Doc Jones – Energy Sector Investing Focused On Oil, Nat Gas, Lithium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc Stocks

Shad Marquitz
February 27, 2023

Doc Jones, Private Investor and editor of,  joins us to discuss different aspects of investing in the energy sector, from oil and natural gas, to lithium, and then to the battery metals or energy metals companies.   Since he cut his teeth on the traditional oil and nat gas stocks over 2 decades ago, we start with his outlook on the pullback we’ve seen in this part of the energy space, what he likes, and the focus he has on the more established teams and assets with true scale and stability.  He noted both Birchcliff Energy (TSX: BIR; OTC: BIREF) and Freehold Royalties (TSX: FRU; OTC: FRHLF) as examples of solid dividend paying companies with excellent financials and growth built in.


Next we jumped over to the battery metals theme and the huge amount of investor interest over the last few years in the lithium companies, along with some thoughts on how to filter down to the better quality company in this smaller niche commodity.  Doc Jones outlines 3 companies at various stages of the mining cycle that he has invested in personally:  Sigma Lithium (TSX.V:SGML, NASDAQ:SGML), Lithium Ionic (TSXV: LTH; OTCQB: LTHCF), and Brunswick Exploration (TSX.V: BRW; OTC: BRWXF) , and the rationale behind the investments he made into each personally.   We also discussed the frothy nature of the lithium sector at present and that investors should really understand the deposits and team they are investing in, and stick with the larger producers if they are not sure how to evaluate earlier stage projects.


We wrap up with why he is more interested in investing in critical minerals like copper, nickel, and zinc companies over precious metals companies, due to all the positive tailwinds we see behind the green energy policies and investment capital flows. The discussion covers a number of areas ranging from government funds and direct investment into energy metals, to ESG, to the cost of capital for different commodities and related mining stocks.  He outlines some recent news and catalysts in his favorite 3 critical minerals stocks to invest in: Emerita Resources (TSX.V: EMO; OTCQB: EMOTF), Magna Mining (TSX.V: NICU; OTC: MGMNF), and Osisko Metals (TSX.V: OM; OTCQX: OMZNF).*


* Doc Jones is not paid by any company to discuss these stocks, and these are simply what he is doing with his own money in his own portfolio, and this is not investment advice. 




    Feb 27, 2023 27:13 PM

    Not disappointed. Quality interview all around.

      Feb 27, 2023 27:50 PM

      Thanks LakeDweller2. Yes, it’s always nice to get an update from Doc Jones on which commodities have his interest at the moment, and which companies in those sectors he thinks have a good value proposition. Unlike many that are just riding a “hot tip” in the sector, he is able to clearly outline his investing thesis behind the companies that he positions in for others to consider and follow up with their own research.

      He is a sharp guy, and I sure appreciate him spending some time with our audience and sharing his insights here at the KE Report.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:27 AM

    (IAU) (IAUX) i-80 Gold: Buy The Dips

    Taylor Dart – Seeking Alpha – Feb. 27, 2023

      Feb 28, 2023 28:36 AM

      As a matter of fact, I did buy the dip today in IAUX, on the normal corrective news from an acquiring company, where I-80 Gold announced it was taking over Paycore Metals. (keeping the Mining Merger Monday theme going yet another week now).

      I’ve really liked I-80 Gold for about a year now, and have been building back up the position I sold in December, to book those profits in 2022 against other tax losses I had to wash it out.

      It was a little nerve wracking to see it trek a bit higher in January, but thank goodness IAUX has pulled back down lower than where I sold it all at $2.89 in December. I’ve been adding it back this year at $2.78, $2.65, $2.47, $2.36, and then today at $2.30. I’d love to add just one more tranche even lower and then I’ll have bulked up on I-80 to where I want it in my portfolio weighting once again, and at a lower cost basis then where I pulled profits last year.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:46 AM

    Well, I guess Mining Merger Mondays had a 2nd M&A deal announced between Integra and Millennial PMs.

    I’m a shareholder of Integra, so glad to see the MPM assets coming into their fold…

    This is 4 weeks in a row of M&A deals announced… so the consolidation of the sector is picking up!


    (TSX-V: ITR; NYSE: ITRG) Integra Resources and (TSX-V: MPM, OTCQB: MLPMF) Millennial Precious Metals Announce Friendly At-Market Merger and Concurrent Equity Financings of C$35 Million With Strategic Investment From (WPM) Wheaton Precious Metals

    @GlobeNewswire on 27 Feb 2023

    Feb 28, 2023 28:20 AM

    Thank you for the NatGas focus.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:27 AM

    Good pop in Metallic (MMG) Minerals today … this time Colorado and Copper.

      Feb 28, 2023 28:00 PM

      Yep, I saw that pop in Metallic Minerals today off the results from their La Plata copper project in Colorado. We’ll be having the CEO Greg Johnson on the show tomorrow, and likely post that Thursday morning so stay tuned for more details…