing but a good thing. It’s strange that you don’t understand that.

          Nov 13, 2023 13:53 AM

          The lack of posters is a sign of being on the wrong end of the sector with your babble for a very long time.

            Nov 13, 2023 13:17 PM

            Like I said, it’s strange that you don’t understand. Oh well, at least you’re distraught. 😂

    Nov 12, 2023 12:54 PM

    Nov 11, 2023 11:18 PM
    Peter Grandich……

    Go to the 18 min mark

    Nov 12, 2023 12:28 PM

    Where did the Peter G post go?

    Nov 12, 2023 12:38 PM

    In regards to GATA, don’t be naive they will tell you what you want to hear, that is how they exist. DT

      Nov 12, 2023 12:12 PM

      They are not telling me anything,..😁
      I already know the scam ..😀

        Nov 12, 2023 12:07 PM

        We all know the scam but probably 95% of the World doesn’t know who to blame and most of those don’t care. Most of the conflict in facts is intentional. When the government and media support deception, it is very difficult to convince the people what they believe is false.
        What do we do about it. Watch everything melt away?

          Nov 13, 2023 13:29 AM

          I know that Central Banks were created to rig commodity markets and that they are intrinsically illegal and unlawful, because commodity rigging is illegal and unlawful in the modern world. Uh-Duh.
          Anna Von Reitz…………….

          Check out the entire article …… I posted on the next page….