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Weekend Show – Looking Into Next Year For Markets, Fed Policy, Inflation and Interest Rates

On this Weekend’s Show we look ahead to next year when the Fed has stopped hiking rates. We are not predicting how many more hikes…

Sat 26 Nov, 2022

Weekend Show – Peter Boockvar and Doc – A Blend Of Macro and Technical Outlooks For Markets and Metals

What a start to Q4! Volatility is here to stay and is seems like a bear market continues to be the dominant theme.   It’s…

Sat 8 Oct, 2022

Weekend Show – A Long Discussion With Peter Boockvar Covering Everything You Need To Know About These Shaky Markets

  On this Weekend’s Show we spend 3 of the 4 segments with Peter Boockvar. It’s been a while since we had him on last…

Sat 26 Mar, 2022

Weekend Show – Investing In This New High Volatility Market

What a wild week in markets! 2022 has flipped the narrative from what 2021 gave us in terms of easy money and easy markets.  …

Sat 12 Feb, 2022

Weekend Show – Adrian Day and Peter Boockvar – Inflation, the Fed, Markets and Metals

On this Weekend’s Show we spend a couple extended segments with each Adrian Day and Peter Boockvar. We focus markets and metals in the context of the Fed tightening and other important market moves.

Sat 6 Nov, 2021

Peter Boockvar – Gold vs Bitcoin should be Gold and Bitcoin

Peter Boockvar shares his thoughts on the similarities between gold and Bitcoin investors. They are more alike then you might think.

Thu 21 Oct, 2021
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An extended conversation with Peter Boockvar – Inflation, commodities and US markets

A big shout out to Shad who held down the fort this week while I was away. It was a busy week and he covered…

Sat 28 Aug, 2021