Robert Sinn – As Gold Prices Head Towards Nirvana, Gold Stocks and Silver Still Have Work To Do

Robert Sinn, (aka Goldfinger on and CeoTechnican on X) and publisher of Goldfinger Capital on YouTube and Substack, joins us to share his key fundamental takeaways from the macroeconomic data in the global economy, also his technical outlook on gold, gold stocks, and silver.  


We start off getting into Robert’s take a number of macro topics moving markets into a more speculative phased, from the Fed rate cut expectations and action in other central banks despite stickier inflation, to easing in China and buying in commodities and gold coming from the East.


Next we get into his technical outlook for gold, considering its breakout to new all-time highs today on the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly charts. Switching over the to the gold stocks, he also notes big breaks higher in the senior producers like Agnico Eagle (AEM), Kinross (KGC), and IAmGold (IAG), which he points out will start showing up on more generalist stock screener radars, and move more capital into the sector.   This attention on a number of gold stocks breaking upwards in substantive ways will eventually feed more capital investment into the ETFs like GDX and GDXJ, but also eventually down into the juniors as well. We wrap up getting Robert’s technical outlook and resistance levels on silver and the silver stocks.





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    Mar 28, 2024 28:13 PM

    Nice to see a new daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly high close in Gold today!

    On the future’s market, Gold closed at $2,238.40, and then in afterhours, it shot even higher over $2250+

    Gold Futures – Jun 24 (GCM4) – $2,254.80 at the time of this post

    Mar 28, 2024 28:18 PM
    Mar 28, 2024 28:21 PM

    The miners keep improving and SILJ is a weekly buy even when priced in gold.

    Mar 28, 2024 28:29 PM
    Mar 28, 2024 28:34 PM

    IPT is acting well and hit its highest price in 13 weeks today. Volume has been very good since it turned up a month ago and the bulls are clearly in charge.

    Mar 28, 2024 28:09 PM

    Before I forget: I got an email from the CEO of Power Nickel today saying there is going to be another broadcast by him, Eric Sprott and others tomorrow concerning the naked shorting fiasco. It appears it is worse than everyone thought in that there is a mechanism whereby hedge funds or whoever can short outside the “system”. The ramifications are horrific in that that implies what is thought to be a “market” is not, when determining price of miners.
    “Save Canadian Mining”

      Mar 28, 2024 28:27 PM

      10 EST

        Mar 29, 2024 29:34 AM

        Do you have a link to this? I’m very interested on this topic.

        Mar 29, 2024 29:25 AM

        I found the Youtube video, but have not listened yet (Interview with Terry Lynch only?)

        The Save Canadian Mining website does not list a podcast for today. Last podcast was on Black Friday (as opposed to Good Friday). See “”

          Mar 29, 2024 29:33 AM

          Thanks! Will listen later also…

            Mar 29, 2024 29:29 PM

            The Save Canadian Mines had just 2 guys doing an update on where they are headed. They did mention they have support from Eric Sprott, Keith Neumeyer, and several other mining leaders, but it was more informational on what’s in the mill. It is worth a listen. It came in on my email through LinkedIn or whatever and said it was on YouTube also. What you guys tracked down was correct.

      Mar 29, 2024 29:03 AM

      Interesting…. thanks lake…..

    Mar 28, 2024 28:36 PM

    The XAU is up 21% vs the S&P 500 since the miners bottomed a month ago.

    Mar 28, 2024 28:44 PM
    Mar 29, 2024 29:28 AM

    When you think of silver you must also think of zinc and the lead component that is found in most silver mines. Lead is noy very sexy, but it is staring to really shine, it must be the armament manufacturers that are pushing up the price of this commodity. Yesterday lead went up 3.10% or $60.93 per ton currently at $2623 USD/T. Most silver miners could see a big lift just in the lead they are producing. DT 😉

      Mar 29, 2024 29:18 AM

      Good point…..

    Mar 29, 2024 29:08 PM

    When gold and silver keep moving higher it will bring on the momentum driven market. Momentum markets care nothing about fundamentals and that is a good thing because the precious metal stocks have been trading without fundamentals anyway.

    It becomes about price movement and very little about valuation. My kind of market. BRING IT ON, BRING IT ON. DT🤣

    Mar 30, 2024 30:22 AM

    Robert didn’t understand my prediction. There won’t be a “crash” in gold. Not during the middle, “wall of worry,” phase of the bull market.

    What I actually think is likely to transpire is that the extreme frustration over the last four years is a lot of fuel to push this initial breakout rally further than many are anticipating, and in the process stretch price too far above the 200 day moving average creating the conditions for a sharp intermediate degree correction once the advancing phase of this intermediate cycle ends.

    Best guess $2400-$2500 with a long shot target of maybe $2600. At that point you have the conditions for a nasty correction that could come back down and retest the breakout zone around $2100. Many if not most major breakouts get retested before the rest of the rally resumes.