John Rubino – Q1 Earnings, Commercial Real Estate, De-Dollarization, Farm Land, Gold, and Uranium Stocks

John Rubino, Founder of the Dollar Collapse website and editor of his recently launched newsletter over at Substack, joins us for a broad discussion on macroeconomic factors moving the markets, and some specific investing trends in various commodities like farmland, gold, uranium, and resource stocks.  We start off discussing expectations around Q1 earnings season, and if valuations and P/E ratios even mater any more.  Next we discuss the huge challenge facing the commercial real estate industry, how it could spell contagion problems for regional banks and insurance companies, and how a further slowdown in bank lending could accelerate an economic contraction or push us into a recession.


This then leads into the larger concerns from other nations take note of more systemic issues in our banking sector, the forecasts for slowing growth, and the desire from the BRICS nations to start trading bilaterally outside of the US dollar.  Because of the potential embedded inflation that this de-dollarization trend may result, John feels investors best protection is diversifying into tangible real goods and resources that the government can’t inflate away, and still sees a good opportunity in farmland, gold, uranium, and the related mining stocks.




    Apr 18, 2023 18:11 AM

    ADDED – TELHF Tearlach Res. 10K @ $ .2272

      Apr 18, 2023 18:30 AM

      Hi Marty. Just a heads up that I interviewed Andrew from Blackrock Silver this morning about the lithium drill results out from Tearlach Resources on their JV Tonopah North project. Stay tuned as I work to get that up later today.

        Apr 18, 2023 18:04 PM

        Thanks, Bro. What I like it brings eyes to The triple bagger going on at Blackrock Silver, particularly Silver Cloud’s rich 80 gm Au, 600 Ag intercept contiguous to Hecla’s same trend just as rich to the NE

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      Thanks Ex , +

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    Mostly Pepe Escobar:
    De-Dollarization discussed: “It could happen in two months!”