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Doc Jones –Thoughts On Oil Stocks, Energy Metals Stocks, And A Site Visit To Millennial Precious Metals

Doc Jones discusses oil and natural gas stocks, energy metals stocks, and a recap of a Millennial Precious Metals site visit.

Thu 5 May, 2022

Doc Jones – His Background And Investing Journey, A Site Visit To NG Energy, And Macro Insights On The Energy Sector

Doc Jones, Private Investor, joins us to discuss his background and investing journey, the larger following he has garnered, a recent site visit to NG Energy (TSX.V), and his macro thoughts on the oil and natural gas markets and related extractive companies.

Mon 7 Mar, 2022

Doc Jones – Bullish Fundamentals For Oil, Nat Gas, and Petrus Resources

Doc Jones joins us to discuss his macro thoughts on the bullish fundamental drivers he sees in the oil and natural gas markets, and why he likes Petrus Energy (TSX: PRQ)

Wed 26 Jan, 2022

Doc Jones – Is tax loss selling around the corner? And where Doc Jones is investing now.

Doc Jones, Private Investor, joins us to discuss the possibility of further selling in the precious metals stocks due to tax loss selling.

Tue 12 Oct, 2021

A new contributor to the site – Doc Jones shares his thoughts on Tarachi Gold

I am very happy to introduce Doc Jones to all of you. A lot of you may know Doc Jones from other metals forums and…

Thu 11 Feb, 2021