Ed Moya – Investors Should Embrace The Volatility In The Energy Sector

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA, joins us focus on the energy sector, and how the continued breakout higher in oil, gasoline, and natural gas prices will affect consumers and businesses.  The conversation touches upon the macro supply/demand trends that were in place well over the last year and how the Ukraine war, and related energy sanctions to Russia, only intensified the situation in the energy markets.  The price moves in the oil and gas stocks have been extreme, but investors that were able to embrace the volatility have done well in one of the only sectors to remain elevated in the recent market weakness.


We also explore how these higher energy prices could affect consumer discretionary spending the summer travel season, as well as how these higher cost inputs could affect company earnings.



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    May 31, 2022 31:17 PM

    New interesting issue:
    Schwab usually runs an EOD and balances US Dollar prices against Cad for stock prices since Cad is the home for a lot of miners. Last night there was no EOD adjusting US prices to Cad. However, at open today they left Friday’s Closing prices as the closing prices for Tuesday morning in my account and disregarded yesterday’s gains in Canada. But, the prices they were using were post Canadian prices yesterday. As a result all price action was reflecting the “correct current price” but relative to last Fridays close rather than Monday’s close. That meant things that were going down were still all going up and things that were going up were going up more than they were going up. The end result was they showed my account as going up total +7.08% today, when actually it declined -1.28%. Showed a 5 figure profit, when it was a 5 figure loss from Monday.

      May 31, 2022 31:34 PM

      Everyones charts are still going to be painted negative for the day.