Robert Sinn – US Markets And Commodities – It Really Is Different This Time

Robert Sinn, (aka Goldfinger on and CeoTechnican on X) and publisher of Goldfinger Capital on YouTube and Substack, joins me to share his broad outlook on US tech stocks high valuations versus the rest of the market breadth, and the set up in the commodities sector.  He points out there are a lot of unique developments in the markets, macroeconomics, and geopolitics where “It really is different this time.”  We also get his technical outlook and best practices for speculating on gold, silver, and copper resource stocks. 


This is a very wide-ranging and more longer format discussion where we get into a lot of different topics like the mega-cap tech stock dominance and valuations compared to the rest of the market, the divergence in 52 week highs for some while so many are correcting downwards, the meme stock phenomenon resurfacing with Game Stop and Roaring Kitty, and how the A.I. narrative is even spilling over in to the energy demands needed for data centers, and the supply demand fundamentals for copper. Robert breaks down his shorter-term and longer-term technical outlook for gold, silver, and copper. We also dig into the attraction he has with companies pursuing porphyry deposits, and where he is seeing value in the resource stocks.






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    Jun 16, 2024 16:06 PM

    It Really Is Different This Time, Sticking With The Gold & Silver Bull, and Junior Miner Review

    Goldfinger Capital – June 11, 2024

    “In this week’s video, I explain why I believe the market is presenting a real opportunity for metals & mining investors over the next 2-3 weeks. In today’s stock market it really is different this time, this is probably the weirdest market environment I’ve ever seen. We are experiencing the longest yield-curve inversion in history as the Fed continues to press down on inflation and tries to cool off the US economy.”

    “We finish the video discussing an attractive setup that is forming in uranium explorer/developer NexGen Energy (NYSE:NXE), and review three of my favorite junior miners (Endurance Gold, Core Assets, and American Eagle Gold).”

    00:00 Intro
    02:27 The longest yield curve inversion in history
    05:58 Welcome to the summer doldrums
    06:40 FOMC and CPI tomorrow
    07:20 Broader market review and increasingly bad breadth
    08:00 Terrible market internals (TSLA, CAT, JPM all in downtrends)
    09:35 Roaring Kitty and the GameStop mania
    11:20 It really is different this time!
    11:55 Gold & silver commentary: China pauses gold purchases in May
    15:25 June is the worst month of the year for silver
    16:15 Silver still looks good on multiple time frames
    16:58 Gold miners
    17:45 IAG is at the buy level $3.60
    18:06 Newmont is now displaying relative strength
    19:28 Stick with the metals bull
    19:45 NexGen is setting up for a trade at major support
    22:36 Junior mining review
    24:00 Endurance Gold (TSX-V:EDG) – Endurance is a sponsor of Goldfinger Capital
    30:07 Core Assets (CSE:CC)
    32:05 American Eagle Gold (TSX-V:AE)
    34:50 Have a powerful week!

    Jun 16, 2024 16:08 PM

    Copper: The Critical Mineral Powering Data Centers

    Bruno Venditti – The Visual Capitalist – November 10, 2023

    Jun 16, 2024 16:26 PM

    Larry Pesavento’s June 11th guest Bob Miner’s thinking
    meshes with Goldfinger’s:

    Jun 17, 2024 17:11 AM

    Opportunities In Growth-Oriented Silver Producers – Part 2 (Guanajuato Silver)

    Excelsior Prosperity w/ Shad Marquitz – 06/17/2024

    Jun 17, 2024 17:27 AM

    US-Saudi petrodollar deal ends after 80 years: What are petrodollars?

    India Today Business Desk • 3days ago

    “The US-Saudi Arabia petrodollar deal, a pivotal arrangement in global finance, has ended after 80 years. This landmark deal, initiated on June 8, 1974, facilitated the exchange of US dollars for crude oil exports, bolstering the dollar’s dominance. It expired on June 9…”

      Jun 17, 2024 17:54 AM

      Biggest news ….Big

      Jun 17, 2024 17:06 AM

      The U.S. has turned into an apple cart, there will be a lot of apple sellers! Only now you will need an app to buy an apple! LOL! DT 🙄😉

      Jun 17, 2024 17:15 AM

      80 years??? 1974 was 50 years ago. What kind of morons are working at MSN who can’t do simple math?

