Craig Hemke – Making Sense Of The Recent Volatility In The Precious Metals

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins us for a nuanced discussion on why we’ve seen such volatility in the precious metals sector from the end of last week into this week.   We cover a lot of ground getting into technical resistance and support levels in gold and silver, the massive volume in futures contracts last Friday, geopolitical concerns, pricing levels being painted to manage market expectations, and the confusion seen in main stream financial media around the recent rally in the PMs. 


We also touch upon the breakout in across the commodities sector, with rallies in oil and copper and their related stocks, indicating the shifting narrative on the Fed rate cuts and the health of the US economy.   Despite an uptick in interest in the PM mining stocks, they are still underperforming the moves in the underlying commodity, compared to other resource stocks like the oil and copper stocks.


Wrapping up, Craig looks ahead to the key economic data that will be moving the markets, and also reiterates keeping an eye on the general US equities for any more potential weakness, that could spill over into the commodities sector.





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    Apr 16, 2024 16:12 AM

    How about Morgan Stanley “out performing” on their “trading activities” and not their non-trading activities. Sounds like JP Morgan that makes up losses by always being green in trading.
    Sounds like the chicken and egg argument continues as to how markets work – fundamentals or intervention – which comes first.