TG Watkins – Technical Outlook On Nvidia, US Indexes, Small Caps, EVs, Cannabis, Gold, Silver, and Copper Stocks

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading and Editor of the Profit Pilot website, joins us to review his technical outlook on a number of sectors including broad US market indexes, the surge higher in Nvidia, small caps, electric vehicles, cannabis stocks, gold, gold stocks, silver, and copper.


One big takeaway is the narrowing of market breadth again into the large mega-cap stock leadership, like Nvidia, and that much of the larger market stocks are not having the same kinds of runs as seen in the weighted indexes. This leads to a discussion about the smaller cap stocks, like those seen in the Russell 2000 via (IWN), and how higher interest rates may be factoring in.  With only 40% of stocks above their 50-day simple moving averages, we ask TG if some of the money made in the larger tech leadership will eventually filter down in the rest of the sector that has been underperforming.  TG also highlights EV stocks and cannabis stocks as 2 other areas that have fallen out of favor, that he is watching more closely to see if they are ready to start moving higher.  He also notes the importance of the upcoming US election cycle, and how investors are waiting for more clarity as to future of where money and power will flow in the next business cycle.


Turning toward the commodities, we’ve seen gold, silver, copper, and other commodities turn down over the last few weeks, and TG points out that with gold, GDX, and copper having already dipped below their 50-day SMAs, that it is likely that silver will also follow suit and do the same. TG makes the point that after such big moves higher, that it is natural to see these sectors cool off and correct for a while, and that he’ll be watching the 21 week moving average for a potential area of support in the weeks to come.




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