        Jun 17, 2024 17:34 AM

        They may gauge it by the Bretton Woods meeting; however, St. John Philby arranged to have the Saudis deal out the Brits for the Americans before WWII. He was Kim Philby’s father! (See “Treason In The Blood” by Anthony Cave Brown.)

          Jun 17, 2024 17:13 PM

          Bretton Woods? That was 1944. Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves weren’t discovered until 1948-1953. The petrodollar arose in 1974 as part of the end of the Oil Embargo of 1974. That was 50 years ago, not 80 years as stated in the news article.

            Jun 18, 2024 18:45 AM

            Rufus, please research deeper. Reference the resource mentioned; and again, Wikipedia adds insight to resource due diligence:

            “In 1931, Philby invited Charles Richard Crane to Jeddah to facilitate exploration of the kingdom’s subsoil oil. Crane was accompanied by noted historian George Antonius, who acted as translator.”


            Kissinger merely politicized in 1974 something which had effectively been a fait accompli decades earlier. BDC

            Jun 18, 2024 18:20 AM

            There were some oil discoveries in the area before WWII, but things got interrupted. Even Ibn Saud, as mentioned in the article, did not believe his country had oil. The full extent of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves were not realized until exploration efforts from 1948 to 1953.

            Jun 18, 2024 18:48 PM

            “Aramco traces its beginnings to 1933 when a Concession Agreement was signed between Saudi Arabia and the Standard Oil Company of California (SOCAL).”

            St. John Philby arranged this through his friend Ibn Saud. It dealt the Americans in and the Brits out, which Anthony Cave Brown considered treason.

            The history, per ARAMCO:

      Jun 17, 2024 17:50 AM

      Saudis cancel The Petrodollar – John Rubino

      The American Dollar is unravelling at an amazing speed. Americans still likely think “King Dollar” will survive, maybe, but not as “The World’s Reserve Currency.” John Rubino doesn’t paint a very promising picture for the once “Almighty Dollar”. In fact, the trajectory of what is happening politically will only hasten it’s decline much sooner than he thinks. DT

      Jun 18, 2024 18:14 PM

      Saudi Arabia did not have enough clout in OPEC (founded in Venezuela) until the 1960’s when wells first discovered in 1948-53 started to come on line, creating a glut of oil on world markets that kept gasoline prices low. What got their noses out of joint were 1. The U.S. going off the gold standard in 1971, and 2. U.S. Support of Israel in the Yom Kippur war in October, 1973. That sparked the Oil Embargo of 1974 (50 years ago) which lasted five months: November-December of 1973, and January, February – March of 1974. Here’s the story of the origin of the petrodollar:

      The U.S. is still dependent on some oil from a country that doesn’t like us very much.

      Diplomatic relations of any kind between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia started on Valentine’s day, 1945:

    Jun 17, 2024 17:36 AM

    Folks, the Dollar is not weakening!

      Jun 17, 2024 17:02 AM

      Rick Ackerman yesterday:
      “Bearishness on the U.S. dollar reached a shrill crescendo last week after the Saudis began accepting other currencies for oil. Some seem to think this will move the world away from the dollar as the global reserve standard, but I strongly disagree. The dollar’s indispensability for propagating a $2 quadrillion derivatives shell game is far more crucial to its supreme status in the world’s heavily financialized economy. Crude oil is certainly a large market, but it is puny in comparison to the nominal value of derivatives traded digitally around the world. The chart shows the dollar ensconced in the upper range of a wedge formation, An upside breakout without a cyclical correction down to the lower line would be very bullish, however illogical it might seem to dollar bears (aka ‘inflationists’).”

