Sean Brodrick – Macroeconomic Trends Are Bullish For Gold, Oil, And Lithium Stocks

Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends, and contributing analyst to Weiss Ratings Daily, joins us to share his thoughts on where we are in the macroeconomic landscape, and how that is filtering down into commodities like gold, oil, nat gas, lithium, and uranium.   


We start off discussing the divergence from what the Fed has been messaging as far as more rate hikes to keep fighting inflation, versus the market expectations of the rate hikes being mostly done and starting to discount multiple rate cuts for 100 basis point cut by year-end.   Sean believes the reality is likely somewhere in the middle of these two outlooks, and points out that there are other things driving the commodities sector like the Chinese reopening and policies around energy. 


Overall he remains bullish on gold and the precious metals mining stocks, as well as oil stocks and lithium stocks, but is still not interested in natural gas stocks or uranium stocks until we see more catalysts and traction in both sectors.



Click here to visit the Weiss Ratings Daily website to follow along with Sean’s market outlook.


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    Mar 28, 2023 28:22 PM

    Hi Ex, I am amazed at how much natural gas ETF’s can move in a very short time frame. TSX: HNU was selling for more than $666 CDN (may the devil be with you) on June 6th 2022. It is now priced at $16.32. I took a very small position about 3 weeks ago so it wouldn’t fly off my radar and I am flabber(gas)ted at what has been happening. It is not for the faint of heart, or widows, or orphans, but for traders it is a dream come true. LOL! DT

      Mar 28, 2023 28:19 PM

      Interesting DT, $666 on 6/6/2022 (2+0+2+2=6). 😈

        Mar 28, 2023 28:31 PM

        Freaky nat gas numerology there guys…. be-deviling and flaber-gas-ting investors. (good one DT)

        Yeah, I tend to think looking at averaging in the gassers look more oversold and may present more of an opportunity for upside appreciation personally, but understand Sean’s point that for now, he can see the potential for near-term oil gains, whereas natty gas is still somewhat more dependent on a hot summer with lots of energy usage, to make up for an unseasonably warmer winter than many were anticipating.

        Both Josef Schachter and Dan Steffens had rattled off a lot of good nat gas and oil stocks in recent interviews that I’ve got under review to potentially start nibbling at soon.

        Mar 28, 2023 28:01 PM

        “The Devil made me do it.” Flip Wilson

    Mar 28, 2023 28:29 PM
    Mar 28, 2023 28:27 PM

    I just spent 10 minutes searching for how to subscribe to Sean B.’ resource trader, and could not find the information. Their web site leaves a lot to be desired. You would think they would make it easy to find the service you want to buy and lead you right to it. Same with their other services as well. I have the Safe Money report, and now the original writer of the letter has been substituted by a different writer. Not sure how they get away with that.

      Mar 29, 2023 29:01 PM

      Yeah I see what you mean Daniel Paloyan. Under “Sean Brodrick’s Products” on the link at the top of this page for Weiss you can easily get to his 3 main subscription services, and there are subscription links for Wealth Megatrends and Supercycle Investor.

      However, for Resource Trader there is no subscription link.

      This number on his site can likely be used to subscribe, call 888.606.1413 or +1.727.380.1617 from overseas, Mon-Fri, 8:30-5:30 Eastern.

    Mar 29, 2023 29:32 PM

    FWIW: Hedgeye is still bearish Oil, NGas likely through the 2nd quarter. Bullish silver, and gold and miners via GDX. I’ve followed them for 5 months now and amazed with their calls. Personally, may buy some BOIL for a winter play but that’s down the road a ways……This winter is over, except where I live!

    Mar 29, 2023 29:52 PM

    The Market Sniper as of 3/24 commented on Uranium which he believes is headed down through the summer with UEC potentially headed to $1.38 region. Presently at $2.88

      Mar 29, 2023 29:08 PM

      I had been looking for confirmation on the short call made last week on UEC and this is it. There are options traded on it.

      Mar 29, 2023 29:08 PM

      I would appreciate the chance to pick up UEC at $1.38 for sure, as that would be a fantastic price to accumulate a larger position. Maybe the Market Sniper will be correct and the Uranium sector will further degrade over the next few months, but I’ve got little doubt about drastically higher prices in the medium to longer term in the Uranium mining space, and believe we’ll see a massive move higher in the next 2 years.

      Still, it’s always good to pick one’s spots for accumulation, and since I’ve already got 7 good positions in place in my portfolio, I’m going to wait for lower prices for any further accumulation. If things pull back as drastically as he is expecting then I may have to average down a bit in a few names, but I’d be happy to buy more if that opportunity presents itself.

      For now, I’m more keen on putting new money to work in the Oil and Nat Gas companies, as they look more beat up and ready to move again over the balance of this year going into next year. Ideally, I’d like to make some nice returns on those energy investments, and then cycle those profits back into the Uranium stocks after they pull back a bit more.