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Adrian Day –  Key Factors For Gold, Gold Stocks, Royalty Companies, Strategic Stakeholders, Mergers, And Acquisitions

Adrian Day focus on the macro drivers for the gold price, and how that relates to gold stocks, the precious metals royalty companies, and future M&A deals in the sector.

Tue 19 Dec, 2023

Weekend Show – Adrian Day and Josef Schachter – Investing in Gold, Critical Minerals, Oil and Natural Gas Stocks

  Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! We hope all of our American listeners are having a very happy Thanksgiving weekend. We really appreciate…

Sat 25 Nov, 2023

Weekend Show – 2 Fund Managers Sharing Their Strategies For US Markets, Metals and Energy Stocks

    Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show. It was a volatile week for the markets driven by economic data and geopolitical worries. Throughout…

Sat 14 Oct, 2023

Weekend Show – Doc and Adrian Day – Technicals Balanced With Economic Data And Monetary Policy For The Active Investor

  Welcome to another KER Weekend Show! After a good month of July for the markets across the board, everyone is wondering if the bottom…

Sat 6 Aug, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – Strategies To Make Money In These Bear Markets

Another tough week in the markets at least ended on a slightly positive note. The fall in commodities lead by energy and copper was noteworthy…

Sat 25 Jun, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – All About Investing During A Bear Market

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show. This week we focus on investing during a bear market. The consensus is that we are still early…

Sat 28 May, 2022

Weekend Show – Adrian Day, Doc and Brian Leni – Macro Comments With Technical Analysis, Where Do Gold and Markets Go From Here?

  Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show! We now have April behind us which was a tough month for almost every asset, except of…

Sat 30 Apr, 2022

Weekend Show – Wrapping Up Q1 For US Markets, Commodities, Gold and Gold Stocks

Welcome to the first Weekend Show of Q2! What a wild ride the first quarter of the year was for financial markets.   On this…

Sat 2 Apr, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – Gold’s Selloff Into The End of The Month and Friday’s Scared Markets

For a shortened trading week there was a lot to discuss. Precious metals started the week of poorly and closed the week down over 3.5%, now flat on the month. Overshadowing the move down in PMs was the broad selloff in markets on Friday.

Sat 27 Nov, 2021

Weekend Show – Adrian Day and Peter Boockvar – Inflation, the Fed, Markets and Metals

On this Weekend’s Show we spend a couple extended segments with each Adrian Day and Peter Boockvar. We focus markets and metals in the context of the Fed tightening and other important market moves.

Sat 6 Nov, 2021