Enterprise Group – Comprehensive Company Overview, Areas For Growth, And Financial Strength

Shad Marquitz
November 25, 2022

Desmond O’Kell, Senior Vice President & Director of Enterprise Group (TSX: E) (OTC: ETOLF), joins us for comprehensive overview of the company strategy, key business segments, financials, and further opportunities in the evolving power systems market. 


We start off getting more information on the various segments of site infrastructure that the Enerterprise Group provides their clients in the oil and nat gas industry; from specialized command centers and communication towers, to buildings, bathrooms, perimeters, bridges, and lighting.  However, one of the key growth areas for the business has been the evolving power systems and micro-grid energy platforms that the company provides, and the transition from multi-unit diesel generation to more centralized nat gas power generation.  This not only helps with cost efficiencies, and lowers noise, but also is a key factor in reducing a companies carbon footprint and ESG initiatives.


Next we get into potential growth avenues for the company as they look to other sectors, like the construction industry, for expansion of a their customer base, and we also balance this discussion out with getting Des’ thought on potential risks to the sector and company.    We wrap up with a review of the Company financials, balance sheet, and how it is positioned amongst it’s peers and in the scope of the larger energy sector.


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