        Jun 17, 2024 17:08 PM

        The trouble with the dollar is it is backed by nothing so in relation to the other fiat currencies in The West it will tumble like the rest of them, while still appearing by the untrained eye to have value. The Bric’s digital currency is backed by Gold. As time goes on more countries will join The Bric’s, and their currency will hold value. There are more people NOW living under their economic umbrella, than The U.S. dollar.

        China is buying American farmland in an effort to ditch The U.S. dollar. China would prefer to buy more Gold, but they have bought so much that they are having problems sourcing it. Like John Rubino said other countries will move away from the swift system but they want value for their money. Buying U.S. farmland is happening, but what is also happening is that a lot of farmland that is being purchased is right next to sensitive U.S. military installations. DT

          Jun 17, 2024 17:59 PM

          The Chinese may have digital titles to that farmland but they don’t own it. I doubt if they could even borrow money from a Chinese bank, with those titles as collateral.

            Jun 17, 2024 17:22 PM

            DUMBO, The Chinese don’t need to borrow money they already own lots of American money that they are trying to get rid of. Go Back to sleep! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! DT

        Jun 17, 2024 17:55 PM

        Rick’s hidden pivot method is great but the English major still doesn’t look at the dollar properly. I am what he would call a dollar bear and an inflationist but the dollar’s strength relative to even worse monetary fictions like the Euro isn’t illogical to me at all nor does it throw a wrench into my outlook. In real terms the dollar has been very weak recently and permanently weak long term.
        Gold is currently trading at almost 113 times its pre-FDR price of 20.67 per ounce. Inflation of the dollar supply is the only reason for that. Of course the herd doesn’t care about anything long term so how about the fact that the dollar is currently trading around 105 but was also trading at 105 in July 2002? The middle of gold’s price range that month was just 309. So by Rick’s way of thinking the dollar is just as strong today as it was 22 years ago despite the fact that it is now worth well under ONE-SEVENTH as much gold as well as a lot less of everything else including houses, food, healthcare and labor. The deflationists have been nothing but wrong and will continue to be wrong. The Fed has no choice but to inflate and those who think that inflation will eventually not be an option simply do not understand the system.
        If you want to know how the dollar is really doing, watch the gold chart not the dollar index.

    Jun 17, 2024 17:01 PM

    QQQ vs SILJ reached some resistance today that just might hold considering how overbought QQQ is.

    Jun 17, 2024 17:56 PM

    In other news …. Natural Stupidity Defeats Artificial Intelligence

    McDonald’s is ending its drive-thru AI test
    “The Chicago-based fast-food giant is ending its partnership with IBM on automated order-taking without an expansion. But McDonald’s still believes AI drive-thrus are in its future” (from “restaurantbusinessonline”)

    The article states that the system has difficulty understanding customers yelling into microphones hidden within the iconic image of Ronald McDonald. I guess every scene in the film “Idiocracy” will inevitably become reality.

    Perhaps the solution is for McDonalds customers to navigate their enormous buttocks out of their car seats and have a normal human conversation with a person that is preparing a convenient meal for them. Actually, who really cares: Drive-through ordering was one of the first signs of the end-of-civilzation as we know it, anyway.

    Jun 18, 2024 18:56 AM

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    After that experience you may not know who to trust so best read Beyond Enkription, the first novel in The Burlington Files series. It’s a noir fact based spy thriller that may shock you. What is interesting is that this book is apparently mandatory reading in some countries’ intelligence agencies’ induction programs. Why? Maybe because the book is not only realistic but has been heralded by those who should know as “being up there with My Silent War by Kim Philby and No Other Choice by George Blake”. It is an enthralling read as long as you don’t expect fictional agents like Ian Fleming’s incredible 007 to save the world or John le Carré’s couch potato yet illustrious Smiley to send you to sleep with his delicate diction, sophisticated syntax and placid plots!

    See and

      Jun 18, 2024 18:28 AM

      Hi Jim, I like new dimensions, I will have a look! DT

    Jun 18, 2024 18:04 AM

    Nat Gas… finally catching up to the phony balony drop over the last week.