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Weekend Show – Investing Game Plans For A True Bear Market; US Markets, Gold and Silver and Commodities

Well that was sure an ugly week for the financial markets. Nothing was safe from the selloffs that carried over from last week and picked…

Sat 14 May, 2022

Weekend Show – Featuring Jesse Felder and Axel Merk – Just How Likely Is A US Recession?

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show! On this Weekend’s show we are joined by Jesse Felder and Axel Merk. It was a slower week…

Sat 9 Apr, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – A Focus On The Impacts Of Fed Tightening On Financial Markets

We focus this Weekend’s Show on Fed policy and what the markets are telling us. This all ties into current inflation data, where money is rotating and what we can expect for at leas the first half of this year.

Sat 29 Jan, 2022