Goliath Resources – Overviewing This Year’s 15,000 Meter Drill Program Across 10 Veins At The Golddigger Project, Along With 3 Maiden Drill Programs

Roger Rosmus, Founder, CEO, & Director of Goliath Resources (TSX.V: GOT) (OTCQB: GOTRF), joins me to outline this year’s 15,000 meter drill program with a proposed 62 holes from 22 drill pad locations with up to three diamond drill rigs, across the 10 gold veins delineated at the Golddigger Property, located in the Golden Triangle, British Columbia. This program will also include 3 new maiden drill programs testing the copper-gold targets generated in last year’s surface exploration program.


We start off getting the key takeaways from the news released June 3rd, where this year’s exploration program will be following up on all the work done to date at the Surebet Zone, Bonanza Shear Zone,  Golden Gate Zone, and will be testing further into the depth of the volcanics looking for the potential feeder structure.  There have been an additional 6 veins (Big One, El Dorado, Surebet Lower, Goldzilla, Hot Spot, and Whopper) that have been identified through other exploration results, and will be followed up on for this year’s drill program. There will also be a maiden drill program testing the volcanic mineralization at a new gold-copper target generated last year a little more than 1km a way at the Jackpot Zone with 10 shear-hosted quartz-sulphide veins within a 15-meter wide stockwork. 


Next we reviewed 2 more maiden drill programs to be conducted for VMS copper-gold mineralization at both the Treasure Island Target and the Full Contact Target, up north at the Cambrian Icefields. These 2 drill programs will be following up on last year’s field work where the exploration team did some channel cuts and a rock chip sampling program that yielded both high-grade gold and copper mineralization in an area that has never seen any drilling before.  


If you have any questions for Roger about Goliath Resources, then please email me at and we’ll get those answered or covered in a future interview.


  • In full disclosure, Shad is a shareholder of Goliath Resources at the time of this recording.




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    These days I see a small gain one day followed by a small loss the next day, up and down like a teeter-totter. if it wasn’t so boring I would say nothing. BORIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!! It’s almost like the market is in the Toilet, or like The French like to say “The Twallet”.

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