Doc Jones – Discussion On The Energy Sector – Oil, Natural Gas, Lithium, and Nickel

Doc Jones, Private Investor, joins us to discuss how his rotation out of some precious metals and oil & gas stocks, a few months back, into lithium and nickel stocks has been progressing, and where he sees the value in the resource and commodities sector. We get to hear what data he reviewed to spot the developing trends, which caused him to rotate out of a number of gold and silver stocks and energy stocks into more of the battery metals, as well as a few thoughts on how he was managing the trades within his portfolio and even real estate.


We dive a little bit further into the catalysts Doc Jones sees in energy sector overall, how he is viewing oil and natural gas plays at present, and his larger focus on the electrification and battery themes for both lithium and nickel.   He also unpacks a company he likes in both of those spaces – Sigma Lithium (SGML.V) and Magna Mining (NICU.V), as two positions he holds and sees having strong fundamental growth stories.




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    Oct 04, 2022 04:40 PM

    The Price of gasoline is going up across Canada at midnight tonight,10 to 12 cents a liter. There are 4 liters approximately in a gallon of gasoline. The mainstream media is blaming the interest rate hikes imposed by The Bank of Canada. They also mentioned this gas hike would only be for 6 months to one year and then the prices will come down. LOL! DT

    Oct 04, 2022 04:51 PM

    I think something has just broken in the system which has been festering? I think the central banks are panicking and it will be most interesting to see if they have the powder to smash the prescious metal back down! I too love energy here!

      Oct 04, 2022 04:07 PM

      It is starting to look like a series of small cracks and fissures are appearing in the global financial dam.

      First Japan pivoted to backstop the Yen, then the Bank of England pivoted to keep their system from imploding where the Pound was getting pounded, and pension funds were not going to be able to meet margin calls and would have been impounded. By the middle of last week on Wednesday morning market participants started to assume that when push come to shove that the Fed will also pivot as well (likely in early to mid next year).

      Then we saw the concerns about Credit Suisse surface over the weekend, with renewed calls to also be concerned about Deutsche Bank, and a contagion in to 10 other key financial institutions.

      So far in these last 3 events of just the last few weeks, crisis has been averted, but at one point, something will break and things will go to far, and all the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to put these humpty dumpty economies back together again.

    Oct 04, 2022 04:15 PM

    Keep an eye on Credit Suisse.

    Oct 04, 2022 04:54 PM

    Thus, PMs might have room to run….