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Craig Hemke with a wide-ranging discussion on the silver COT Reports, earnings from gold major producers, value versus growth, sector sentiment vs margins on valuations and the macroeconomic movers...
Thu 22 Feb, 2024
Craig Hemke, breaks down what he is seeing on the silver COT Report data, and how trends in open interest between the banks versus the speculative hedge funds can reveal when markets turn at both...
Thu 15 Feb, 2024
Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman. reviews the ridiculous valuations seen in the resource stocks, that don't match the sum of their parts, because the sector sentiment remains so...
Thu 25 Jan, 2024
Dave Erfle reviews the technical setup in gold, GDX, GDXJ, and Silver, as well as the health of different segments and stages of the PM...
Thu 18 Jan, 2024
Robert Sinn, (aka Goldfinger) shares his fundamental and technical outlook on gold, silver, the  precious metals stocks, copper, and the copper stocks, as we roll along into...
Wed 10 Jan, 2024
Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, review some value investing lessons from the recent trading volatility around Hercules Silver (BIG.V) (BADEF) over the last few...
Thu 4 Jan, 2024
John Rubino discusses the recent volatility in gold, and which types of gold stocks he is animated by and holding in his...
Mon 11 Dec, 2023
Nick Hodge reviews the importance of recognizing the cyclical time frames of general US equities, gold, oil, or the larger pattern unfolding in the larger commodities supercycle....
Wed 6 Dec, 2023
Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Energy letter, Published under the Mangrove Investor, joins us to recap his experience at the recent MoneyShow in...
Fri 17 Nov, 2023
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Robert Sinn – A Balanced Approach To Navigating Treacherous Market Conditions

Robert Sinn, aka Goldfinger, joins us to share his outlook on the macroeconomic data points, the general markets, and the precious metals sector moving into the last quarter of this year. 

Tue 26 Sep, 2023

Craig Hemke – Slogging Through This Precious Metals Correction

Craig Hemke discusses his technical and fundamental outlook for the precious metals sector, as they correct into the sideways slog of this seasonally slow time of year.

Thu 18 May, 2023

Dave Erfle – The Technical Setup, Longer-Term Pattern, And Historical Analogs Suggest Gold Is Set Up For A Major Move Higher

Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews the technical setup in gold, silver, GDX, and GDXJ, and longer-term pattern suggests a big move higher for the PM sector.

Tue 11 Apr, 2023

Weekend Show – The Difference Between Q1 2023 and 2022; What Sectors Will Continue Higher?

Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! The end of Q1 2023 was good for many sectors and very different from Q1 2022. We feature…

Sat 1 Apr, 2023

Erik Wetterling – Retail Resource Investors Are Asleep At The Wheel, While The Big Boys Are Going Shopping

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, recaps his key takeaways from the (PDAC) Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada conference.

Fri 24 Mar, 2023

Craig Hemke – Gold, Silver, And The PM Stocks Continue Ratcheting Higher Post Powell Press Conference

Craig Hemke discusses the futher pop higher on Thursday in gold, silver and the PM mining stocks, post Powell press conference on Wednesday.

Thu 23 Mar, 2023

Dave Erfle – Precious Metals Are Digesting The Recent Blast Higher From Banking Concerns

Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews the recent digestion of the PM rally over the last 2 weeks, fueled by banking uncertainty and Fed policy expectations. 

Tue 21 Mar, 2023

Brien Lundin – Vancouver Conference Takeaways And Two Potential Paths Forward When The Fed Pauses

Brien Lundin shares key takeaways from the Vancouver resource stock conferences last week, and outlines 2 paths forward when the Fed pauses it’s rate hikes.

Thu 2 Feb, 2023

Weekend Show – Rick Bensignor, Dana Lyons and Mike Larson – Generalist Outlooks For Markets, Metals, Energy and Currencies

Welcome to The Weekend Edition of The KE Report! This Weekend’s Show we feature a group of generalist fund mangers and newsletter writers. This gives…

Sat 21 Jan, 2023

Erik Wetterling – Riding The Resource Sector Down To The Abyss For The Eventual Outsized Gains When Sentiment Turns

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, review how he is reshuffling his portfolio – adding in more beta optionality plays in addition to quality alpha plays.   

Thu 20 Oct, 2022

Ed Moya – Ethereum Merge and The Investment Outlook For Cryptos

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins us for a pre-Fed meeting interview where we focus on the cryptocurrency sector. There has been some…

Wed 21 Sep, 2022

Erik Wetterling – Shifting Some Focus From Alpha To Beta Mining Stocks In This Low Sentiment Environment

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman expands on his recent shift in his focus from Alpha mining stocks to the Beta mining stocks in this low sentiment enviornment.

Thu 8 Sep, 2022

Erik Wetterling – Why Most Investors Don’t Make Money In Speculative Sectors Like Junior Mining Stocks

Erik Wetterling, publisher of The Hedgeless Horseman website, discusses sentiment and emotions, and why so many speculators don’t make money trading speculative markets.

Thu 7 Jul, 2022

Joel Elconin – Extreme Bearish Sentiment Has No One Trusting Any Market Bounces, Does That Mean It’s Early Or Late Stage Bear Market?

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga PreMarket Prep Show and Editor of the PreMakret Prep website joins me to discuss general bearish sentiment and the…

Tue 21 Jun, 2022
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Weekend Show – Jesse Felder, Dana Lyons and Mike Larson – Money Flows, Commodity Trends, Key Moves In Gold, and Overall Sentiment

  Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! It was another good week for gold and value stocks as the rotation continues out of growth…

Sat 19 Feb, 2022

Erik Wetterling – Buying Gold Stocks On The Cheap Into Sector Capitulation

Erik Wetterling, the Hedgeless Horseman, shares why he remains encouraged to keep buying cheap valuations in gold stocks as we await selling capitulation in the precious metals sector.

Thu 27 Jan, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – A Focus on The Precious Metals Selloff and Stock Recommendations

It was another choppy week for markets and metals. With the key driver right now being the Omicron variate and how countries are reacting it’s hard to predict where we will be in a few weeks. Therefore we decided to focus on the big picture for precious metals and more so on some select resource stocks. 

Sat 4 Dec, 2021

A look into the changes in investor sentiment and what’s now leading markets

Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of The Lyons Share joins us to recap the changes in investor sentiment toward the broad averages. We were…

Fri 8 Oct, 2021

Goldfinger – Sentiment & Market Timing: Lessons From The GDXJ

I have really been enjoying reading over Goldfinger’s (Robert Sinn) daily emails to subscribers. He balances company news with key market moves in a succinct…

Wed 29 Sep, 2021

Gold’s correction continues but there are reasons to be optimistic for a rebound

Jordan Roy-Byrne joins me for a close look at gold’s correction and current test of the November lows. We discuss sentiment levels for gold vs…

Wed 17 Feb, 2021