Doc Jones – Bullish Fundamentals For Oil, Nat Gas, and Petrus Resources

Shad Marquitz
January 26, 2022

Doc Jones, Private Investor, joins us to discuss his macro thoughts on the energy sector, and some of the bullish fundamental drivers he sees in the oil and natural gas markets that will continue to underpin higher prices.   We also get his thoughts on a growth-oriented oil producer, Petrus Resources (TSX:PRQ) (OTC:PTRUF) that he likes heading into this year.   Doc Jones outlines the growth case based on increasing production relative to fixed sunk costs already in place, their hedge contracts rolling off, and the pathway to paying down debt.  We wrap up with some of the exploration upside they have on the Company’s three core operating areas – Ferrier, Central Alberta, and the Rocky Mountain foothills.

    Jan 27, 2022 27:55 AM

    So many great interviews this week I can’t keep up…..unfortunately here’s another play where I didn’t buy cuz it was up 30% already when I caught wind of it……of course it’s continued higher from there….I may be Docs kryptonite….the ones I’ve bought from his list aren’t performing as well as the others. 🙄

      Jan 27, 2022 27:25 AM

      Well Doc Jones seemed constructive that the shareprice could still double from the current valuation, over the next year, just based on the production growth. We are working to get the company on the show to gather more data.

    Jan 27, 2022 27:06 AM

    Charts on the paper metal prices over the last couple of days show extreme interference indicating a large entity like the Fed is manipulating metals prices lower in the face of not very good inflation information. Hard to say how many days they are going to be intervening in all markets to stop the drop of the General Markets.
    Interesting for gold was a big green candle right after open after a walk down while everyone was asleep. Just after the nice green candle was a series of 4 red candles taking us lower than open. All one can conclude is that we are in a buying opportunity, but the problem is, how long will they be giving us a buying opportunity before they use up the Treasury buying short paper contracts. Maybe it is only a computer entry…who knows.

    Jan 27, 2022 27:50 AM

    The fed has a bias towards higher oil and lower gold. Oil companies production is subsidized by low interest debt. They float a lot of debt that would cause havoc in the financial system. Higher oil prices bail out banks and subsidize green energy.
    I would like a short term correction into the 50’s or 60’s because I have little exposure.

    Jan 27, 2022 27:11 AM

    Six times today when the price of gold approaches 1795, there is a red candle hit. We are about there again. It is 1:10 CST. Let us see if somebody decides to sell a 7th time @ 1,795.

    Is there an official definition for artificial cap. Just a thought ….

      Jan 27, 2022 27:38 AM

      Hit 7 and that didn’t count the hit at open that got us to the 1795. Obviously, the plan today was to drop and cap at 1795.
      In my small mind that is illegal as always.

    Jan 27, 2022 27:26 PM

    It is like everything is locked in place without much change. Nat Gas over 8% on and some discussion out there that other indices are indicating Nat Gas higher. There was also a Fat Finger spike that has also been confirmed as happening this afternoon. My NG Energy rough chart shows it near the lower bollinger. ???

    Jan 27, 2022 27:06 PM

    One positive stock for the day. NG Energy. Turned positive in the last 5 minutes demonstrating the cap as Nat Gas had been going good pretty much all afternoon. But what do I know…