Jayant Bhandari – Talking Gold and Silver Stocks, Merger Arbitrages, And Value Creation Opportunities

Jayant Bhandari, a private strategic resource investor that consults many high-net-worth investors, joins me to review the trends he is seeing in the gold and silver stocks, some arbitrage opportunities in ongoing merger and acquisition deals, and some companies that should have nice upside torque based on their work programs or optionality to defined ounces in the ground.


Jayant believes we are in a sweet spot in the resource space where finally people can start deploying more capital into the junior side of the market, as it starts to catch up to the moves we already seen in the mid-tier and senior producers.   We talk about producers finally being more profitable and in the position to acquire smaller companies, and that some juniors are merging to mass up in size. Another topic that comes up is jurisdiction risk and jurisdiction diversification, and how investors and larger companies have been more amenable to going into more exotic locations the end of last year and into this year.  We cover a lot of topics and Jayant shares a lot of companies in his portfolio or on his radar for various reasons.


The companies discussed are:  Base Resources (BSE.AX) (BSE.L), Energy Fuels (EFR.TO) (UUUU), Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCG) (BWCGF), Treasure Metals (TML.TO) (TSRMF), OreCorp (ORR.AX), Perseus Mining (PRU.TO) (PRU.AX), Silvercorp Metals (SVM), Adventus Mining (ADZN.V) (ADVZF), Aztec Mining (AZT.V) (AZZTF), Newcore Gold (NCAU.V) (NCAUF), Montage Gold (MAU) (MAUTF), Irving Resources (IRV.CN) (IRVRF0, O3 Mining (OIII.V) (OIIIF), Stellar Gold (STLR.TO) (STLRF), Aris Mining (ARIS.TO) (ARMN).


  • In full disclosure, Shad holds shares in Energy Fuels and Silvercorp Metals at the time of this recording.




Jayant is hosting his annual Morality and Capitalism conference in Vancouver on Friday May 31st – Saturday June 1st, and information can be found here for attending the event:


Click here to visit Jayant’s website.

    May 23, 2024 23:21 PM

    Good to hear from Jayant and appreciate his ideas.
    I wonder about SVM’s AISC as they expand into other areas.

      May 24, 2024 24:29 PM

      Yes indeed. Nice get an update from Jayant!

      As for Silvercorp (SVM), that is a good question as to how their cost profile may change by adding in Adventus Mining’s project in Ecuador. Since they have industry leading low costs, then they have some wiggle room to take on projects that may have slightly higher cost profiles.

      I’d imagine they wouldn’t have done the acquisition or taken on the project without considering how the economics would impact the new pro-forma company.

    May 24, 2024 24:43 AM

    What a week….. never ending BS.

      May 24, 2024 24:38 AM

      Can it really be called Freaky Friday when it’s deja vu all over again???🤔

    May 24, 2024 24:20 AM

    Many new people now favor the PMs. Maybe too many.
    A Gold triple top retest would approach 2150.
    This is about 38.2% (base 1615 spot).

    May 24, 2024 24:25 AM

    This is part of evolution; The Chinese have taken man’s best friend and made a robotic dog with a machine gun on its back, and it’s controlled by a human with a leash. Soon the leash and the human will disappear, and a drone will oversee this operation. Technology never sleeps in its relentless pursuit of change. Humans need not apply. DT

      May 25, 2024 25:16 AM

      The first priority of the robodog when approaching a real dog is to sniff its butt.