Byron King – The Race Between Dilution And Value Creation In Resource Stock Investing

Shad Marquitz
February 26, 2024

Byron King, geologist and writer with the Paradigm Press, joins us to discuss the junior precious metals and base metals resource stocks struggling to outpace dilution with value creation, and why he still remains very constructive on the energy sector.  


We start off pointing out that many companies have raised money over the last 2 years, gone out and executed on work programs delivering on exactly what they guided they would and that this value creation was not given hardly any value by the market.  As investors have continued to shrug off most resource expansion and economic studies or development milestones, many companies have been forced to pare back spends and work programs, and have shifted back more towards discovery drilling once again. 


We wrap up with the energy sector and how the global economic is not going to be phasing out oil, nat gas, coal, nuclear, in place of renewable energy and batteries any time soon, but rather we are going to need all the energy inputs to feed the growing demand.  For these reasons he is still very bullish on the energy stocks. 




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    Feb 26, 2024 26:50 PM

    The stocks in commodities is not about the runner catching his breath it is about total exhaustion. I keep thinking that perhaps the turn will come tomorrow, life is always about the next day. The volumes in the stocks are low but the pressure in selling orders just keeps coming. As the price structure in many of these stocks keeps crumbling there is an urgency to get out.

    Ask yourself this where are the bargain hunters who are supposed to come to the rescue at times like this. There seems to be no support whatever. It is the fear of not knowing what is coming next that causes panic and a stock like Argonaut should have investment trusts making new purchases but they too have decided to sit out these low prices that keep coming. They too are worried about their clients and capital depreciation. DT

    Feb 27, 2024 27:13 AM

    Yeah, Argonaut clobbered.

      Feb 27, 2024 27:47 AM

      Argonaut just kept going down the days and weeks before the pummeling it took yesterday! DT

    Feb 27, 2024 27:30 AM

    Hi Ex, when you talk it’s like a Thompson Sub-machine gun spewing bullets, studies show that fast talkers have better brain health, I just thought I would let you in on that little ditty! LOL! DT

      Feb 27, 2024 27:38 AM

      Haha! Thanks for that feedback DT.

    Feb 27, 2024 27:52 AM

    Here is Bob M’s take on why resource stocks are getting hammered. DT

    Feb 27, 2024 27:04 AM

    TSX.v is actually showing a bit of strength… nothing to do with the miners though, haha!