John Rubino – Outlook on Gold, Silver, PM Producers Earnings And Margins, Sector Sentiment, And Newsflow From Juniors

Shad Marquitz
February 20, 2024

John Rubino joins me today to discuss his outlook on gold, silver, precious metal producers earnings reports, the narrative versus the reality around margins, the poor sector sentiment, and key recent newsflow from the PM juniors.   We start off diving into the macroeconomic side of things and if the recent higher stickier inflation, slower retail sales, and weaker consumer spending could start moving the economy more into a state of stagflation.


Next we unpacked the earnings reports from the larger gold producers, and discussed their margins and cashflows.  We then reviewed how the good drilling news from Dolly Varden (DV.V) (DOLLF), I-80 Gold (IAU.TO) (IAUX), New Found Gold (NFG.V) (NFGC), and Nevada King (NKG.V) (NKGFF), has mostly be shrugged off by the market.  We wrap up looking at the differences in the rationale, terms, and market reactions to 2 recent financings for Lion One Metals (LIO.V)  (LOMLF) versus Nevada King. 




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